2018 SmartWay Logistics Tool Demonstration

This webinar is for logistics companies new to the program and for Partners looking for a refresher on SmartWay’s Logistics Tool. SmartWay staff reviewed how SmartWay Logistics Partners can use the Tool to obtain an emissions profile for their clients, carriers and their own operations.  The webinar included a real time, step-by-step tool demonstration and addressed questions on carrier matching, emissions scores and more.
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The State of Carrier Payments: Selecting the Right Payment Strategy for Your Organization


The payment process can present a number of challenges within the freight industry, from dealing with errors in invoices to managing and protecting the sensitivity of the data they contain. As a result, many companies opt to outsource their payments to third parties who specialize in payments to save time and avoid the complexities altogether. And when it comes to selecting a payment method, carriers are opting for factoring over QuickPay six times more often, but both options have pros and cons. So how do you ensure that you’re selecting the payment route that’s right for your 3PL while still building carrier loyalty?To explore the benefits and drawbacks of these payment options and provide the information needed to ensure you’re making the best option to meet your needs, FreightWaves is partnering with TriumphPay to present an hourlong webinar
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The Gartner Top Supply Chain Themes for 2022 and Beyond

Supply chains face unprecedented challenges, impacted by the ongoing pandemic, security incidents and global shortages. Supply chain leaders need to embrace a themed approach to communicate which technology solutions will best help the enterprise navigate these challenges and generate new growth opportunities. This complimentary supply chain webinar explores the top technology themes you need to embrace through the remainder of 2022 and beyond, determining which offer the best opportunities to supplement and support immediate tactical and longer-term technology planning decisions and investments.
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Managing Supply Chain Risk and Disruption for Distributors

Over the last few decades, rapid growth and scaling have led to a map of complex supply chains. The downside to this type of transnational supply chain is that manufacturers and distributors are left vulnerable to any sort of disruption – as we’ve seen with the COVID-19 pandemic.
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This is a vibrant discussion between Juan Guerrero, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, and Greg Brady, founder and chairman of One Network Enterprises.
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