Kuehne+Nagel partners with Blume Global to go beyond the TMS status quo

Kuehne | October 22, 2021

Kuehne+Nagel partners with Blume Global to go beyond the TMS status quo
Blume Global, a leading provider of supply chain execution and visibility technology solutions empowered by the largest globally connected multi-modal logistics network, today announced an expansion to its partnership with Kuehne+Nagel, one of the largest logistics service providers in the world. Blume will provide Kuehne+Nagel with a cognitive intermodal TMS, among other solutions, for its entire North American business.

As a part of the expansion, Blume Global is also providing real-time visibility with ELD integration to Kuehne+Nagel's intermodal carriers, chassis billing and multimodal visibility solutions including predictive ETA and exception alerts.  With Blume's technology, the Kuehne+Nagel intermodal team will not only be able to provide enhanced visibility and tracking solutions, but also an enriched customer experience.

We selected Blume Global as our partner because of their approach to developing supply chain technologies. Blume's industry leadership and global development teams have been able to help us deliver new technology-driven solutions to our customers and enable us to capture new market share by providing value-added services."

Marcus Reimann, Senior Vice President North America Sea Logistics at Kuehne+Nagel

Bo Bates, CEO of the Evans Network of Companies, sees increased benefits for his drayage business from the partnership between Kuehne+Nagel and Blume Global.

"As Kuehne+Nagel's largest drayage partner, we're excited about this strategic relationship with Blume Global," Bates said. "Our customers can now benefit from the entire Blume Global network through one connection point, giving them access to new business."

Blume's cognitive intermodal TMS, Blume Logistics, provides Kuehne+Nagel with the agility to truly level-up its operations. The solution gives Kuehne+Nagel superior integration to terminals including ocean, rail, domestic and OTR carriers; best-in-class shipment visibility in addition to their superior SeaExplorer solution; efficient dispatch; and improved equipment management. Blume Logistics also helps customers achieve:
  • Automation: Plan, optimize and automate transportation management and execution across ALL modes of transport, routes, and carriers. Capitalize on management by exception.
  • Agility: Dynamically change the transportation plan and associated execution to take advantage of opportunities and address issues impacting delivery dates, cargo quality, and cost.
  • Aid: Enhance existing transportation management systems by providing an extensive network of adopted carriers, ensuring transportation capacity is always available.

"It has been our privilege to partner with Kuehne+Nagel, a world class global logistics service provider. This announcement is a testament to our long-term strategic partnership and aligned vision to create a digital platform for global supply chains," said Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global. "This new initiative will allow us to provide an enhanced digital experience to both Kuehne+Nagel's customers and their providers. As a part of this journey, we are pleased to partner with Evans, one of the largest surface transportation companies."

About Blume Global
The supply chain technology provider Blume Global is removing $1 trillion of waste from the global supply chain, making logistics processes more agile, dependable, and sustainable with innovative execution and visibility solutions. Blume has the most extensive network among logistics technology providers. The company's direct connectivity to the ocean, air, rail, parcel, LTL, and truckload carriers combines with Blume's solutions and 27 years of industry data to maximize transportation spend, improve customer service and reduce carbon emissions for users. These solutions are supported by a sizeable R&D organization that is continually adding new high-value features. By developing technology that streamlines the logistics world, Blume Global is leading the industry in creating supply chain sustainability solutions, fighting climate change by eliminating significant carbon emissions in a world where most freight is transported using fossil fuels.

About Kuehne+Nagel
With 74,000 employees at 1,400 locations in over 100 countries, the Kuehne+Nagel Group is one of the world's leading logistics companies. Its strong market position lies in Sea Logistics, Air Logistics, Road Logistics and Contract Logistics, with a clear focus on integrated logistics solutions.

About The Evans Network of Companies
The Evans Network of Companies has a proven track record, spanning decades, for providing best-in-class service to shippers, agents and independent contractors. Founded in 1939 by Albert Evans, Sr., in Pottsville, Pa., The Evans Network of Companies has evolved over the last three decades from an asset-heavy LTL trucking operation into the largest asset-light, independent intermodal drayage provider in North America. As of today, expanded operations include truckload, flatbed and asset-based capacity solutions.


The smart way to make inventory without buckets (nacelles).It’s a well-known fact that warehouse inventories are time-consuming, they require materials and human resources. With this in mind and the desire to optimise onerous work processes, FM Logistic, the international reference in warehousing, transport and packaging, and Hub One, the information and communication technology service provider for professionals, have developped an innovative intelligent inventory solution : Inventory Viewer. The system integrates existing technologies into one image-inventory solution to provide warehouse managers with a quick, reliable stock-taking method.


