LEGACY SUPPLY CHAIN | January 05, 2022

As part of their omni-channel network fulfillment strategy, LEGACY Supply Chain has announced the relocation of their Ontario, California fulfillment operation to their Reno, Nevada fulfillment center. This decision is part of LEGACY's strategic response to the sharp rise in eCommerce and the corresponding demand for faster, more cost-effective delivery. Additionally, it creates a centralized West Coast fulfillment hub for LEGACY's eCommerce and omni-channel customers. Reno has been home to LEGACY's transportation and distribution operations for more than 40 years; this expansion deepens their connection to the area. Meanwhile, LEGACY still operates several large-scale distribution and dedicated fleet transportation operations in the Ontario, Inland Empire, and Southern California markets.

Relocating fulfillment operations to the most centralized distribution location in the western United States will allow LEGACY to further deliver on consumer's shipping demands while also investing in the economic growth of Reno and the Northern Nevada region. Many new businesses are considering Northern Nevada due to its advantageous location and favorable business environment. Additional business synergies will be gained due to proximity of LEGACY's international and domestic transportation groups, as well as corporate marketing and other support resources operating within the same location.

It is rewarding to double down on our commitment to the Reno and Northern Nevada area, where we have been for over 40 years, This operation is a critical piece of our North American eCommerce fulfillment strategy, and we look forward to leveraging it to drive value for our customers."

Mike Glodziak, President & CEO of LEGACY.

Not only will this move provide geographic and transportation benefits, but it will generate significant new warehouse operations and leadership jobs as LEGACY doubles their workforce and expands their fulfillment capacity. LEGACY has made significant investments in warehousing and order management technologies, as well as facility infrastructure to support high-volume eCommerce and omni-channel customers' fulfillment needs. Additional investments in various automation and robotics technologies are planned for the near future.

We appreciate the partnership with our customers who are making this move with us to our Reno operation, as well as to other locations in our network. We also recognize the success of our team in Ontario over the years and are working to provide them employment opportunities in other LEGACY operations where possible."

Mike Glover, LEGACY VP of eCommerce Fulfillment.

About LEGACY Supply Chain
For over 40 years, Legacy Supply Chain has been the pioneering, mid-sized 3PL that businesses depend on to enable more control over their dynamic omnichannel supply chains - so they can stay more connected to their consumers and ultimately deliver better customer experiences. With over 30 operations in the US and Canada, Legacy provides truly tailored warehousing & distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, and transportation solutions.


DHL Supply Chain is focused on bringing in the right technology to fit with our customers’ needs and to work with our colleagues. In this news-style programme, produced by ITN Business, ‘The Future of Retail’ explores how we implement new technology to improve our supply chain solution. Watch the video to see how Chucks work collaboratively with our colleagues and the benefits of implementation.


DHL Supply Chain is focused on bringing in the right technology to fit with our customers’ needs and to work with our colleagues. In this news-style programme, produced by ITN Business, ‘The Future of Retail’ explores how we implement new technology to improve our supply chain solution. Watch the video to see how Chucks work collaboratively with our colleagues and the benefits of implementation.

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On January 23, 2023, Descartes Systems Group, which provides solutions for logistics-intensive businesses, announced that Topps Tiles, a UK-based tile retailer, is using Descartes' cloud-based route optimization and planning solution to boost fleet delivery capabilities. Topps Tiles is reducing the average kilometers driven per delivery route by 2% through its collaboration with Descartes. The solution also helps Topps Tiles identify the potential impact of delivery strategy changes. Descartes' route planning and optimization solution is an aspect of its Routing, Mobile, and Telematics suite. It assists in lowering costs with more efficient and agile routing, enhancing fleet resource management by generating increased delivery capacity, and growing sustainability by reducing their CO2 footprint and paper use across the route network. Companies can use strategic route modeling to understand and refine their customer service and delivery strategies before implementing them. Descartes' mobile application aids drivers in completing their daily routes, keeps managers informed of progress, and provides an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) to alert customers of their deliveries. In addition, real-time mobile communication allows proof of delivery (POD) functionality support that facilitates excellent customer service and order accuracy. Pól Sweeney, VP of Fleet Sales in Europe at Descartes, said, "Topps Tiles' long-term success is based upon its ability to continually provide customers with a superior shopping experience while offering cost competitive pricing." He added, "We're delighted to help Topps Tiles minimize its operational costs today through our route planning and optimisation solution and in the future with our strategic route modelling capabilities." (Source – GlobeNewswire) About Descartes Systems Group Based in Waterloo (Ontario), Descartes offers software-as-a-service solutions that improve the productivity, security, and performance of logistics-intensive businesses. Customers work with one of the world's largest, collaborative multimodal logistics community to carry out various tasks, including routing, scheduling, tracking, and measuring delivery resources; planning, allocating, and executing shipments; rating, auditing, and paying transportation invoices; and completing many other logistics processes. As a result, the company helps safely and securely get assets, information, inventory, and people where and when needed.

