Inspectorio Announces New Tracking Platform to Prevent Supply Chain Delays and Improve On-Time Delivery Performance

Inspectorio | January 15, 2022

Inspectorio™, the leading cloud-based AI-powered SaaS solution that helps brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers manage risk through digitalized quality and compliance programs, debuts Inspectorio Tracking™.

Inspectorio is the first company to offer a holistic platform to incorporate quality, compliance, and production tracking while leveraging machine learning to take a proactive versus reactive approach. Inspectorio Tracking is a complete and easy-to-use solution for empowering companies with real-time data from the production floor. Current Inspectorio clients include major brands and retailers, such as Target USA, Kohls, Crocs, and more.

Prior to the onset of the COVID era, few consumers understood the complexities and issues surrounding the supply chain. Product shortages caused by supply chain fractures brought to light an outdated system with many areas still in need of a digital transformation. Inspectorio™ seeks to solve these issues with its new Tracking platform. Tracking is a collaborative, production monitoring platform that helps retailers, brands and suppliers keep their production on track to prevent delays and ensure on-time delivery.

The platform provides objective and reliable data to all supply chain partners. A major differentiator is the option to access detailed activity logs and exception management reporting for each purchase order to identify areas of risk or delays timely. In addition, it minimizes overhead costs by centralizing all activities and communications related to production tracking onto a digital platform.

The past year and a half has exposed multiple issues within the supply chain caused by outdated processes, procedures and technologies, Communication failures became commonplace and even the norm. Now is the time to focus on solving these issues with technology that provides better insights into tracking data at all stages of production. With Inspectorio Tracking, we will lead the advancement of software for the supply chain and empower businesses from multiple industries to optimize their quality, sustainability, and compliance operations."

Carlos Moncayo, CEO of Inspectorio.

Inspectorio helps digitize quality compliance and remove data silos by bringing all activities and data into one platform. Inspectorio's solutions allow real-time data and reporting across all these activities, enabling organizations to have a predictive rather than reactive approach to quality, compliance, and production monitoring.

About Inspectorio
Inspectorio's cloud-based SaaS solution helps brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers manage risk through digitalized quality and compliance programs. Inspectorio aims to build an interconnected, sustainable, and transparent supply chain. Today, Inspectorio has over 15,000+ people across the globe using its software, including some of the largest brands and retailers in the world. Inspectorio was created by Carlos Moncayo, David Klein, Fernando Moncayo, and Luis Moncayo to reinvent a dated inspection process. After experiencing the challenges and pitfalls of these traditional methods firsthand, having founded ASIAM Business Group in 2003, our founders set out to bring revolutionary technology and transparency to the retail supply chain.

Inspectorio gives brands, retailers, and suppliers the tools to predict areas of high risk and automate risk-based interventions across the supply chain. Inspectorio has over 200 employees, spread across Minneapolis, Ecuador, China, Vietnam, and Belarus. Originally based in Hong Kong, the company moved its headquarters to Minneapolis after participating in the Target Techstars accelerator program.


DHL Supply Chain is focused on bringing in the right technology to fit with our customers’ needs and to work with our colleagues. In this news-style programme, produced by ITN Business, ‘The Future of Retail’ explores how we implement new technology to improve our supply chain solution. Watch the video to see how Chucks work collaboratively with our colleagues and the benefits of implementation.


DHL Supply Chain is focused on bringing in the right technology to fit with our customers’ needs and to work with our colleagues. In this news-style programme, produced by ITN Business, ‘The Future of Retail’ explores how we implement new technology to improve our supply chain solution. Watch the video to see how Chucks work collaboratively with our colleagues and the benefits of implementation.

