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MicroStar Logistics Integrates Kegstar, Invests to Expand Globally

MicroStar Logistics

MicroStar Logistics, one of the global leaders in outsourced keg management solutions, announced the expansion into new international markets through its Kegstar Division. MicroStar maintains a total float of more than 6 million kegs and is the sole player to offer seamless global solutions to large international brewers.

Since MicroStar's 2021 acquisition of Kegstar, its international fleet of premium European-made kegs has increased to over one million, with global reach in North America, the UK, Western Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, MicroStar is the only pay-per-fill supplier to support international partners it continues to support its expansion of significant keg float. As a result, UK and European breweries can now take advantage of Kegstar's growing network of export markets, which opens up growth opportunities and lets breweries avoid inefficient empty keg returns and less-than-ideal single-use plastic options.

Kegstar customers can now access MicroStar's TAP keg management system. This eliminates the unnecessary need to scan or keep track of kegs. In addition, Doug Mellem, who formerly oversaw MicroStar's commercial activities in North America, will relocate to Sydney and assume the position of General Manager for Kegstar in Australia/New Zealand. Doug's leadership in the United States and in-depth knowledge of its model will further enable Kegstar to provide breweries with the benefits they value.

President, Kegstar Division, and Microstar’s longtime CFO, Bryan Place, said, “In North America, MicroStar serves some of the largest and most sophisticated brewers in the industry by providing them proven keg supply chain solutions that increase operational efficiency and quality while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership." He also added, "I am personally excited to leverage this market-leading expertise outside of the U.S.”

(Source – GlobeNewswire)

About MicroStar Logistics

MicroStar Logistics offers circular, outsourced supply chain solutions for the beer industry. The company was founded in 1996 and delivers highly efficient and sustainable shared keg programs, with over 6 million stainless steel kegs, including MicroStar-branded kegs in the US and Kegstar-branded kegs globally. In addition, its Network Services Division manages reusable assets such as returnable plastic pallets. At the same time, its Quality Services division ensures maximum utilization of finite resources by extending the life of reusable assets.



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