The smart way to make inventory without buckets (nacelles).It’s a well-known fact that warehouse inventories are time-consuming, they require materials and human resources. With this in mind and the desire to optimise onerous work processes, FM Logistic, the international reference in warehousing, transport and packaging, and Hub One, the information and communication technology service provider for professionals, have developped an innovative intelligent inventory solution : Inventory Viewer. The system integrates existing technologies into one image-inventory solution to provide warehouse managers with a quick, reliable stock-taking method.

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Antzer Tech, a leading provider of AIoT solutions, announced on December 1, 2021 that it will attend Taiwan Agri-Coldchain & Value Added Technology Expo 2021 in partnership with the Taiwan Cold Chain Association (TCCA). During the event, the company will display its industry-first B-Fresh cold chain cloud management system as a part of its AIoT solutions lineup. Enhanced by its rich experience in AIoT and logistics management, the presence at the expo marks the company's formal entry into cold chain management systems for the transportation and marketing of agricultural and fishery products as well as for the food and beverage sector, helping businesses in real-time monitoring of their storage ambient temperature and preservation state to effectively meet management needs in the distribution, warehousing and retail process of agricultural and fishery ingredients. In addition, with strong expertise of the best cold chain partner in Asia Pacific region -- TCCA, Antzer Tech is able to enhance its presence in Taiwan and expand its footprint in Southeast Asia, unlocking a new generation of smart cold chain management. Reducing the rate of crop production loss is one of the key elements of competitiveness for agricultural exports. In the face of the business opportunities in Southeast Asian countries, Taiwanese companies have demonstrated a robust ability in delivering smart cold chain solutions. By working with TCCA, Antzer Tech can effectively combine its AIoT technology and the association's rich industrial resources. Looking forward, the company expects the versatile international platform for exchange provided by the exhibition and the contemporaneous Taiwan International Fishery Expo to facilitate the ability of companies both at home and abroad to easily realize a smart transition by way of its B-Fresh cold chain cloud management system and move towards the goal of zero loss of agricultural and fishery products." Franz Wei,Antzer Tech chief executive officer As one of the key exhibitions during Taiwan Smart Agriculture Week, Taiwan Agri-Coldchain & Value Added Technology Expo 2021 will be held from December 2 to 4 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. During the expo, Antzer Tech plans to exhibit its B-Fresh solution, the industry's first cold chain cloud management system integrating AIoT smart technology with existing in-vehicle software and hardware for wireless communication positioning. The solution allows food storage and processing managers to set the shelf life and temperature range for agricultural and fishery products on a cloud management platform which can continuously transmit real-time data to the cloud through the latest Bluetooth 5.0 long-distance wireless communication technology. In the event of a temperature loss or the expiry of the shelf life, the platform will automatically send an alarm to a designated mobile device or computer. The solution aids companies and dealers in not only reducing food wastage and management costs, but also in improving their cold chain management in all respects. In addition, Antzer Tech continues to deepen the applications of IoV and logistics by expanding its fleet management services and offering a full range of in-vehicle communication and GNSS positioning solutions. Minimizing the need for network bandwidth and equipment resources, along with optimizing reliability, allows industry players to maximize the efficiency of their fleet management. About Antzer Tech Founded in 2015, Antzer Tech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Innodisk (Stock Code: 5289), is committed to providing products for IoV applications. With comprehensive hardware, software and system integration expertise, the company has in place a core team from industrial control system businesses and the in-vehicle equipment sector, providing smart solutions for the global AIoT ecosystem.

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EKA Logistics Capital Unlocks Financial Services for Supply Chain SMBs

