New Accedian Research Finds Transport and Logistics ready to move for 5G

Accedian | February 18, 2022

Accedian, a leader in performance analytics, cybersecurity threat detection and end user experience solutions, today released a new research study on the future of 5G in the transportation industry. Conducted in partnership with Analysys Mason, a leading management consultancy focused on telecoms, media and technology (TMT), the research found that an overwhelming number of transport and logistics enterprises (92%) plan to deploy private 5G by 2024.

Private 5G networks offer greater capacity, a more robust signal and lower latency. For transportation based enterprises, this means optimized processes, such as scaled warehouse automation, enabled augmented reality and 4K drone inspections for improved quality of service.

But barriers still remain: transport enterprises are concerned about the management and deployment complexity of private 5G networks. Despite these challenges, almost half of respondents (46%) noted they prefer to manage their own private 5G network in-house, rather than through an external partner. This means that mobile network operators need to act now to educate the market on the benefits of tapping an outside expert to manage a smooth transition to private 5G networks. The research shows high awareness of 5G which is positive, however, as an emerging market that many enterprises are just starting to fully grasp - we are keeping a close eye on trends as the early adopters pave the way. Accedian recently participated in a webinar discussing research where the differences between early CSP adopters and those that are planning for MEC implementations are highlighted.

The transport industry will benefit from private 5G adoption with increased security, high reliability, and the support of cloud applications and advanced use cases. But planning to deploy and manage the advanced network in-house will make the challenges difficult to overcome, Our research helps service providers become strategic partners to enterprises, guiding them through the complexity of management so the intended benefits can become fully realized. It also helps us better prepare to accelerate and assist the adoption of 5G by our valuable Transport and Logistics customers."

Sergio Bea, VP of Sales at Accedian.

Accedian and Analysys Mason surveyed just over 200 respondents from large enterprises in the U.S.A, Germany, UK and Japan across six verticals to gain insight into private 5G adoption. Respondents from the transport sector (n=13, useful as an indicator of general trends) include those within railways, airports and ports, land and water transport, warehousing and postal and courier companies. Key highlights from the transport research include:

  • The vast majority are motivated by security and the hope that 5G will be more secure with enhanced authentication and encryption features.            
  • A flexible architecture to support cloud applications is a top need.          
  • Other important 5G attributes for the transport sector, for 3 out of 4 respondents, include high reliability, support for high mobility use cases, and flexibility of deployment and technology ecosystem maturity.         
  • Network security is vital for the transport vertical's high mobility requirements.         
  • More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents in the transport industry prefer a hybrid network model; 15% prefer a network slicing model while 8% are undecided.        
  • When it comes to challenges, respondents believe cost is the highest barrier to adoption across all types of network models; others include deployment difficulty for hybrid networks, limited ability to customize the network for network slicing and management complexity for dedicated private 5G.


UWL is a leading NVOCC and asset-based 3PL provider specializing in ocean transportation, air freight, supply chain technology, and so much more. Their Sun Chief Express Service offers reliable, guaranteed capacity from Southeast Asia to the PNW with the fastest transit times in the market - as fast as 17 days from Vietnam to Seattle. In addition. UWL's sister company, World Distribution Services, operates 10 distribution centers across the United States totaling over 2.3 million sq ft of warehouse space. Wherever your freight needs to go, we're on it!


UWL is a leading NVOCC and asset-based 3PL provider specializing in ocean transportation, air freight, supply chain technology, and so much more. Their Sun Chief Express Service offers reliable, guaranteed capacity from Southeast Asia to the PNW with the fastest transit times in the market - as fast as 17 days from Vietnam to Seattle. In addition. UWL's sister company, World Distribution Services, operates 10 distribution centers across the United States totaling over 2.3 million sq ft of warehouse space. Wherever your freight needs to go, we're on it!

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Fintech firm, Relay Payments, primarily providing payment solutions to the supply chain, logistics and trucking sectors, recently announced the testing of its lumper payment solution by Schneider. The pilot testing program undertaken by Schneider, a multimodal transportation, intermodal and logistics provider, earlier this year resulted in immediate advantages including billing accuracy, fraud detection and driver benefits. As a result, Schneider will now implement Relay’s payment solution for its entire fleet of 12,000+ drivers and 10,000+ power units. Relay’s solution has already shown improvements for Schneider’s customer service and operations teams. Drivers started paying directly from their cabs the warehouse fees, reducing time authorizing cash payments or fleet checks from their phones. This contactless, digital payment process saved significant time for every delivery, while the finance team received instant e-receipts resulting in improved customer billing and guaranteed reimbursements. Ryan Droege, Co-founder and CEO at Relay, said, "Relay Payments is rapidly growing, but we remain laser focused on developing products that solve real problems our customers face every day.” He further added, "Schneider is a known innovator that sets the tone for best practices, so working with them is a huge step toward digitally transforming the logistics industry. We couldn't be more excited to partner with them." (Source: CISION) Relay’s payment solutions are used by more than 300,000 carriers and drivers today, including businesses throughout logistics, transportation supply chain. From large carriers like Schneider to truck stops, warehouses and freight brokers use Relay for easier over-the-road expense payments. About Relay Payments Founded in 2019,Relay Payments, a venture-backed fintech firm, provides instant digital payments through Relay to replace the extended payment authorization process, which frequently caused delays in cargo unloading and other issues including missing receipts and fraudToday, the company collaborates with the biggest carriers, freight brokers, and 3PLs in North America as well as smaller fleets and independent owner operators to automate over-the-road payments and guarantee that goods reach store shelves as soon as possible.

