Trucker Path Launched COMMAND, a Platform for Operations and Driver Relationships, to the Trucking industry

The most trusted mobile app for North American truckers, Trucker Path, has launched COMMANDtm. COMMANDtm is the industry’s first transportation system innovated to both enhance driver relationships and manage operations. The new Operations & Driver Relationship (ODR) platform integrates the driver-centric Trucker Path app, with over a million users, with operational tools available in conventional transportation management systems.

 "Our ODR platform is a new type of TMS that offers unrivalled driver relationship features, advanced management capabilities, and third-party solution connections to simplify day-to-day activities while also assisting drivers in making the most of their time on the road." "With our ODR platform, truckers don't have to go back and forth between our popular Trucker Path app and the company's TMS system." Navigation, Parking, track & trace, and operations are all conveniently located in one location."

-Chris Oliver, CMO at Trucker Path

The Operations & Driver Relationship platform comes with a customized, company-branded version of the Trucker Path mobile app, with driver happiness being a cornerstone to success. Still, retention remains one of the major ongoing difficulties for trucking operations. Therefore, to give drivers a positive driving experience,

It includes information to make life on the road easier, such as:
  • Predictive parking availability in over 20,000 safe, truck-friendly places in real-time
  • Status of the weighing station
  • Ratings, reviews, images, amenities, detention reports, and GPS indicating where trucks enter/exit the facility
  • Regularly updated fuel prices
  • Reviews, ratings, photos, and listings of amenities for 300,000 POIs, including truck stops, rest areas, truck washes and scales, shipping facilities, repair shops, restaurants, hotels, and more

The all-in-one trucking platform features truck navigation, load and driver management, track & trace, financial, tax, maintenance, and settlement applications, as well as key metric reporting and a dedicated customer portal.

Many of TMS products entirely focuses on operational features, with the driver experience considered as an afterthought. "Where the rubber meets the road," as the saying goes, is where the driver is. It was only natural for us to create a platform that improves driver quality of life while offering the operational efficiencies that businesses require. "We've produced something that should have been in the business years ago; we took what we had, both in terms of successful goods and integrations with other well-known third-parties, and added operational capabilities that were desperately needed.



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