J.B. Hunt and BNSF Announced a Partnership to Improve Intermodal Capacity Challenges

J.B. Hunt and BNSF | March 17, 2022

BNSF Railway Company and J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. have partnered to launch a joint effort aimed at substantially improving capacity in the intermodal marketplace in order to meet the expanding needs of their customers.

Intermodal services have seen a considerable increase in demand in recent years as businesses seek to secure capacity while lowering prices and carbon emissions. J.B. Hunt plans to grow its intermodal fleet to 150,000 containers in the next three to five years, a 40 percent increase from its present count at the end of 2021, based on existing and expected trends. From 2020, the organization has completed over four million intermodal cargoes.

 “Increased demand and constrained capacity have disturbed intermodal in recent years, leading to low container velocity and high dwell times. J.B. Hunt and BNSF will collaborate to restore the consistency and reliability that consumers demand from intermodal services, as well as expand intermodal conversion and transloading services. This goal is in line with J.B. Hunt's mission statement, which is to "build the most efficient transportation network in North America."

-John Roberts, president and CEO of J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt will increase its container count while also adding supporting chassis based on market demand. Together both companies have spent billions of dollars to make sure that intermodal can grow with customers and meet the growing demand for intermodal services.

“For more than 30 years, J.B. Hunt Transport Services and BNSF's predecessor, Santa Fe Railway Company, The Atchison, Topeka, and loaded a Hunt trailer onto a railcar to help usher in the modern age of intermodal freight transport," said Katie Farmer, BNSF president, and CEO.

BNSF's industry-leading services combined with J.B. Hunt's unrivalled intermodal products have established a new benchmark for seamless door-to-door transportation. Combining our platforms with real-time data exchanges will raise the bar on service to the next level through technology and creativity. The aim is to provide the best of both worlds: cost-effective and ecologically responsible service from the industry's top providers.

The companies will leverage technology, including the industry-leading J.B. Hunt 360°®, to boost rail transport efficiencies. The 360°® is one of the few digital freight matching platforms in the industry that supports intermodal services. According to J.B. Hunt's research of 360 transactions and annual bid activity, an additional 7 to 11 million tons of cargo might be converted to intermodal, allowing for long-term growth while reducing carbon emissions.

In 1989, J.B. Hunt and BNSF created a first for modern transportation by inventing a double-stack shipping solution that would complement both rail and trucking services. With more than 109,000 53' containers with company-owned chassis and tractors, J.B. Hunt now has the largest company-owned intermodal fleet in North America. BNSF owns and operates the world's largest intermodal rail network, transporting over a million intermodal units per year than any other railroad. Thanks to their investments, they also own the fastest intermodal route between Southern California and the Midwest.


You need to ship parcels internationally and want to make sure you correctly complete the commercial invoice that will accompany your goods? Check out our video that will guide you step by step to complete a commercial invoice to ensure smooth customs clearance and timely delivery of your packages


You need to ship parcels internationally and want to make sure you correctly complete the commercial invoice that will accompany your goods? Check out our video that will guide you step by step to complete a commercial invoice to ensure smooth customs clearance and timely delivery of your packages

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Freight Technologies Inc. | December 30, 2022

Fr8App, a custom-developed AI and machine learning platform by Freight Technologies, Inc., is a B2B cross-border and domestic shipping portal. Fr8App harnesses AI and machine learning to offer real-time ‘Track and Trace’ within the United States-Mexico-Canada (NAFTA) region. In addition, Freight Technologies recently announced its integration with the leading U.S. supply chain visibility platform, FourKites, which will significantly increase its tracking capabilities. FR8App will now directly send automatic locations to the FourKites® Interface. FourKites enterprise customers using its new product will receive real-time locations from drivers using Fr8App with this integration. “A leader in track and trace in the U.S., FourKites® is used by many enterprise companies and some of our current customers. With this integration we empower our Fr8Radar product, making the track and trace monitoring process more efficient for our customers currently using FourKites®'s monitoring system,” -Javier Selgas, CEO of Fr8Tech. About FourKites, Inc. FourKites tracks over 3 million shipments every day with its leading supply chain intelligence platform. Fourkites works with over 1200 companies and third-party logistics firms, providing real-time visibility and execution across 200 countries. FourKites lowers operating costs, improves on-time performance, and strengthens end-customer relationships by utilizing its patented artificial intelligence to calculate shipment arrival times. About Freight Technologies Inc. Freight Technologies optimizes and automates the supply chain process with its solutions. Freight Technologies used AI and machine learning to create, Freight App, Inc, a wholly owned B2B cross-border shipping marketplace in the NAFTA region. Fr8App, which focuses on making shipping more transparent and efficient, gives carriers more opportunities for growth and shippers more flexibility, visibility, and simplicity in the complicated process of international over-the-road (OTR) shipping.