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Lineage Logistics Extends U.S. EPA SmartWay® Transport Partnership

Lineage Logistics | November 10, 2022

Lineage Logistics, LLC (“Lineage” or the “Company”), the world’s largest and most innovative temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions provider, today announced it has renewed its participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership, a program that provides a framework to assess the environmental performance and energy efficiency of goods moving through supply chains so partnering companies can reduce their environmental footprint.Launched in 2004, the SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking and improving freight transportation efficiency. Moreover, the program also helps companies select more efficient freight carriers, transport modes, equipment and operational strategies to improve supply chain sustainability. “At Lineage, we recognize the opportunity our industry has in creating and advancing a more sustainable supply chain, and we look forward to working with the EPA and our Carrier Partners to further reduce our emissions and improve our energy efficiency, We are excited to lead the industry forward, and this partnership serves as yet another example of our ambition to be a better and more responsible company that aids in feeding the world.” -Greg Bryan, EVP of Logistics at Lineage Logistics Lineage joins nearly 4,000 SmartWay partners including shippers, logistics companies, trucks, rail, barge and multimodal carriers. To date, SmartWay partners have contributed to substantial energy savings including 336 million barrels of oil – the equivalent to eliminating annual energy usage in over 21 million homes – and $44.8 billion on fuel costs. The SmartWay program has also helped participating companies avoid emitting 143 million metric tons of CO2, 2.7 million short tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 112,000 short tons of particulate matter (PM). Since 2015, Lineage has implemented ambitious initiatives to reduce the Company’s energy consumption with quantifiable and impactful targets that align with its purpose to transform the food supply chain to eliminate waste and help feed the world. This partnership will help the Company achieve its goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 – ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement. For information about the SmartWay Transport Partnership, please visit www.epa.gov/smartway. About Lineage Logistic Lineage Logistics is the world’s largest temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions provider. It has a global network of over 400 strategically located facilities totaling over 2 billion cubic feet of capacity, which spans 20 countries across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Lineage’s industry-leading expertise in end-to-end logistical solutions, its unrivaled real estate network and the development and deployment of innovative technology help increase distribution efficiency, advance sustainability, minimize supply chain waste and, most importantly, as a Visionary Partner of Feeding America, help feed the world. In recognition of the company’s leading innovations and sustainability initiatives, Lineage was No. 17 in the 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50 list, the No 1. Data Science company, and 23rd overall, on Fast Company’s 2019 list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies, in addition to being included on Fortune’s Change The World list in 2020. Lineage is a 2022 U.S. Best Managed Company, a recognition by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal for private companies that demonstrate excellence in strategic planning and execution, corporate culture and financial results. (www.lineagelogistics.com)

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Ritchie Bros. announced the purchase of a controlling stake in VeriTread, a market leader in transportation technology and services. This purchase will advance the marketplace strategy of Ritchie Bros., which integrates services, data, and transaction solutions to enhance the entire customer experience. VeriTread was established in 2013, bringing a legacy of expertise in constructing heavy-haul transportation platforms and solutions for industrial equipment, cars, and other assets. Ritchie Bros. CEO, Ann Fandozzi, said, "VeriTread adds to our suite of services supporting the needs of equipment owners throughout the equipment lifecycle. At the same time, it also helps create a more efficient global marketplace by integrating transportation solutions directly into our new marketplace technology." VeriTread is designed to be an effective and dependable solution for open deck transport, connecting shippers and service providers via a simple and robust system. The company's solutions include a marketplace for listing and pricing shipments, an in-house brokerage to manage complicated and urgent freight deliveries, complete equipment specs and unique freight estimator tools, and much more. Founder, President & CEO of VeriTread, Jeff Cox, said, "VeriTread is thrilled to become a bigger part of the Ritchie Bros. marketplace, helping customers and the company transport equipment more efficiently." He also stated, "Together we are focused on delivering an extraordinary customer experience, with trustworthy and reliable transportation for heavy equipment, vehicles, and other industrial assets. We are nimble, flexible, and can't wait to get started!" Source – Cision PR Newswire Earlier, Ritchie Bros. owned 11% of VeriTread. With this purchase, it has increased its stake to 75%. About Ritchie Bros. Ritchie Bros., founded in 1958, is a worldwide asset management and disposal firm that provides clients with end-to-end solutions for purchasing and selling trucks, old heavy equipment, and other assets. It operates in various industries, such as transportation, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, energy, and forestry. The firm's selling channels include - Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, the world's largest industrial auctioneer, which offers live auctions with online bidding, and IronPlanet, an online marketplace with once-a-week featured auctions that provide exclusive IronClad Assurance® equipment condition certification.

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