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Amazon Shipping and nShift team up to make next-day delivery options easier to offer

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A new collaboration will make it easier than ever for online retailers and web shops to give their customers the next-day delivery service they desire. Amazon Shipping will be available on the nShift carrier library to businesses in the UK. Next-day delivery options are increasingly popular with consumers, who continue to demand more from the online shopping experience. Amazon Shipping is an innovative shipping service provider that delivers orders from the websites and channels of e-commerce companies. By making use of a technologically-driven logistics network, Amazon Shipping provides one delivery service for multiple selling channels. Through the service, end customers can provide delivery instructions and keep track of their order through a tracking hub. nShift is the global leader in parcel delivery management and shipment software. Through nShift, companies can take control of the delivery experience and connect to more than 1000 delivery providers through the world's largest carrier library. This enables businesses to offer the optimal range of delivery options and improve their customer experience. "At Amazon Shipping, we're thrilled to provide parcel delivery solutions to customers of all types and sizes. By collaborating with nShift, we can offer even more businesses fast and reliable delivery speeds through our technology-driven logistics network. We're looking forward to working closely with nShift and their retailers and supporting them to grow their businesses." -Ines van Gennip, Head of Amazon Shipping EU Johan Hellman, Vice President Product & Carrier at nShift, said: "Consumers increasingly expect a next day delivery service and if e-commerce companies cannot offer one, they risk losing their competitive edge. By adding Amazon Shipping to our carrier library, we are providing our customers with another highly reliable and fast delivery service, enabling them to give consumers a delivery service that builds loyalty and encourages repeat purchase." About nShift nShift is the global leading provider of cloud delivery management solutions enabling frictionless shipment and return of almost one billion shipments across 190 countries a year. nShift's software is used globally by e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and 3PL shippers. The company is headquartered in London and Oslo. It has over 500 employees across offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania. About Amazon Shipping Amazon Shipping offers a delivery solution to retailers and Amazon selling partners, providing fast and reliable delivery from their warehouse to their customers. By partnering with Amazon Shipping, retailers and selling partners can look forward to easy-to-understand rates, hassle-free claims, and dedicated support - all at the click of a button. Learn more by visiting the Amazon Shipping website here.

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In a recent development, RSI Logistics, Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with Transtar, LLC as well as with its operating companies. As part of this agreement, RSI Logistics will manage the Zug Island transloading facility for Delray Connecting Railroad Company within Transtar's rail network. At the same time, the two companies will work together to promote the facility. Zug Island bulk terminal, within Detroit (Michigan), is a significant shipping location for a wide variety of goods, along with Toledo (Ohio) and Detroit markets. The partnership between RSI Logistics and Transtar will help rail shippers because both companies put customer service at the top of their priorities. Kelley Minnehan, Vice President of RSI Logistics, Inc., said, "This partnership between RSI Logistics and Transtar brings together two organizations that care deeply about providing quality in rail shipping. We are ready and excited to begin working with Transtar to provide more opportunities for transloading. Transtar is all about providing rail transportation services and satisfying customers, and we foresee a successful journey together." (Source- GlobeNewswire) The following are some of the advantages that will result from this newly-formed alliance: Access to growing markets and prospects for truck and rail freight via Transtar's position in Detroit and Zug Island, which is convenient for rail shippers; the ability to develop new opportunities by upgrading equipment and personnel and extending track capacity; and opportunities for future collaboration between Transtar, LLC and RSI Logistics, Inc. are possible at some point in the near future. About RSI Logistics, Inc. RSI Logistics, Inc., a leading rail logistics provider, has helped clients in every major industry improve rail transportation efficiency. RSI Logistics offers various services to meet each client's specific requirements. These services include logistics, rail management software, and transloading solutions. Since 1984, RSI Logistics has helped organizations improve rail shipping with over 20 locations in 14 states. Its range of solutions includes rail management software, logistics services, transloading solutions, etc. The organization learns the client's business and customizes transportation services accordingly.

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