PartnerLinQ Offers First-to-Market Digitally Optimized Supply Chain Integration System

Visionet | January 20, 2022

Visionet Systems, the leader in digitally enabled solutions for businesses around the world, is evolving PartnerLinQ, its flagship digital supply chain connectivity solution, to push the boundaries of connectivity by simplifying visibility and connectivity across the global supply chain and commerce channels. With PartnerLinQ's new capabilities, customers can access its native app ecosystem allowing users to add more business context to their solution with one click.

The new digital connectivity ecosystem is built to handle the evolving state of global supply chains. With PartnerLinQ we are building a more resilient supply chain for our customers that can withstand supply chain disruptions like we've seen in the last few years,"

Ahmed Raza, VP of PartnerLinQ.

The PartnerLinQ App EcoSystem allows customers to find the app that corresponds to their partners' business model; install the app, and immediately start adding value to the partner and channel communications. The automated end-to-end workflows within the PartnerLinQ platform are built on a hybrid cloud architecture for resilient translation processing.

We are very focused on enabling agile digital connectivity through cutting edge technology for global supply chains, Our platform's mission is to help supply chain companies reduce business risk by becoming more resilient, flexible, and empowered through enhanced visibility and control."

President, Visionet Jawad Khan.

PartnerLinQ is pushing the boundaries of digital connectivity through its Message Processing Engine that connects directly with partners' ERP, OMS, WMS TMS, and MRP enterprise-level systems through a single process. The native app ecosystem offers supply chain workers and executives a chance to zero in on business issues, track them, and use that insight to address supply chain issues.

About PartnerLinQ
PartnerLinQ is an innovative, cloud-native supply chain visibility platform that delivers resilience through simplifying visibility and connectivity. PartnerLinQ's Native App Ecosystem adds business context to traditional integrations, minimizing the impact of disruption.

With capabilities for intelligent hyper-automation, multi-channel integration, and real-time analytics, PartnerLinQ seeks to seamlessly connect multi-tier supply chain networks, channels, marketplaces, and core systems worldwide to deliver unified connectivity for the future.


The Asia growth story continues to unfold, with the region on track to top 50% of global GDP by 2040. Forward-thinking companies, and their treasury teams, are positioning themselves now for Asia’s next chapter. In the second part of our treasury insights video series, we discover how the supply chain finance prorgam works and how this is being used at Samsonite and amongst suppliers.


The Asia growth story continues to unfold, with the region on track to top 50% of global GDP by 2040. Forward-thinking companies, and their treasury teams, are positioning themselves now for Asia’s next chapter. In the second part of our treasury insights video series, we discover how the supply chain finance prorgam works and how this is being used at Samsonite and amongst suppliers.

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SEND Partners with Turvo for End-to-End Visibility with Collaborative Logistics Platform

Turvo | November 04, 2020

Turvo Inc., a main supplier of community oriented coordinations programming intended for worldwide flexibly chains, has reported an association with transportation supplier SEND. This vital union will give SEND further perceivability and coordinated effort for its transporter clients and transporter accomplices progressively, improving operational efficiencies and overall revenues. "SEND was built on the premise of collaboration and supporting one another. We look at this a bit differently than most, as all stakeholders need to be a part of the process. We focus on building relationships holistically, rather than making it transactional in nature," said Nathan J Smith, the CEO of SEND. As a representative claimed organization, SEND zeroed in on cooperation with its essential partners: clients, transporters, and one another. Be that as it may, SEND battled with innovation related imperatives. Albeit hearty in administration contributions, SEND's inheritance TMS arrangements were unequipped for giving start to finish perceivability into tasks. Customers couldn't proficiently follow shipments bringing about work concentrated cycles, various messages, and check calls. To improve the client experience, build up an organization over various colleagues, and make start to finish perceivability, SEND assessed the top coordinations innovation suppliers on the lookout. SEND chosen Turvo for its capacity to empower joint effort and computerized change over the whole gracefully chain. "This partnership will help SEND provide its shippers and carriers a unique digital experience for end-to-end visibility and collaboration," said Scott Lang, Chairman and CEO, Turvo. "We believe that Turvo's multi-enterprise cloud platform solves for collaborative logistics to help our customers achieve complete visibility, increased revenue and profitability." Turvo's foundation is ideal for SEND who can quickly convey the answer for its clients in a simple to-utilize, cloud climate for sure fire appropriation and worth creation over its organization who increases moment perceivability into each shipment related work process. "With Turvo, we plan to build out private networks. Customers who utilize our carrier base might also have a base of their own carriers, and we are interested in curating these private marketplaces. SEND's goal is to work with Turvo to launch these small micro-shipping environments for clients so they can operate and manage those networks," said Smith. About Turvo Turvo is the first multi-enterprise collaborative platform specifically designed for the global supply chains. Turvo connects people and organizations, allowing shippers, logistics providers, and carriers to digitally connect and transform their workflows with cloud-based software and mobile applications for better customer experience and brand differentiation. The technology unifies all systems, internal and external, providing one end-to-end platform to execute all operations and analytics while eliminating redundant manual tasks and automating business processes. Stakeholders across the supply chain can make smarter, faster, more informed decisions.

