2018 SmartWay Logistics Tool Demonstration


This webinar is for logistics companies new to the program and for Partners looking for a refresher on SmartWay’s Logistics Tool. SmartWay staff reviewed how SmartWay Logistics Partners can use the Tool to obtain an emissions profile for their clients, carriers and their own operations.  The webinar included a real time, step-by-step tool demonstration and addressed questions on carrier matching, emissions scores and more.
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Discover Sales and Operations Planning insights and processes that reshape the supply chain, optimize performance, and streamline business operations.


Empower supply chain planning by growing supplier collaboration

What if you could orchestrate performance with a digital strategy for supply chain and procurement? In our increasingly interconnected world, supply chain planning and procurement operations professionals need to enhance collaboration with internal stakeholders, external suppliers, and factories to improve overall operations, including speed, quality, and forecasts.
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Ready for 2019? Harness the Power of Supply Chain Management


Your ERP, supply chain, MES and quality systems gather and store hundreds or thousands of data points every day. For companies using standalone, legacy and homegrown systems, it’s difficult to get a cohesive picture of supply chain performance. Manufacturers tell us one of the greatest benefits of having Supply Chain Management (SCM) integrated with their ERP systems is the ability to excel at passing audits from customers and regulatory agencies.
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Supply Chain Network Design in 30 Minutes


Is your supply chain complex? Does it overly contribute to your costs? Has Excel reached its limits for mathematical optimization? Learn how AIMMS Network Design helps you run various scenarios to make informed decisions, all with personal, high-care implementation support and onboarding. AIMMS Network Design features, functions, and technology: Use cases Benefits Demo
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Prepare For the Unexpected-Visualize the Full Supply Chain Spectrum

Global disruptions, trucking capacity, fulfillment, and production fluctuations abound in our ever-changing supply chain dynamic. Prepare for 2023 by learning how to visualize the full supply chain picture to respond with practical solutions that allow businesses and industries to operate efficiently, maximize revenue growth, and provide valuable service to their customers.
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