Oracle Introduces New Logistics Capabilities to Help Customers Increase Supply Chain Efficiency and Value

To help organizations increase efficiency and value across their global supply chains, Oracle today announced new logistics management capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM). The updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud Transportation Management and Oracle Fusion Cloud Global Trade Management can help organizations reduce costs and risk, improve customer experience, and become more adaptable to business disruptions.

The unpredictability of the past two years has created major logistics-related challenges for organizations as they navigate large fluctuations in supply and demand and major disruptions to their distribution networks. This has resulted in rising logistics costs and has also impacted organizations' relationships with customers – in fact, a recent Oracle survey found that 87 percent of people have been negatively impacted by supply chain issues over the past year.

Western Digital has multiple manufacturing locations in the U.S. and Asia, handling more than half a million shipments every year. Our supply chain ecosystem is extremely complex with multiple end markets each having unique service needs, and the disruptive events of the past two years added to that complexity on an exponential scale, With Oracle Transportation Management as our foundation we have been able to streamline logistics processes and customer support, quickly achieving significant results – including reducing cost and service disruption through expansion of our partner base, implementing on-demand spot bidding, and dynamically shifting modes while operating with 90 percent touch-free automation in the last fiscal year. In addition, Oracle Transportation Management's built-in machine learning capabilities have helped improve ETA accuracy from 64 percent to 93 percent, which is an invaluable result in terms of an improved customer experience."

Joseph Hodges, Director of Logistics Center of Excellence, Western Digital.

Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management are continuously innovating to help organizations address logistics management challenges. Below are details on the new capabilities, which will help customers improve order fulfillment accuracy, reduce logistics costs, enhance the customer experience, and manage risk associated with unforeseen changes across their supply chains:
  • Intelligent Transit Time Predictions: A new machine learning algorithm in Oracle Transportation Management will enable users to evaluate the potential impact of both macro-level interruptions (including extreme weather or airport delays) and network-level disruptions (such as labor and capacity shortages). This can help customers more accurately predict delivery times and lower costs associated with delays, expedited shipments, and additional safety stock.
  • Enhanced Shipment Capabilities: Supply chain leaders can simplify and automate transportation processes for shipments. New capabilities include automated spot bidding and the ability to combine and track multiple shipments in Oracle Transportation Management, and automated global trade analysis on trade agreements in Oracle Global Trade Management. By automating and simplifying these previously manual processes, the new capabilities can help customers reduce human errors, freight costs, and shipment delays.
  • Multi-Language Digital Assistant: Real-time, multi-lingual response capabilities within Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant – a key feature across Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management – enable organizations to provide faster and more accurate information and standardize responses to inquiries in their customers' native languages. By offering high-quality, global customer service without the need for additional IT resources, organizations are able to reduce operational costs and quickly respond to customers, regardless of geographical location or language.
  • Advanced Transportation and Global Trade Analytics: New advanced analytics capabilities enable customers to quickly access, analyze, and interpret highly accurate transportation and global trade data. This helps to increase cost savings, improve logistics planning, and enable better-informed business decisions.

While the volatile business environment of the past two years will continue to shape supply chain strategies, accurately managing the crucial transportation and shipping functions will always remain a top priority for our customers, The new capabilities in Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management deliver a double benefit, as they help customers streamline their logistics operations while minimizing the associated risks. With these capabilities, we're underscoring our commitment to continuous innovation and helping our customers navigate today's business landscape to continue growing their businesses."

Derek Gittoes, vice president of supply chain management product strategy, Oracle.

Oracle's logistics solutions, including Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle Global Trade Management, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Warehouse Management, help customers manage sustainable transportation, global trade, and distribution processes. As a result, customers can maximize perfect order fulfillment and minimize logistics costs while navigating business disruptions.



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Uber Freight doubles down on enterprise technology, unveils next generation product roadmap with AI-powered logistics

