Serta Simmons Bedding Digitally Transforms Supply Chain Planning with Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder | March 17, 2023 | Read time : 02:14 min


Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB), a leading global sleep company, today announced that it is digitally transforming its supply chain planning capabilities with Blue Yonder. SSB is in the process of implementing Blue Yonder’s SaaS-based Integrated Demand and Supply Planning solution, part of Luminate® Planning, into its existing Advanced Planning System (APS) to improve manufacturing efficiency and meet ongoing customer demand, as well as support the company’s ongoing growth efforts.

“At Serta Simmons Bedding, we are focused on helping people sleep better so that they can live healthier lives, and we are continuing to enhance our supply chain capabilities to ensure we deliver on that promise,” said Bhavani Subramanian, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Serta Simmons Bedding. “The implementation of Blue Yonder’s solution is the latest step in our effort to further build a high-performing and resilient supply chain so that we can continue providing excellent, on-time in full service to our retail partners and, ultimately, sleepers.”

Blue Yonder’s Integrated Demand and Supply Planning solution will enable SSB to better understand changing demand patterns and support advanced planning of raw materials. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning prescriptive recommendations, the solution offers a holistic and connected view of the supply chain planning process supporting the company’s forecast accuracy and inventory management efforts.

“We developed the Blue Yonder solution to help companies optimize their planning capabilities and improve manufacturing efficiencies,” said Terry Turner, President - Manufacturing, Blue Yonder. “We are excited to team up with Serta Simmons Bedding to enhance their supply chain and support their efforts to deliver industry-leading sleep solutions to both retailers and consumers.”

About Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain transformations and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Our end-to-end, cognitive business platform enables retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to best fulfill customer demand from planning through delivery. With Blue Yonder, you’ll unify your data, supply chain and retail commerce operations to unlock new business opportunities and drive automation, control and orchestration to enable more profitable, sustainable business decisions.


As a 100-plus-year-old global company, Honeywell had a legacy architecture with numerous siloed databases, which it knew it needed to break down in order to effectively manage its inventory, manufacturing processes, and supply chains across its many business units spread across the globe. To tackle that challenge, Honeywell selected Snowflake as the core platform to bring all its data together into one, centralized, single source of truth. Now, according to Honeywell’s Chief Digital Technology Officer Sheila Jordan, the company is able to integrate all data, including from ERP systems, Salesforce, supply chain databases, and more within Snowflake where it can be analyzed to create actionable insights for the business.


As a 100-plus-year-old global company, Honeywell had a legacy architecture with numerous siloed databases, which it knew it needed to break down in order to effectively manage its inventory, manufacturing processes, and supply chains across its many business units spread across the globe. To tackle that challenge, Honeywell selected Snowflake as the core platform to bring all its data together into one, centralized, single source of truth. Now, according to Honeywell’s Chief Digital Technology Officer Sheila Jordan, the company is able to integrate all data, including from ERP systems, Salesforce, supply chain databases, and more within Snowflake where it can be analyzed to create actionable insights for the business.

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Data From 260+ Supply Chain Professionals Reveal Significant Gaps in Real-Time Technology Adoption & Usage