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Transfix and TriumphPay Collaborate to Offer an Improved Payment Experience for Freight Carriers

Transfix | July 02, 2021

Transfix, a leading transportation solution supplier announced a new collaboration with TriumphPay, a forward-thinking carrier payment platform. The collaboration will help Transfix improve the payment process for freight carriers by enabling them to post-load payments more conveniently, quicker, and controllably. The new collaboration enables carriers to streamline current procedures, reduce accounting friction, and monitor the status of their payments 24/7 without making a call. Carriers can also monitor and submit invoices online and upload documentation for both factors and brokers to a connected dashboard. Transfix, and TriumphPay collaborates to develop solutions that modernize the freight industry, reducing stress points for on-the-go carriers. About Transfix Transfix is a leading provider of transportation solutions, with digital brokerage capabilities and logistics software offerings that are helping to define the future of freight. The firm combines deep industry expertise with cutting-edge technology, as well as a best-in-class carrier network. As a result, competitive pricing, better service and dependability, and unrivaled intelligence for managing the supply chain from start to finish result. Today, Transfix's trusted carrier network is being used by the world's most known brands, including six of the top ten retailers and five of the biggest food and beverage companies in America. In addition, transfix, located in the center of New York City, was named one of Forbes' "Next Billion-Dollar Startups." About TriumphPay TriumphPay is a carrier payment platform that connects brokers, shippers, factors, and carriers via innovative solutions that assist each party in effectively processing, settling, and managing carrier payments while driving growth. TriumphPay provides supply chain finance to brokers, enabling them to pay their carriers more quickly and increase carrier loyalty. In addition, TriumphPay offers tools and services to boost automation, reduce fraud, improve back-office efficiency, and enhance the payment experience. TriumphPay is a division of TBK Bank, SSB, Member FDIC, and Triumph Bancorp, Inc. Triumph Bancorp. This financial holding company offers diverse community banking, national lending, and commercial finance products.

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RBC: Amazon Logistics' planned 2020 growth exceeds previous 3 years combined

Amazon | September 21, 2020

Amazon's delivery stations, the facilities closest to the consumer, are growing the most as the e-tailer expands its logistics footprint, according to a research note published last week from RBC Capital Markets based on data from the supply chain consultancy MWPVL and Amazon's financials. Amazon delivery stations are growing in number and getting larger, the researchers noted, pointing out this helps Amazon get inventory "dramatically closer to the consumer." Amazon announced its plan in July to increase the square footage of its distribution operation by 50% by the end of 2020. This will result in the company adding three times the amount of capacity it added in 2019 and is more than what the company added over the last three years combined, according to RBC. "In 2019, Amazon had partnered with 800 companies with 75,000 drivers who picked up items across Amazon’s then 150 Delivery Stations," RBC wrote of the growth. "Now, Amazon partners with 1,300 companies that employ 85,000 workers, across what we think are currently approximately 400 Delivery Stations in the U.S." Amazon's effort to get inventory closer to consumers is not exactly new to Amazon, nor as a general supply chain management strategy. Experts have long known that increasing the number of facilities will decrease transportation costs while increasing inventory and facility cost.

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