Uber Freight | September 29, 2023

Today, during the company's annual customer conference that hosts nearly 300 of the world's largest shippers, Uber Freight announced the most comprehensive evolution of its logistics technologies designed to power the global movement of goods. The news comes nearly two years after the $2.25B acquisition of the market's largest transportation management company Transplace, which partners directly with shippers to manage their logistics networks. Now, with $18B freight under management, the company is releasing for the first time a next generation of products that infuse Uber's advanced technology development capabilities, including AI-powered software. The strategic expansion of the business enabled Uber Freight to build a new kind of logistics company, one uniquely able to offer the kinds of comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise applications and services for the industry in an increasingly complex logistics landscape. "The past couple of years have been transformative for our business, driving significant amounts of resources into delivering the next generation of technologies designed to power the global movement of goods," said Lior Ron, Founder and CEO of Uber Freight. "The focus on developing new enterprise solutions underpins our commitment to our strategic customer base and the industry at large as we drive to be the most comprehensive partner to advance logistics networks." Uber Freight has made a deep investment in technology, with $120M invested since the acquisition that is focused heavily on scaling enterprise applications that span logistics software solutions, generative AI and data-enabled insights tools, as well as innovative capacity and mode expansions. Reimagining logistics management with advanced software Uber Freight is rolling out the most comprehensive update of the widely-used Uber Freight TMS since it was first launched by Transplace in 2005. The Uber Freight TMS is the all-in-one solution for planning, executing, and monitoring complex logistics operations across modes and regions, bringing shippers the time-tested expertise, Uber-grade technology, and high-quality service they need to drive their intelligent logistics forward. Initial upgrades focus on delivering a new standard of visibility, foresight, and control, "Uberizing" modules to promote ease of use and actionable data—all while expanding global, end-to-end shipment visibility across modes including rail, ocean, and air. "When you have a supply chain that's expansive and complex as ours, cutting-edge technology isn't a nice-to-have—it's essential," said Randy Cooper, Director of Transportation at Del Monte Foods. "Our partnership with Uber Freight's managed transportation and innovative technology has become our secret sauce as we serve our customers." Uber Freight is deepening its investment in software solutions with the launch of Uber Freight Exchange, a powerful new tool designed to meet the evolving needs of shippers and carriers by expediting freight procurement cycles and powering rapid shipment execution. Uber Freight Exchange is a neutral platform open to all shippers and carriers—a shipper can utilize Uber Freight Exchange to run auctions with their own carriers, in addition to Uber Freight's network of 100,000 carriers across the US. With integrated communication, simple bid functionality, and historical performance reporting, it enhances operational efficiency, fosters partnerships, and safeguards lane coverage risks in any market conditions. Bringing the power of generative AI and machine learning to enterprise shippers Uber Freight is unveiling Insights AI, a powerful generative-AI-powered insights tool that will transform decision making in logistics and support transportation teams from granular, tactical views to more complex, strategic analyses. Insights AI will leverage LLMs to generate and surface insights from Uber Freight's vast store of transportation data for customers. Uber Freight is also leading the industry in the creation and application of AI and machine learning to drive network optimization and service improvements at scale with several new models rolled out recently, including a sophisticated ETA model, which, when combined with Uber Freight's Probability of Late Arrival (PLA) model, helps to drive automated 'self-healing' workflows to improve shipper service. Expanding dynamic capacity and freight modes, across regions Uber Freight has strategically grown the footprint of the Powerloop program to meet surging client demand for drop and hook and dedicated capacity solutions. The program has expanded operational scope from localized freight within Texas, California and Georgia, to regional and over the road freight stretching across several new states including Arizona, Utah, New Jersey, New York, Arkansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky. Uber Freight continues to gain ground as the most extensive autonomous freight network in North America with active partnerships with the leading developers and dozens of shippers moving autonomous loads on the network daily. In September, the company achieved a milestone of 100k autonomous miles driven with AV carriers on the network. Uber Freight has expanded support across the North American cross-border supply chain. To meet a 20% increase in production from across the customer base, the company now has six cross-border locations between US and Mexico and over 1,000 team members throughout the region to support this tailwind. Uber Freight also shared the extensive progress the business has made since the acquisition, including expanding its connected network of shippers and carriers to one of the largest in the world with 2 million drivers registered since the founding of the company, and dramatically advancing its sustainability impact, with an estimated 2.4 million empty miles eliminated from its network in the past year alone. ABOUT UBER FREIGHT Uber Freight is a market-leading enterprise technology company powering intelligent logistics. With a suite of end-to-end logistics applications, managed services and an expansive carrier network, Uber Freight advances supply chains and moves the world's goods. Today, the company manages over $18 billion of freight and has the largest network of carriers. It is backed by best-in-class investors including Greenbriar Equity Group and partnered with 1 in 3 Fortune 500 companies, including Del Monte Foods, Nestle, Anheuser-Busch InBev and more.

