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Roadrunner Introduces New LTL Service to Denver, Expanding Its Smart Network™

Roadrunner Introduces New LTL Service to Denver

Roadrunner, a direct long-haul metro-to-metro shipping provider, recently announced its expansion of Smart NetworkTM with a new inbound service to Denver, Colorado. It's the first new market opening in a long time, and it builds on the excellent news of recently announced transit time cuts on 130 major lanes and the start of service from SoCal to Chicago and Chicago to SoCal the next business day.

The Roadrunner team leverages proprietary optimization technology to eliminate rehandling and build direct loads. In addition, the company focuses on ensuring the integrity of custody control of customer freight. With this, the Drivers Team executes over-the-road moves with the most direct possible route, eliminating the need to rehandle and reduces the risk of loss or damage. The service to Denver is the first step towards getting into new markets. In 2023, expansions are planned in Kansas City and Portland.

Roadrunner has been optimizing its network, creating the industry's top technology tools, and assembling a diverse and talented team for the last two years. It recently cut service times by one to four days in 130 lanes, which affected more than 12 million different zip code combinations. Newsweek named the company one of the most trustworthy in America, and Mastio called it the Most Improved LTL Carrier. In addition, Roadrunner has won several awards from different shippers for its high-quality service. The most recent was the Elite Carrier Award from Total Quality Logistics (TQL).

About Roadrunner

Founded in 1984, Roadrunner is for shippers looking for faster and more reliable freight at great value. The company optimizes data-driven network moves with complete visibility direct from metro to metro. The company's SmartNetworkTM is the best choice for shippers who want to move freight quickly and reliably. The company is headquatered in Downers Grove, Illinois, and has terminals in 37 metro markets. The platform is powered by AI and ML technology, assuring the integrity of real-time tracking and visibility and custodial controls for freight. In addition, direct routing eliminates the need for rehandling and freight transfer, thereby decreasing the possibility of loss or damage.



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