prnewswire | April 21, 2023

Tive, the global leader in real-time supply chain visibility solutions, is pleased to announce results from a new industry survey of more than 260 supply chain professionals 80% of whom are directly involved with supply chain operations and visibility. "The State of Visibility 2023" survey was conducted in March, 2023 by Tive, Shipping and Freight Resource, Supply Chain Radar, and Charlie Pesti, and the complete survey report is now available for free download. The survey results revealed that while many companies are investing in supply chain visibility solutions, significant gaps remain in end-to-end visibility. Indeed, 77% of survey respondents said that real-time shipment visibility is a must-have feature—but only 25% currently use it. "Supply chain leaders face pressure to improve transparency and traceability—to ensure resilience, meet sustainability goals, and provide a superior customer experience. Yet our survey results show that many companies still struggle to achieve real-time visibility across their global supply chain," said Krenar Komoni, Tive CEO & Founder. "Without total visibility, companies are at risk of delivery disruptions and delays, product damage, cargo theft, and dissatisfied customers all of which negatively impact their operations and bottom line." Additional findings include: 77% of respondents stated that the need for real-time visibility is a "must-have" feature, yet 75% do not currently use the right technologies to track and trace their cargo 87% of respondents identified "while goods are in transit" as the supply chain segment with the least visibility 74% confirmed that they plan to either increase or maintain their spending on real-time visibility solutions in 2023 46% said shipment visibility is a mandatory requirement for their end customers (e.g., retailers) The survey examines the current state of supply chain visibility with the goal of helping decision makers assess the current market and identify the technologies needed to meet their visibility requirements. Of the supply chain professionals responding to the survey, 15% represented the C-Suite, 38% came from the Director/VP level, 34% were managers, and 13% came from employees in operations and analyst roles. In terms of the industries represented, Transportation/Logistics/3PL represented 51%, and nearly 19% represented specialist industries—including food/perishables and high-value retail, consumer, and luxury goods. These verticals are often targeted by cargo theft, which has been reported to be a $35 billion industry. In addition to providing the survey results report to all industry experts, Tive is hosting a free roundtable webinar to more deeply discuss the results. The webinar will be moderated by Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor at the Journal of Commerce, and will include insights from Hariesh Manaadiar, Founder of Shipping and Freight Resource; Richie Daigle, Enterprise Account Executive at Tive; and Adam Robinson, CEO & Founder of The Robinson Agency. This event is scheduled for Thursday, April 27 at 11:00 am ET, and will be available for on-demand access after the fact. About Tive Tive is the global leader in real-time supply chain visibility solutions. More than 500 global shippers, logistics service providers, and retailers use Tive to monitor shipment location and condition in real time, gain actionable insights, and ensure end-customer satisfaction. Tive's cloud platform, patented sensor technology, and 24/7 Live Monitoring services reduce excursions and delays, minimize rejected loads, and decrease theft, damage, and spoilage. Customers count on Tive to ensure that shipments are delivered on time and in full—because every shipment matters.

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Electrolux Group Taps Freightos for Real-Time Procurement of Air Freight

prnewswire | May 22, 2023

Electrolux Group, a global leader in home appliances, has announced a new partnership with Freightos the leading global freight booking platform, to improve its freight booking process across its forwarders and carriers. The partnership follows a successful proof of concept addressing efficiencies in cost estimation, booking, and end to end tracking and air freight visibility. In a volatile international shipping ecosystem, pricing transparency, rapid capacity procurement and route flexibility are king. With Freightos Enterprise Solutions, Electrolux Group aims to optimize freight spend and improve freight decision-making to deliver supply chain agility and efficiency and, most importantly, to help its customers shape living for the better by getting its products to where they need to be - in the hands of consumers. In addition to powerful analytics and workflows, Freightos Enterprise Solutions enables the Electrolux Group procurement team to make real-time, door-to-door air cargo procurement decisions including the ability to conduct instant electronic air cargo bookings with airlines via their existing logistics providers. The result is a dramatic cost and time saving while increasing supply chain visibility and agility. As Daniel Cole, Logistics Purchasing Director at Electrolux Group said, "Freightos empowers our planners to book the freight that they need at the cost and delivery time which is aligned with their budget and requirements. This removes unnecessary back and forth between planners and buyers, all while giving us in Purchasing the consolidated data to influence future supplier decisions." Since its founding in 1919, Electrolux Group has been synonymous with innovation and operational excellence not only in its products and manufacturing processes but also in supply chain. Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber welcomed the partnership, saying, "For 25 years enterprises have utilized electronic booking for their business travel, saving time and money. Finally, today they can do the same for their air cargo, in cooperation with their chosen freight forwarders. The ROI is phenomenal, electronic bookings save days of elapsed time, often tens of percent of cost, and provide much greater supply chain flexibility and visibility. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Electrolux who are proving to be world class leaders in supply chain innovation." Freightos' platform also has the option to select and book freight routes based on estimated carbon emissions. Paolo Galli, VP of Electrolux Group Logistics Operations, said, "Freightos solution will be a key enabler for process transparency, visibility and control. Carbon emissions will be one of the relevant elements we will have the opportunity to govern, analyzing past performances but even more important making CO2 as part of our decision process. This puts Freightos at the core of our Sustainability strategy." Electrolux Group's forwarders welcomed the partnership with Freightos, as Patrick Moebel, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Logistics, shared, "Speed, simplicity, and seamless distribution have always been our value proposition at FedEx. We look forward to providing service to Electrolux through our relationship with Freightos and helping to keep them at the forefront of innovation and operational excellence." About Freightos Freightos is the leading, vendor-neutral booking and payment platform that connects carriers, freight forwarders, and importers/exporters to make international shipping faster, more cost-effective and more reliable. Freightos operates freightos.com, a global freight marketplace for importers and exporters, Clearit, a digital customs brokerage, and Freightos Terminal, a one-stop global freight market intelligence solution that offers data on real-time pricing, transit times, the Freightos Air Index (FAX) and Freightos Baltic Index (FBX), and a news feed

