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Omnae Supply Chain Management Software and Intuit QuickBooks, Align Services to Unify Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Omnae Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management solution, Omnae, has recently joined the Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider Program and created an advanced bundle offer with Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU) QuickBooks. The new bundle offering invites customers and businesses to unify manufacturing operations and amplify the success of current systems, with fully reconciled financial management and multi-enterprise collaboration, visibility, and automation.Supply Chain Management has faced many challenges as a result of recent interruptions and shortages. From scattered spreadsheets and interrupted communications management, there is a significant number of time and funding spent on addressing internal pain points. The Omnae and QuickBooks advanced bundles work to ensure all networks are interoperable with many-to-many multi-enterprise networks, as well as automated to efficiently handle outside interactions. The North American supply chain management industry shows significant market growth and accounted for major market revenue share of above 40% in 2021. The market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 10.7% from 2022 to 2028, making it a crucial time to invest in manufacturing and supply chain management improvements.

As an Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider, Omnae is ready to support growing manufacturing and supply chain management businesses without growing headaches and headcount. As part of a new advanced bundle offering, Omnae and QuickBooks will allow brands to manage both finance and complex outsourced value chains without having to adopt an ERP system to manage growing complexity and transaction volume.

As a proprietary SaaS software, Omnae connects brands and manufacturers in one inter-connected supply web. Through this first-ever natively many-to-many multi-enterprise solution, Omnae’s services will be securely integrated into QuickBooks, allowing full management, from vendor communications to complex PO’s, quality control to order data, or RFQ’s and invoicing. The advanced offering will provide a multiplayer single source of truth across the entire supply chain, centralize quotes, product, order, shipment, supplier information, and financial operations.

“Growing brands are well served by cloud offerings to scale up from the warehouse to the customer. At the same time, they struggle with disconnected, manual processes to get their products made and to the warehouse. Omnae and QuickBooks Online combine to let brands scale up production with the people and capital they have, and without the need to adopt an ERP system.

-Scott Lionello, co-founder and president at Omnae.

By joining services with Omnae, we can help clients and prospective customers say goodbye to broken lines of communication and disjointed production management. Through this joining of services, we see the opportunity for the financial transparency offered by QuickBooks, combined with multi-channel simplification offered by Omnae, said Gavin Orleow, vice president of world wide channel sales for Intuit. “Our concept was to improve services without asking customers to leave or change the current systems they already use.

With efficient, nearly overnight implementation, the Omnae and QuickBooks advanced bundle is now available for companies looking to optimize manufacturing and supply chain operations. Learn more about the solution and how to create a more efficient logistics flow and reduce production operations costs by visiting the Omnae website.

About Omnae
Omnae is a collaborative cloud-based Supply Ops Automation (SOA) platform that empowers businesses to organize their supply chains, simplify their processes, continuously improve product quality, and wire their internal systems to the outside world through one login. Learn more about Omnae



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