MIDCOM Data Technologies Introduces Innovative Products To Combat Labor Shortages In Warehousing & Logistics

The demand for eCommerce is continuing to rise in 2022 fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic. As more people turn to online shopping, logistics companies in the United States are put under increased pressure to match this need. However, labor shortages are making it difficult for the logistics industry to keep up.

Currently, the warehousing and logistics industry has a record number of job openings but not nearly enough workers to fill them. This discrepancy is predicted to get even worse over time. On the other hand, businesses that are able to fill those positions are having difficulty retaining employees. Since hiring more employees to increase productivity is not an option, many businesses are turning to lean their processes and become more efficient to achieve similar results.

Technologies to Combat Labor Shortages
MIDCOM Data Technologies has recently introduced innovative products to alleviate the effects of labor shortages on warehousing and logistics. These promising new technologies are shown to increase productivity by expediting their workflows and improving efficiency. Furthermore, the faster processing speeds and high accuracy rates boost customer satisfaction.

Wearable Tech Is On the Rise
One of the standout innovations is a wearable barcode scanner glove that can be worn on either hand. This award-winning barcode scanner allows warehouse workers to get more done in less time with higher accuracy; offering an effective solution to labor shortage issues. Some of the other advantages of this technology over a regular barcode scanner are its ease of use and ergonomic design. The wearable scanner leaves the user's hands free to perform other tasks while making the scanning process much quicker. Not only are these new technologies helping businesses meet demand, but they are also much safer for employees since they don't get in the way of other tasks such as climbing a ladder or driving a forklift. Another great feature of the barcode scanner is its ability to automatically transfer data into a WMS or ERP system without the need for manual data entry.

Standing Out From the Competition
At a time when warehouses are under stress, these innovative systems offer much-needed solutions to give them the competitive edge and keep costs down. They also boost employee satisfaction and help warehouses attract and retain employees; a very important outcome to combat the effects of labor shortages.

MIDCOM Data Technologies is the recognized leader in industrial printer and mobile barcode scanner solutions since 1982. They offer the newest printing and scanning technologies for businesses and offer repair services by their flagship company the MIDCOM Service Group. MIDCOM Data Technologies® is a value-added distributor of ProGlove.



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