10 Best Practices for Automating Your Dispatch and Delivery Operations


This webinar covers the most important issues regarding dispatch and delivery:How to handle multiple delivery models, including in-house, 3PL and crowdsourcing.How to find the balance between automated and manual delivery operations.How to build or level up your dispatch and delivery operations.
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Surviving OEM Supply Chain Mandates from January2016

Anark Web

Global OEM mandates, Innovation from non-traditional sources, increasing product complexity, growing supplier responsibility for quality and continuous, unrelenting pressures to reduce program cost are impacting suppliers like never before. The MBE Supply Chain connection is a universal challenge in Automotive, Aerospace and more. In this webinar we'll draw some examples from Automotive, but understand the discussion and the underlying tools discussed apply to all supply chain challenges.

How to Conquer Demand Volatility and Other Supply Chain Challenges

TAKE Supply Chain

In this on-demand webinar you will learn key areas to improve demand volatility and other supply chain challenges you're facing including the growing trends of the empowered customer, challenges facing Made-To-Order and Made-To-Stock companies, "quick wins": supply chain implementation initiatives to prioritize, and more.

Measuring and Managing Supply Chain Performance


A free webinar offered by the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute and Dr. Maria Rey-Marston which discussed aligning supply chain metrics with a company's financial goals. During this free one-hour webinar, participants learned about tailoring metrics and measurement processes to focus on the most important aspects of operations that impact overall corporate goals.

Mobile Communications in Trucking: From Luxury to Necessity

Fleet Owner

In freight transportation, smart phones and tablets are not just commonplace but inevitable. For both drivers on the road and managers in the office, you’re not likely to see such a person without one, the other or both.Join Fleet Owner, to learn about the essential nature of mobile communications for drivers and fleet managers.For drivers the appeal is easy. They can use phones and tablets to keep in touch with people at home and, with the same device, help make their professional lives more efficient with the swarm of applications now available.