Relay Payments Optimizes Schneider’s Billing Accuracy and Fraud Prevention

Relay Payments | January 19, 2023 | Read time : 02:28 min

Relay Payments Optimizes Schneider’s

Fintech firm, Relay Payments, primarily providing payment solutions to the supply chain, logistics and trucking sectors, recently announced the testing of its lumper payment solution by Schneider. The pilot testing program undertaken by Schneider, a multimodal transportation, intermodal and logistics provider, earlier this year resulted in immediate advantages including billing accuracy, fraud detection and driver benefits. As a result, Schneider will now implement Relay’s payment solution for its entire fleet of 12,000+ drivers and 10,000+ power units.

Relay’s solution has already shown improvements for Schneider’s customer service and operations teams. Drivers started paying directly from their cabs the warehouse fees, reducing time authorizing cash payments or fleet checks from their phones. This contactless, digital payment process saved significant time for every delivery, while the finance team received instant e-receipts resulting in improved customer billing and guaranteed reimbursements.

Ryan Droege, Co-founder and CEO at Relay, said, "Relay Payments is rapidly growing, but we remain laser focused on developing products that solve real problems our customers face every day.” He further added, "Schneider is a known innovator that sets the tone for best practices, so working with them is a huge step toward digitally transforming the logistics industry. We couldn't be more excited to partner with them."

(Source: CISION)

Relay’s payment solutions are used by more than 300,000 carriers and drivers today, including businesses throughout logistics, transportation supply chain. From large carriers like Schneider to truck stops, warehouses and freight brokers use Relay for easier over-the-road expense payments.

About Relay Payments

Founded in 2019, Relay Payments, a venture-backed fintech firm, provides instant digital payments through Relay to replace the extended payment authorization process, which frequently caused delays in cargo unloading and other issues including missing receipts and fraudToday, the company collaborates with the biggest carriers, freight brokers, and 3PLs in North America as well as smaller fleets and independent owner operators to automate over-the-road payments and guarantee that goods reach store shelves as soon as possible.


We as Panasonic Factory Solutions are the global market leader for Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. As you can see we offer solutions not only for highly complex operations, but also for optimizing and streamlining the production processes from Screen Printing, different SMD placement machines, odd shape placer such as NPM-VF and guided manual assembly systems.


We as Panasonic Factory Solutions are the global market leader for Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. As you can see we offer solutions not only for highly complex operations, but also for optimizing and streamlining the production processes from Screen Printing, different SMD placement machines, odd shape placer such as NPM-VF and guided manual assembly systems.