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BALYO’s Fleet of Driverless Forklifts for Danone Group’s Autonomous Factory

BALYO | January 18, 2023

BALYO, a technology leader in designing advanced robotic solutions for industrial forklifts, yesterday announced its selection to equip a Danone group plant in northern France. BALYO will deploy a fleet of ten "REACHY" robots on this site through the course of 2023. Danone is one of the world's largest food companies, with over 190 production sites and distribution in nearly 120 countries. BALYO will automate shipping and storage of pallets operations to optimize operating costs and storage space for one of Danone’s crucial manufacturing sites. Aside from automating operations, BALYO robots also improve safety and reduce the damage resulting from manual handling of goods. The company's innovations enable standard industrial forklifts to operate autonomously using SLAM navigation, LiDAR, and various other sensors. REACHY robots are designed for use in elevated tight spaces, such as minimal pallet spacing in racks and narrow aisles, and meet Danone's high standards for accuracy, performance, and safety. Furthermore, the robots do not require any infrastructure changes to the current facility space, making their deployment simple for Danone. "We are very proud to have been selected at the end of 2022 by such a prestigious group as Danone. Their performance standards were rigorous, and we are thrilled that our robots met and exceeded those expectations. Proof of the ease of use of our solutions, the pilot robot was operational the very afternoon following its delivery to the site. The deployment of a fleet of 10 robots within this site is planned over H2 2023. This new deployment is an example of the many advances made by BALYO in recent years, both in terms of performance and ease of use of our robots. The robotization of logistics flows remains at the heart of the challenges facing manufacturers and BALYO is perfectly positioned to meet this growing demand," said Pascal Rialland, CEO of BALYO. (Source – Business Wire) About BALYO Headquartered in Arcueil, Île-de-France, BALYO is transforming standard forklifts into intelligent robots with its innovative ‘Driven by BalyoTM technology. The company's sophisticated geo-guidance navigation system allows robots to pinpoint their location, navigate autonomously inside buildings, without any new infrastructure. In addition, the firm developed a full range of globally available robots for all traditional warehousing applications, including pallet, tractor, reach, stackers, and VNA robots.

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PARCLL Offers International and Domestic E-commerce Delivery Services With ProShip

ProShip, Inc. | January 09, 2023

Leading automated multi-carrier shipping software, ProShip, is now integrated with PARCLL, a global provider of logistics services for e-commerce. ProShip’s clients will now be able to instantly access PARCLL's top-notch delivery services. PARCLL brings efficiency and dependability to U.S. domestic small package delivery market. The end-to-end cross-border parcel shipping services and competitive fully monitored DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) services, PARCLL also links ProShip users to the global market. "ProShip is a premier multi-carrier shipping platform used by enterprise-level shippers, we are seeing a growing demand for PARCLL services from ProShip's user base. Our ambition is to partner with outstanding shipping technology providers, so we are excited to see this integration completed, making high-quality shipping solutions available for PARCLL and ProShip customers." -Vincent D'Amato, Head of Sales at PARCLL. (Source: CISION PRNewswire) About ProShip ProShip provides automated multi-carrier shipping software for packages, thereby making challenging parcel shipping problems simple and affordable. ProShip offers sophisticated features and operations, such as upholding compliance, carrying out multi-carrier rate shopping with unified business logic, and empowering omnichannel fulfillment, with easy carrier connectivity and great flexibility. ProShip's multi-carrier shipping solution simplifies the supply chain process. It transforms your parcel shipping business into a productive powerhouse since it interfaces with many components of your enterprise software stack (ESS).

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Convoy, J.B. Hunt, and Uber Freight Join Forces to Tackle Lack of API Standards Across Freight Shipments

Convoy, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., and Uber Freight | December 07, 2022

