ExFreight Launches Pioneering Digital Air Freight Service

ExFreight | March 03, 2022

ExFreight continues to lead the transportation industry with innovative online technology for shippers and transportation providers. ExFreight's newly launched instant, dynamic air freight rating and carrier booking functionality is a game-changing advancement within the sphere of air freight shipping. This latest release expands the existing digital functionality of ExFreight's instant rating, booking, and map-based tracking platform for trucking, ocean freight, and air freight services.

Shippers can now obtain an instant air freight shipping quote rate across multiple carriers with real-time visibility of flight details and available capacity. Options can be sorted by price, transit time, and reliability. Bookings and space can be secured immediately via a direct connection with the respective carrier's air cargo management system along with receipt of space confirmation.

This new functionality is the next step in the ongoing evolution of ExFreight's best of breed digital freight system. By applying advanced technology to time sensitive air freight shipping, customers are able to realize supply-chain efficiencies while avoiding antiquated methodologies of traditional freight forwarders. The days of sending email back and forth with a freight forwarder for a singular air freight rate and attempted booking are now over.

No other transportation provider within the industry is able to provide instant door to door international air freight rates with multiple carrier and routing options coupled with space confirmations. This is augmented with up-front carrier reliability ratings, carbon emission estimates and the optional addition of cargo insurance.

Lastly, shippers are able to login to a central dashboard to access active shipment, carbon footprint, billing, and quote history reporting. On an individual shipment basis, highly detailed information is provided that shows every step of the shipment plan and process throughout the cargo journey.

Our existing system functionality has been enhanced once again to provide shippers with a valuable tool to facilitate their supply-chain needs. Utilization of our online system continues to provide a distinct competitive advantage to our customers and partners."

CEO Charles Marrale


​​Chicago-based United Airlines is running behind schedule in its effort to retrofit the cabins of its older Boeing and Airbus aircraft. In late-April, a top executive for the carrier indicated that the cabin overhauls have been challenging due to ongoing supply chain troubles. Let’s look at the airline’s situation in today’s video!


​​Chicago-based United Airlines is running behind schedule in its effort to retrofit the cabins of its older Boeing and Airbus aircraft. In late-April, a top executive for the carrier indicated that the cabin overhauls have been challenging due to ongoing supply chain troubles. Let’s look at the airline’s situation in today’s video!

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Pole Star brings next generation maritime & supply chain analytics to North America

Pole Star | March 21, 2023

Pole Star has led the charge in providing 'decision integrity' with its maritime solutions to its customers across the world. In light of its continued expansion across North America, Pole Star, the leader in maritime intelligence is coming to CMA Shipping in Connecticut to showcase a preview of their next generation 'data analytics suite'. Following the recent appointment of New York-based CEO, Robert Skea, and the new Advisor to the Board, Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis, Pole Star continues to invest in the North American market and accelerate its growth in the region. CMA Shipping will bring together leading industry experts and innovators from across the maritime industry, with demonstrations of actionable insights, alongside technologies and solutions to the industry's daily challenges. At the event the Pole Star team will offer a sneak peek at what is to come within their data analytics suite and how the company is providing access to fully customizable and highly visual data insights. Pole Star's portfolio of intelligence solutions delivers unparalleled decision integrity for critical maritime trade operations that span across shipping, defense, governments, and trade finance. Pole Star is pleased to be exhibiting at stand 141 with attendance from North America based, Chief Product Officer, Henry Bonner, and regional Senior Account Executive, Frank Lattanzi. About Pole Star Pole Star is the global leader in maritime intelligence and technology. Pole Star has been developing solutions to protect our customers' vessels, people, reputation, and financial investments since 1998. It has pushed the limits of innovation, working with governments and businesses across the supply chain to mitigate the growing threats to ships, supply chains, cargo, territorial waters, and lives within the maritime infrastructure and beyond. Pole Star's wide range of solutions are designed specifically to enable time-critical decisions and mitigate risk across all facets of maritime activity - from cross-border trade, to sustainability risk, to the monitoring of territorial waters, and everything in-between.