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Imperial Dade Advances Growth with Acquisition of Advance Shipping Supplies

Imperial Dade | November 06, 2023

Imperial Dade acquires Advance Shipping Supplies, Inc. as its 75th acquisition. Imperial Dade maintains its 15-year growth strategy, combining organic initiatives and acquisitions. Dave Waite, President of Advance Shipping Supplies, emphasizes the company's legacy and commitment to customer service as it joins Imperial Dade. Imperial Dade, a prominent distributor specializing in food service packaging, printing papers, and janitorial supplies, has recently announced its acquisition of Advance Shipping Supplies, Inc. This transaction marks the 75th acquisition made by Imperial Dade under the leadership of Robert and Jason Tillis, who serve as the Chairman and CEO of the company, respectively. The specific financial details of this private transaction have not been disclosed. Imperial Dade maintains its unwavering commitment to the strategic direction established over 15 years ago. This direction involves sustained growth through a combination of organic initiatives and a carefully managed acquisition process. Advance Shipping Supplies Inc., established in 1985, has a remarkable 38-year track record as a leading distributor of industrial supplies, packaging materials, and janitorial products. Under the guidance of its founder, Dave Waite, Advance continues to be a critical supplier in the Ontario market, delivering essential products to its clientele. The company places a strong emphasis on customer service and is strategically positioned to ensure prompt and accurate deliveries. By leveraging the extensive capabilities of Imperial Dade Canada's top-tier platform, Advance's customers can look forward to receiving the same exceptional customized service, now complemented by an even broader range of products and solutions. Jason Tillis, the CEO of Imperial Dade, expressed his warm welcome to the Advance family. He noted that Advance possessed a dedicated customer base and a strong commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience, which, in his view, made it a valuable addition to their expanding North American platform. Stephane Lapointe, the President of Imperial Dade Canada, added that partnering with Advance marked another significant stride in their objective of becoming the leading national specialty distributor of industrial, food service, and janitorial products. He also mentioned Imperial Dade's eagerness to build upon its existing success and to continually explore ways to enhance its service to both customers and vendor partners. Dave Waite, the President of Advance Shipping Supplies, Inc., stated that the legacy created by Advance over the past approximately 40 years would serve as a strong foundation for Imperial Dade's future growth. He expressed that, under the guidance of Imperial Dade, they would maintain their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service while also expediting the growth they had witnessed in recent years.

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Ryder Secures 'Top Supply Chain Projects' Spot for 2023

Ryder System | September 07, 2023

Ryder System received recognition as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Top Supply Chain Projects for 2023. Ryder's success stems from its fully integrated, customized solution tailored to a prominent Midwest healthcare system. The company's approach addresses vital supply chain challenges, enhancing efficiency and real-time visibility within the healthcare organization. Within six months of implementing Ryder's solution, the healthcare network achieved remarkable results and 100% inventory control. Ryder System, Inc. has been recognized among Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Top Supply Chain Projects for 2023. The company achieved this accolade by successfully implementing a fully integrated, customized solution for a prominent Midwest healthcare system. This innovative solution addressed critical supply chain challenges, improving efficiency and real-time visibility across the healthcare organization's operations. Ryder embarked on a transformative journey by constructing an advanced 416,000-square-foot central distribution center exclusively for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and essential supplies. This meticulously engineered facility meets the intricate demands of the healthcare sector. The company introduced a dedicated outbound transportation network, characterized by its exceptional efficiency and furnished with drivers who underwent specialized training to cater to the healthcare system's distinct needs. Additionally, this comprehensive solution establishes and oversees a highly skilled workforce. Ryder diligently recruited, trained, and managed a team of professionals who were unwavering in their commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring operational efficiency and maintaining service levels at the highest standards across the entirety of the healthcare supply chain. The company’s holistic approach encompassed the integration of cutting-edge technology and process enhancements. Implementing AutoStore, an automated storage and retrieval system, is a pivotal step within the distribution center, effectively expanding storage capacity while ensuring round-the-clock order fulfillment. The integration of 1.3 miles of conveyors significantly bolstered the speed and reliability of the entire supply chain. The hospital network achieved exceptional results within six months of implementing Ryder's fully integrated and customized solution. These outcomes included an impressive 98% fill rate, significantly up from the initial 90%, demonstrating the efficiency improvements gained. Additionally, Ryder's solution achieved a remarkable 99% on-time delivery rate, ensuring timely access to critical supplies. The implementation also led to 100% inventory control, providing comprehensive management and tracking of medical assets. Steve Sensing, President of Supply Chain Solutions at Ryder, said, “From the warehouse to the point of delivery at the hospital, our RyderShare technology ensures everyone knows exactly what is in each delivery, down to each tote in the truck. That’s a key differentiator, especially when you’re dealing with critical and life-saving supplies. We can help other healthcare organizations gain greater control over their supply chains while also lowering costs and improving patient care.” [Source – Business Wire]

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