EKA Solutions Inc | December 01, 2021

EKA Solutions Inc, the industry leading provider of cloud-based integrated freight management ecosystem for carriers, brokers, and shippers, today announced that it has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, EKA Logistics Capital LLC, to provide working capital financial services to carrier, broker, and shipper SMBs beginning January 2022. "Given the rapidly growing freight volume processed through the EKA Omni-TMS™ Platform, it is timely for EKA to elevate and accelerate its contribution to empower SMB freight carriers, brokers and shippers to capture dual benefits - not only use the EKA Omni-TMS to digitally manage their freight management operations but also to digitally consume and manage working capital services," says JJ Singh, Founder and CEO for EKA Solutions, Inc. "The combination of EKA leadership teams' deep financial services experience and the best-in-class financial services platform enables EKA to deliver working capital solutions and services that further help SMBs compete with their much savvy competitors," added Singh. Designed to tech-up carriers, brokers, and shippers for the future of business, EKA Omni-TMS™ platform is a native cloud-based SaaS TMS that has become the company's signature solution product and has earned EKA the prestigious FreightTech 100 award. EKA's freight management and working capital solutions and services workflow processes have been optimally melded for highest seamless productive user experience and to accrue lowest customer lending costs. The result is a highly efficient and effective open loop automated receivables financing and payments digital platform for any carrier, broker, and shipper." Mark Walker, President and CDO. About EKA EKA Solutions, Inc., provides a transformational cloud-based SaaS digital freight ecosystem management platform, dFEMX™, to manage all the customer's freight businesses and working capital services. As part of the dFEMX™ Offering, EKA provides the Smart, Unified Platform EKA Omni-TMS™ for - Virtually – Everyone. EKA Omni-TMS™ is designed to transform the transportation and logistics industry. It empowers small, medium, and large size broker, carrier, and shipper businesses to operate from quote-to-cash with affordable and best-in-class digital tools, enabling the higher performance demanded in tomorrow's supply chain. With real-time information, EKA Omni-TMS™ enables brokers, carriers, and shippers to provide visibility and transparency as they fluidly trade across an expanding and verified network with key, trusted partners.

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QAD Precision Software Upgrade Enhances Supply Chain Visibility and Connectivity

QAD Precision | November 30, 2021

QAD Precision, an industry-leading provider of global trade management and transportation execution software, has announced the newest release of its Global Trade and Transportation Execution (GTTE) solution, with capabilities to simplify and enhance global import and export processes. The upgrades will improve visibility and connectivity of operations throughout the supply chain. QAD Precision is a division of QAD Inc. QAD Precision GTTE now provides support for enterprises to proactively manage supply chains with 360-degree visibility and alerts into the status of both imports and exports, including: Import admissibility alerts Real-time insights into the status of post-dock shipments Real-time trade compliance analytics Supplier management and collaboration Commodity code update management QAD Precision delivers a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) solution. By leveraging the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone program, manufacturers and distributors can successfully establish and manage foreign-trade zones and bonded warehousing operations to lower importing costs, enhance inventory control and improve supply chain flexibility. QAD Precision FTZ ensures compliance with the complex FTZ regulations regarding inventory control while streamlining processes, thus lowering FTZ administration costs. To thrive in an increasingly disruptive world, multinational enterprises need visibility and connectivity across their entire supply chain. They need to connect with suppliers, customers, partners, regulatory bodies and carriers for real-time collaboration and data-driven insights. QAD Precision GTTE empowers organizations to be flexible and responsive to today’s challenges — and, more importantly, tomorrow’s. Corey RhodesQAD Precision President In addition to FTZ, the new release also includes enhancements to QAD Precision Import Management, Export Management and Transportation Execution. This includes integrations with key customs brokers for the electronic filing of product classification and import entry data. With QAD Precision GTTE, shippers can prepare for changes to U.K. import and export regulations. The solution offers connectivity to HM Revenue & Customs’ new Customs Declaration Service, which is due to become operational in March 2023. Furthermore, U.S. shippers can now access an expanded network of less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in the U.S. The solution’s automated routing guide will evaluate different shipment modes and make recommendations regarding the most cost-effective carrier to meet the delivery requirements. “No matter where a company is on the path to digitizing and maturing their global trade and logistics operations, QAD Precision can help,” added Rhodes. “We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our end-to-end solution can help you extend your reach by leveraging our global network of carriers, connect to supply chain partners, remove complexities, thereby unlocking value and decreasing cost.” About QAD Precision – Trusted Global Trade and Transportation Execution QAD Precision, a division of QAD Inc., provides industry-leading global trade compliance, and multi-carrier transportation execution solutions from a single, integrated platform. An ISO-certified company, QAD Precision assists companies to streamline their import, export and transportation operations, optimize deliveries, and increase logistics ROI. QAD Precision’s scalable and extensible solution easily integrates with existing ERP and WMS solutions. Industry leaders in every region of the world rely on QAD Precision’s global support centers to leverage thousands of carrier services and manage millions of global trade and shipping transactions every day. For more information about QAD Precision, visit About QAD – Enabling the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise QAD Inc. is a leading provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud. Global manufacturers face ever-increasing disruption caused by technology-driven innovation and changing consumer preferences. In order to survive and thrive, manufacturers must be able to innovate and change business models at unprecedented rates of speed. QAD calls these companies Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. QAD solutions help customers in the automotive, life sciences, consumer products, food and beverage, high tech and industrial manufacturing industries rapidly adapt to change and innovate for competitive advantage.

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