Convoy, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., and Uber Freight announced the formation of the Scheduling Standards Consortium (SSC) which aims to solve transportation scheduling challenges by establishing the freight industry's first formal set of appointment scheduling application programming interface (API) standards. Complex, pervasive, industry-wide challenges such as this require collaborative, industry-wide solutions; the makeup of the SSC's founding members underscores the need to standardize how information is exchanged around scheduling shipments.Today, scheduling system and interface fragmentation is a point of friction amongst carriers, brokers, and shippers. As the industry turns increasingly to an integrated network of providers and solutions to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of each shipment, it has become increasingly important to define and share a consistent data architecture and API standard for the distribution of scheduling information. The SSC's objectives are to define an API standard for sharing scheduling information, implement those standardized interfaces to enable integrations in existing systems, and advocate for the standard across the industry. The standard will bring more cohesion and resiliency to the movement of goods, making it easier to book and manage appointments, optimize processes for drivers, shippers and receivers, and drive operational efficiencies for the industry at large. Adoption is critical for the effort to succeed. The SSC aims to sign on other brokers or third-party logistics service providers, transportation management system and warehouse management system vendors, and others to help shape the future of supply chain efficiency. Initial SSC standards and documentation, starting with full truckload freight, will be available as early as Q1 2023. On the formation of the SSC, executives for the founding members said: One of the most complicated and consequential things about being efficient in freight is setting up pickup and drop-off appointments. Every year the industry sets approximately 1.5 billion appointments, and scheduling inefficiencies slow everything down and create a lot of waste. Freight runs 24/7, and, for most situations, every hour counts," says Dan Lewis, Convoy's CEO and co-founder. "Scheduling is a tech problem at the end of the day. When all the trucks are plugged into a digital network, the industry can better orchestrate freight needs with data-informed systems. A Standard API-based approach allows companies to access the latest data and make smart decisions to increase efficiency, reduce empty miles and waste, lower costs, and improve service outcomes. This is the future of freight. "Technology has ushered in a new era for transportation – new players, new apps, new platforms, new services. Yet, our industry remains extremely fragmented, We want to change that, starting today with the three of us and hopefully many more providers in the coming months. We want to create an open exchange of data so that the numerous TMS and digital freight platforms can communicate at a level where we can help one another when needed. The voice of our customers is clear - collaboration will drive progress. Our challenge is to make the systems they use daily work together to generate greater value and efficiency for their supply chains." -Spencer Frazier, executive vice president of sales and marketing at J.B. Hunt. Logistics is rapidly evolving to be more real-time and intelligent at every point of execution. The implementation of APIs to simplify the execution of manual tasks like scheduling is revolutionizing how shippers and carriers plan, manage, and execute shipments," said Bill Driegert, co-founder and head of operations at Uber Freight. "We are at a critical inflection point of adoption, and if we don't align on standards, we will create more work for everyone in the coming years. Everyone wins if we can align on common ways of interfacing. In doing so, we minimize operation friction and fragmentation and unlock a more fluid and optimized market for shippers and carriers to move goods. About Convoy Convoy is the nation's leading digital freight network. We move thousands of truckloads around the country each day through our optimized, connected network of carriers, saving money for shippers, increasing earnings for drivers, and eliminating carbon waste for our planet. We use technology and data to solve problems of waste and inefficiency in the $800B trucking industry, which generates over 87 million metric tons of wasted CO2 emissions from empty trucks. Fortune 500 shippers like Anheuser-Busch, P&G, Niagara, and Unilever trust Convoy to lower costs, increase logistics efficiency, and achieve environmental sustainability targets. For more, visit: About J.B. Hunt J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, provides innovative supply chain solutions for a variety of customers throughout North America. Utilizing an integrated, multimodal approach, the company applies technology-driven methods to create the best solution for each customer, adding efficiency, flexibility, and value to their operations. J.B. Hunt services include intermodal, dedicated, refrigerated, truckload, less-than-truckload, flatbed, single source, last mile, and more. J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. stock trades on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol JBHT and is a component of the Dow Jones Transportation Average. J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of JBHT. For more information, visit About Uber Freight Uber Freight is a logistics platform and partner that is reshaping global logistics for shippers and carriers of all sizes. Backed by a suite of logistics solutions and services grounded in innovative marketplace technology, Uber Freight transforms entrenched practices around pricing and booking freight and brings reliability, flexibility and transparency to the movement of goods. With over $17 billion FUM, Uber Freight has built one of the world's most comprehensive logistics networks consisting of over 130,000 digitally-enabled carriers and thousands of shippers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, including AB Inbev, Nestle, LG, Land O'Lakes and many more. For more, visit

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