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Iteris, Inc. the world’s trusted technology ecosystem for smart mobility infrastructure management, today announced that it has been awarded a two-year contract for statewide traffic signal timing and operation by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), representing continued demand for Iteris’ specialized consulting services to support another important mobility infrastructure project in a key geographic market. Under the contract, Iteris will develop signal timing plans for 53 key signalized intersections in Northeast Ohio, with additional locations throughout the state expected to come at a later date. In support of the state of Ohio’s goals of providing a transportation system that is safe, connected and environmentally sensitive, Iteris will identify innovative traffic signal retiming techniques to improve safety and mobility, reduce stops and traffic congestion, and increase sustainability. By reducing delays and stops on key corridors for passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles, ODOT’s signal timing program will help to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, which in turn will contribute to environmental and air quality improvements. “We’re proud to be working with ODOT to support an important mobility infrastructure project in the state of Ohio,” said Anita Vandervalk-Ostrander, regional vice president consulting solutions at Iteris. “This traffic signal timing program represents the continued expansion of Iteris’ specialized consulting services in the Midwest, and more importantly, will help to increase safety and improve mobility for the state’s traveling public.” About Iteris, Inc Iteris is the world’s trusted technology ecosystem for smart mobility infrastructure management. Delivered through Iteris’ ClearMobility® Platform, our cloud-enabled end-to-end solutions monitor, visualize and optimize mobility infrastructure around the world, and help bridge legacy technology silos to unlock the future of transportation. That’s why more than 10,000 public agencies and private-sector enterprises focused on mobility rely on Iteris every day. Visit for more information, and join the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Resilinc Corporation, the world’s leading supply chain monitoring, mapping, and resiliency solution is pleased to announce the launch of its Spend Analytics solution. This spend-management tool associates an organization’s spend to a specific supplier, category, or part. The data, which is available alongside other supplier risk insights within the Resilinc platform, provides companies full visibility into both direct and indirect supplier spend across the organization, as well as the unique ability to query deeper analytics including: Supplier spend by category Part spend by category Part spend by supplier Category spend by supplier Armed with this information, and coupled with an extensive set of quantified supplier risks, practitioners can make strategic, data-backed decisions when it comes to mitigating supply chain risk, negotiating terms, or engaging with suppliers. “Supplier spend is a critical metric when it comes to a supply chain risk and resiliency program and we’re pleased to be able to incorporate these insights as part of Resilinc’s customer platform. Having the ability to look at spend for a supplier alongside other risk data including ESG compliance, natural disaster preparedness, and business continuity, enables practioners to make informed decisions into how to best mitigate risk, including shifting sourcing or increased collaboration with that supplier,” said Sumit Vakil, Resilinc’s Chief Product Officer. Resilinc’s Spend Analytics solution provides organizations with holistic spend visibility and management, risk-based spend insights, and actionable workflows to manage high-risk situations. With these capabilities companies can achieve sourcing efficiency, cost savings, and resilience. The Spend Analytics solution has the ability to integrate into any third-party solution like ERP, control tower, or spend management systems via a secured API. About Resilinc Resilinc was founded with the purpose to strengthen global supply chains, making them resilient, sustainable, transparent, and secure. We do this via our technology-driven solutions which create an ecosystem where organizations can collaborate with their suppliers and customers with a spirit of transparency and trust to acquire unmatched visibility into their multi-tier supply networks, and partner across tiers seamlessly to recover supply chains during disruptions. Since our launch in 2010 Resilinc has defined the supply chain mapping, monitoring, and resiliency space and is widely considered the gold standard for supply chain resiliency, worldwide. With over 1 million supplier sites mapped encompassing over 4 million parts and raw materials, we are the first line of defense for our customers, helping them navigate supply disruptions. Our early-warning alert system monitors and predicts potential disruptions across suppliers, sites, and materials; our platform enables them to collaborate closely with their suppliers; our historical data-backed insights give them options on appropriate actions to take. Always innovating, our AI-powered predictive solutions can predict delivery delays, price movements, and supply constraints for raw materials and commodities before they happen. Resilinc helps our customers protect revenue and turn supply chain risks into opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

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Inspectorio, a cloud-based SaaS solution provider and a supplier performance management platform powered by AI, has recently expanded its all-in-one supply chain sustainability and compliance solution, Inspectorio Rise. The solution provides suppliers, retailers and brands with a centralized platform to make production transparent, efficient and beneficial for people and the planet. Inspectorio Rise facilitates the management and streamlining of due diligence and reporting processes and offers insights for making evidence-based decisions in response to new business challenges. With an increase in environmental and social regulations worldwide, such as the European Due Diligence Directive and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, global companies must adapt to the new context by ensuring compliance and expanding sustainability throughout the supply chain. Inspectorio Rise enables retailers, brands, and suppliers to manage their end-to-end compliance, sustainability, and responsible sourcing activities. The platform allows collaboration with more than 8,000 supply chain partners on a single platform, simplifying data collection and sharing by eliminating manual work. In addition, it facilitates supply chain mapping to increase visibility and transparency and identify potential risks. Additionally, the solution provider centralizes supply chain communications and collaboration to manage sustainability, and compliance documentation, data collection, analytics, reporting, and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plans across teams, departments, and partners, creating a sustainable ecosystem. It lets customers set standards for document control, environmental data collection, and GHG emissions calculation. Automated workflows enable digital collaboration while securing and governing data. About Inspectorio Founded in 2015, Inspectorio is a cloud-based SaaS solution provider that helps brands, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers manage risk through digitalized compliance, quality, and production tracking programs. It aims to build an interconnected, sustainable and transparent supply chain. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is used by more than 7000 customers, including the top brands and retailers worldwide. In addition, it provides brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers with the means to predict high-risk areas and automate risk-based interventions throughout the supply chain.

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