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CEVA Selects Overhaul as Partner to Bolster North American Supply Chain Security

prnewswire | March 27, 2023

Overhaul, a software-based supply-chain visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance solution for the world's leading brands, has been selected by CEVA Logistics, a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, as its partner in improving and optimizing real-time cargo visibility and security for high-value goods. As cargo volumes increase and the capacity crunch continues to strain the global supply chain it causes freight to sit, making it vulnerable to theft. To help protect this freight, Overhaul's end-to-end solution will provide CEVA proactive, real-time risk alerts on every shipment. If the shipments move off course, the platform has the ability to lock down cargo for an added layer of security. An early lock down exit initiates an instant escalation to Overhaul's proprietary LE Connect network for recovery. "The Global supply chain is continuously being tested, resulting in roadblocks and delays along each step of the journey," said Jim McDonald, VP of Security, North America, at CEVA Logistics. "Risk management is more critical now than ever. The real-time transparency and insight Overhaul provides is critical to further strengthening the integrity of our supply chain operations." In the event an in-transit theft was to occur, Overhaul's Intelligence and Response team will help aid in the recovery of lost cargo. The Intelligence and Response team leverages LE Connect to send pertinent shipment details, location tracking, and more via a secure link to law enforcement, facilitating the successful retrieval of stolen goods. "While cargo theft has always been a problem, it has intensified at an alarming rate within certain commodities on the heels of the pandemic as thieves capitalize on supply shortages and target high-value goods and other hot commodities," said Barry Conlon, CEO of Overhaul. "The monetary losses from theft, along with the danger to drivers and the impact on a 3PL provider's reputation if goods don't make it to the end destination, make strengthening supply chain vulnerabilities critical. As thieves grow increasingly sophisticated, 3PLs must employ a multi-layered approach to secure their cargo and ensure product integrity. This includes leveraging the latest technology to prevent and mitigate losses and we are proud to report that in such a short timeframe, our work with CEVA has already netted positive outcomes for their global customers." About Overhaul Founded in 2016 and with offices around the world, Overhaul is the only device-agnostic supply chain visibility and risk management software company. As the global leader in in-transit supply chain risk management, Overhaul transforms real-time visibility into risk management, compliance, and insurance solutions for its partners. Its software-based approach offers high configurability and efficient time-to-value to supply-chain organizations without heavy tech. Overhaul is a trusted provider for Fortune 100 companies moving freight globally across industries, such as pharmaceutical and healthca

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nuVizz Launches RoboDispatch™ Solution to empower Logistics Service Providers with cutting edge AI

Globenewswire | May 10, 2023

nuVizz, a leading network-based last mile delivery, transportation management and customer experience SaaS platform, today introduced nuVizz RoboDispatch™ Solution, helping Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) automatically dispatch their delivery assets to match their delivery demand in real time. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), RoboDispatch™ Solution builds on nuVizz’s existing real-time transportation visibility technology to create an intelligent delivery ecosystem that helps LSPs deliver efficient delivery service. Currently, nuVizz’s RoboDispatch™ Solution is being piloted in parts distribution for a major auto manufacturer. In this pilot program, RoboDispatch™ is automating the dispatch process for movement of full and empty trailers from parts supplier locations to manufacturing plants. “One of the roles not heavily discussed in the delivery ecosystem is the critical role of the dispatcher, which involves a lot of manual steps to make the right decisions,” said Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz. “Our network based platform, coupled with AI & ML based RoboDispatch™ capabilities, enables LSPs to combine real time visibility and optimization capabilities to automate the entire dispatch process in some use cases. The reduction of manual input creates once hidden efficiencies to meet increased customer demands.” nuVizz RoboDispatch™ Solution capabilities include Live tracking of available fleet and contract drivers Customer portal for LSP’s customers to enter orders in real time Auto assignment of customer orders to the most suitable contract or fleet driver to pick up and deliver the order on time Customer email and text alert with assigned driver details and ETA Configurable customer email and text notifications through the delivery lifecycle “We operate in a just-in-time environment in an effort to minimize availability delays between our suppliers and our manufacturing plants,” said a customer representative. “With the amount of volume flowing through our system, it is imperative to use the most up-to-date driver location data in order to make move assignments on parts trailers to improve speed and efficiency. With nuVizz’s RoboDispatch™ Solution we get the best of intuitive knowledge and real time decision making to optimize our delivery operations.” About nuVizz nuVizz lights the way to better delivery and transportation logistics. From the first mile to the last mile—and everything in between—we’re trailblazers in supply chain optimization and digitization. Infinitely flexible, the nuVizz SaaS platform drives visibility, control, cost savings, and a better customer experience across the fulfillment lifecycle. Our single-minded mission: simple, sustainable transportation solutions for every business on the planet. Go further, grow faster.

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