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VINFAST | November 24, 2022

Under the partnership, INFORM will provide advanced vehicle logistics management software solutions to VinFast, including Transport Management Software (TMS) and a vehicle Yard Management System (YMS). These software solutions will deliver end-to-end transparency along with optimized processes from ordering the vehicle to its delivery to customers, making the delivery process faster, more efficient and sustainable. VinFast can monitor its EV logistics, optimizing processes from vehicle ordering andvehicle delivery, to vehicle recalls. Major ports in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Vietnam will benefit from INFORM's solutions through optimized yard management, workshop scheduling activities, workforce management, and logistics service provider routing activities. In the first phase of this partnership, INFORM's software will be implemented in the United States, Canada, and Vietnam, with Europe following closely behind, effectively supporting the transportation of VinFast electric vehicles to customers. The entire INFORM solution is projected to be in place across VinFast's entire ecosystem within 18-24 months. "VinFast is currently in the process of mass production and delivery to global customers. INFORM's expertise is the key to VinFast's logistics, offering end-to-end solutions from when the vehicles are exported from Vietnam to when they are delivered to the customers. INFORM's technologies will help VinFast achieve faster, more efficient, and sustainable vehicle deliveries." -Mdm. Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup and Chairwoman of VinFast According to INFORM Software Corporation's Chief Operating Officer Justin Newell: INFORM is extremely pleased to announce our strategic partnership with VinFast as they are a new premier EV manufacturer that is striving for a more sustainable future, which aligns with both INFORM's corporate and sustainability goals. INFORM's ability to deliver solutions across the entire vehicle supply chain from the factory out gate to customer handover is a key deliverable for our VinFast project. INFORM's software solutions can also easily integrate with VinFast's other enterprise management software such as SAP – Enterprise Resource Planning solution, and Salesforce CRM – customer relation management program. These technologies will fully support VinFast's high standards for customer service, sustainability, and supply chain resilience. INFORM develops software for optimizing business processes using Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. While standard data management software only provides information, INFORM systems can analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, calculate numerous decision variants, and suggest the best possible solution. Currently, INFORM has been working with over 1,000 customers worldwide, including manufacturing, commerce, airport, port, logistics, banking, telecommunications, and insurance businesses. About VinFast VinFast - a member of Vingroup – envisioned to drive the movement of global smart electric vehicle revolution. Established in 2017, VinFast owns a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with globally leading scalability that boasts up to 90% automation in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Strongly committed to the mission for a sustainable future for everyone, VinFast constantly innovates to bring high-quality products, advanced smart services, seamless customer experiences, and pricing strategy for all to inspire global customers to jointly create a future of smart mobility and a sustainable planet. Learn more at: About Vingroup Established in 1993, Vingroup is one of the leading private conglomerates in the region, with a total capitalization of $35 billion USD from three publicly traded companies (as of November 4, 2021). Vingroup currently focuses on three main areas: Technology and Industry, Services and Social Enterprise. Find out more at: About INFORM GmbH/INFORM Software Corporation INFORM develops software for the optimization of business processes using Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. The company supplements classic IT systems and increases the profitability and resilience of many companies. While data management software only provides information, INFORM systems can analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, calculate numerous decision variants and suggest the best possible solution to the user for implementation. Today, more than 950 software engineers, data analysts and consultants support more than 1,000 customers worldwide in manufacturing, trade, airports, ports, logistics, banks, telecommunication, and insurance companies. Processes including sales planning, production planning, personnel deployment, logistics and transport, inventories, supply chain management as well as fraud prevention in insurance, telecommunication, and payment transactions are optimized.

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Overhaul Selected as Launch Partner for Microsoft's Supply Chain Center to Accelerate Supply Chain Transformation

Overhaul | November 15, 2022

Overhaul, a software-based, supply-chain visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance solution for the world's leading brands, is one of the launch partners on a significant initiative for Microsoft, joining its newly announced Microsoft Supply Chain Center and Microsoft Supply Chain Platform to advance visibility, predictability and resilience for global, multimodal supply chains. Shippers and manufacturers continue to search for solutions to lingering supply chain constraints. According to Forrester, 72% of companies are looking to leverage emerging technologies to develop strategies that enhance their supply chain and workforce. As a native experience within Microsoft Supply Chain Center, customers benefit from Overhaul's data to inform of real time supply chain risk scenarios and allow customers to better test those scenarios rapidly. "Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and customers are demanding more actionable insights to help them understand and act on what is happening in real-time, They don't want long deployments or heavy integrations, they need solutions that return on investment in the short term with long term growth to adapt to the evolving needs of their business. Collaboration and interoperability are vital pieces of the supply chain, by delivering our solution with Microsoft, we will take supply chains from being able to sense and respond, to being capable of anticipating and acting, helping shippers deliver truly innovative supply chains in far less time and with greater precision." -Barry Conlon, CEO and Founder of Overhaul. In-transit shipments are the black hole of the supply chain," said David Warrick, Executive Vice President of Enterprise at Overhaul. "Without visibility, companies are left unaware of what happens to a shipment or product once it leaves a dock. Overhaul's in-transit visibility, risk, and compliance data empowers a deeper level of real-time risk scenarios with new, contextual data down to the product level." The Microsoft Supply Chain Center will enable customers to deploy the Overhaul solution, leveraging the Azure platform in a simple flow with straight forward authentication and all the capabilities that Microsoft brings to the customer. Microsoft PowerApps allows Overhaul to provide top tier analytics on customers' data, and as the Microsoft Supply Chain Center continues to evolve, the opportunity to work closely with other solution providers to enable Supply Chain as a Service becomes a real possibility. "With native integration of Overhaul's solution into Microsoft Supply Chain Center, customers can more quickly gain visibility into their transportation services, ultimately enabling greater agility amidst today's environment of frequent disruption," -Ray Smith, VP, Supply Chain, Microsoft Business Applications and Platform. The Microsoft Supply Chain Center is now available in public preview. Learn more about Overhaul's work with Microsoft. About Overhaul: Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Overhaul is the only data-agnostic supply chain visibility and security solution. Overhaul transforms real-time visibility into risk management, compliance, and insurance solutions for its partners. Its software-based approach offers high configurability and efficient time-to-value to supply-chain organizations without heavy tech. Additionally, Overhaul's experienced team members hold thousands of years of logistics experience, partnering with each client to create a comprehensive solution for their entire supply chain. As such, Overhaul has quickly grown to be a trusted provider for Fortune 100 companies moving freight globally across industries, such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, technology, logistics, and food and beverage. Customers include Microsoft, Bristol Myers Squibb and many others. For more information, visit, and follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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