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IBM Chooses Baxter Planning for Service Supply Chain Transformation

prnewswire | April 24, 2023

Baxter Planning, the leading provider of Service Parts Management technology, today announced a five-year agreement with IBM to deploy its Predictive Service Supply Chain solution to drive additional optimization throughout IBM's industry-leading global Service Supply Chain. Baxter Planning's cloud-based solution will replace commercial and legacy IT systems enabling IBM to optimize, automate, and monitor their service parts inventory. This will empower IBM to dramatically reduce unnecessary inventory and logistics costs, while significantly improving customer service. Baxter's Predictive Service Supply Chain solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate service parts planning, operations, logistics, analytics, and customer escalation management across all IBM field services worldwide. This strategic partnership between the two companies is built upon years of technology and best-practice collaboration and supports IBM's Predictive Planning vision. To meet tight two-hour part delivery agreements with its customers, IBM currently manages over 350,000 parts and products valued at more than $300 million in active inventory strategically dispersed throughout 74 countries. Baxter's Predictive Service Supply Chain solution is expected to help IBM reduce service execution and inventory costs by tens of millions of U.S. dollars annually. IBM believes the solution will also help improve upon its already best-in-class customer net promoter score. "Baxter's technology, expertise, and vision in automating and optimizing the entire Service Parts Management process became the clear choice for us," said Shannon Beecher, VP of Service Supply Chain at IBM, who oversees the Predictive Planning initiative and manages more than 450 IBM supply chain professionals globally. "The platform from Baxter Planning will help us better serve our customers, reach our sustainability goals, and increase our supply chain resiliency," she added. "IBM is the global leader in driving innovation and business transformation in this area, and we are honored to be their partner in this strategic Service Supply Chain initiative," said Marten Gustafsson, Chief Revenue Officer of Baxter Planning, who partnered with IBM to formalize the long-term partnership. "Shannon and her team are leading the Service Supply Chain industry by putting their customers first and foremost. IBM fully understands how vital service field operations are to customer retention and business growth," he added. The Baxter Planning Predictive Service Supply Chain solution connects disparate workflows and teams with AI-enabled predictive insights that drive significant productivity gains, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. This new, predictive approach to inventory planning, demand forecasting, product lifecycle planning, operations workflow monitoring, reverse logistics, and customer escalation management unlocks significant new value for Service Supply Chain organizations. About Baxter Planning Founded in 1993, Baxter Planning is the world leader in Service Parts Management technology. Global customers such as IBM, Dell, Stanley Black & Decker, and Schneider Electric rely on Baxter's AI-driven software to better manage their Service Supply Chains. Building upon 30 years of experience, the company offers the most advanced and proven technology to reduce inventory, logistics, and operations costs; while also helping customers improve services revenue and better manage service outcomes. Customers using Baxter Planning software are currently managing $11 billion in inventory across 35,000 locations in 120 countries. Baxter Planning is a portfolio company of Polaris Partners, a private investment firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and New York.

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