Evans Transportation Teams Up With Renaissant

Evans Transportation | March 30, 2022

Officials for Evans Transportation Services Inc. (Evans) announced  a new partnership with Milwaukee-based Renaissant Inc. As a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for North American shippers, Evans' end-to-end transportation management systems now include Renaissant's proprietary platform, a technology designed to support and drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain. While providing value-added services and additional efficiencies for Evans' customers, officials for Renaissant say they expect the partnership to grow and add strength to their offerings and customer base.

By focusing on ground-level activities across yard management, driver management, warehousing, and transportation operations, Renaissant's platform provides managers real-time, 360-degree data, while allowing warehouse staff and delivery drivers to communicate via mobile-friendly, multi-lingual formats. The system integrates with leading ERP platforms, including Oracle, SAP and Epicor, or custom in-house solutions, providing IT professionals flexibility, easy configuration, and real-time visibility into integrations and logs.

With Renaissant's platform, officials say Evans' customers will enjoy faster and safer turn times, reduced dwell times and detention charges, along with real-time visibility, tracking and accounting of yard assets.

"Dwell time is a big component in our world. The more you create, the less you become a shipper of choice, In our quest to make our customers as efficient and reliable as possible, we've shopped every possible system for yard and driver management over the years, even making several attempts to build our own. When we discovered Renaissant, we knew this was something we had to be part of and make part of the Evans platform to further execute on the Evans Experience."

-Ryan Keepman, CEO of Evans.

While most manufacturers and distribution centers continue to rely on manual and paper-driven driver check-in processes, Renaissant digitizes driver and yard management to make it seamless, while also adding an additional layer of security. As a result, transport drivers are automatically routed directly to the point of pickup or drop-off.

"Evans is the market leader in third-party custom logistics. By making Renaissant part of the info provided through the Evans Integration Hub, we're making the best even better, As a result, operations that typically take as much as an hour and a half, or more, can be reduced to just 15 minutes."

-Tom Dean, president and CEO of Renaissant.

About Evans Transportation Services Inc.
Evans Transportation Services Inc. is a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for North American shippers. Equipped with exclusive carrier contracts, true transparency, and time- and cost-saving optimizations, the company's end-to-end transportation management systems are backed by a dedicated team with decades of experience.

About Renaissant
With decades of experience in global commodities, industrials, workforce management and data science industries, Renaissant provides digital tools for driving efficiencies throughout the supply chain. The Milwaukee-based company's proprietary platform is revolutionizing driver and yard management and operations.


VRL Logistics Ltd, incorporated in 1976, provides  goods and passenger transportation services. The company has a pan¬India network of 1,000 plus branches and 3,500 plus fleet, which includes owned fleet of 375 buses. It also has a 42.5 MW wind power plant in Kappatgudda, Karnataka, which supplies electricity to Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd. It is registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for trading in carbon credits.  It is into the air-charter business as well. The company's passenger transportation business is focused on metropolitan and tier¬II cities in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. 


VRL Logistics Ltd, incorporated in 1976, provides  goods and passenger transportation services. The company has a pan¬India network of 1,000 plus branches and 3,500 plus fleet, which includes owned fleet of 375 buses. It also has a 42.5 MW wind power plant in Kappatgudda, Karnataka, which supplies electricity to Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd. It is registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for trading in carbon credits.  It is into the air-charter business as well. The company's passenger transportation business is focused on metropolitan and tier¬II cities in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. 

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ParcelPal Announces Agreement with a Major Logistics Carrier in the United States

ParcelPal | December 06, 2021

ParcelPal Logistics Inc. (the “Company” or “ParcelPal”), (OTC:PTNYF) (CSE:PKG) (FSE:PT0) is pleased to announce that, as part of the Company’s broader plan to continue to diversify its customer base and execute on additional profitable business engagements, it has engaged a leading e-commerce parcel logistics company operating primarily in the western United States, for which we will act as a subcontractor. Their network provides companies an affordable way to speed up ground delivery so they can lower their shipping costs and delight their customers with world-class service. Their service area includes California and the major metropolitan areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho—an area that is home to over 65 million consumers. This new client is a leading West Coast business in last-mile delivery, and ParcelPal will be doing same day and next day daily work for them on a subcontractor basis, similar to the one in place already with their largest current client. ParcelPal continues to focus on being the partner of choice for last-mile e-commerce deliveries in the western United States. “We are thrilled to be working with another major client that shares our culture of world-class service, and which marks the future in e-commerce last-mile delivery on a larger scale. This is also a testament to the extraordinary efforts of our team members to build a leading parcel carrier and logistics business. This is the next chapter in our steadfast commitment to our rapid expansion in the United States and marks our largest organic client in the United States to date. We expect this agreement to generate USD $1M plus a year in gross revenue over the course of 12 months on a profitable basis. I will continue to work hard to not only diversify and expand our client base but to create additional value for our shareholders.” -CEO Rich Wheeless About ParcelPal Logistics Inc. ParcelPal is a Vancouver, British Columbia based company that specializes in last-mile delivery service and logistics solutions. We are a customer-driven, courier and logistics company connecting people and businesses through our network of couriers in major Canadian cities including Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, and now in the western region of the United States. Some of our verticals include pharmacy & health, meal kit deliveries, retail, groceries and more. Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”), the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any other securities regulatory authority has reviewed and do not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release that has been prepared by management.

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FourKites Launches New Tools and Powerful Enhancements to Increase the Adoption of Supply Chain Visibility and Accelerate Time to Value

FourKites | September 01, 2021

FourKites®, the world’s leading real-time supply chain visibility platform, has released powerful new capabilities designed to help shippers, carriers and forwarders more quickly and easily collaborate to increase end customer satisfaction, reduce supply chain costs and increase on-time delivery performance. With ever-increasing demand, supply chain visibility has become table stakes for modern supply chains, and seamless connection and communication between carriers and shippers has never been more important. FourKites’ combination of swift carrier connections, powerful collaboration tools and the industry’s highest-quality real-time logistics data provides shippers and their forwarder/carrier partners with robust assurances of rapid, frictionless implementation and faster time to value. Instant Messenger, now with extended capabilities that allow shippers to chat directly with forwarders and carriers, gives supply chain partners the ability to view and share important information and resolve issues together, in real time. Without leaving the FourKites platform, track-and-trace and dispatch workers, drivers and warehouse personnel can view the critical information that affects shipments and deliveries — all in one single interface. Users can share documents, photographs and notes for any given load, as well as form online workgroups and control access as needed. CarrierLink®, the industry’s most downloaded visibility app for drivers, now includes improved turn-by-turn navigation for better route optimisation; mobile check-in; and new capabilities for updating appointment times, adding notes to loads and uploading paperwork. It also features enhanced capabilities for viewing fuel stops, weigh stations, location ratings and amenities along routes. "We have hundreds of carriers within our network, from the courier side to the truckload side. When it comes to onboarding, FourKites has been fantastic,” said Josh Dolan, VP of Global Logistics, Cardinal Health. “They've done a phenomenal job working with carriers through the process and helping us fill the gap with new technologies that simplify and speed up onboarding, and enhance communication between Cardinal Health and our partners." The German multinational Bayer saves time while increasing customer satisfaction thanks to FourKites’ supply chain visibility platform. The impact has already been so strong that the company has made visibility an essential part of its long term strategy. “Every day, our carriers automatically share location data with our FourKites platform on hundreds of loads throughout Europe,” says Edmund Jager, Head of Distribution EMEA at Bayer. “We are able to track our products minute by minute and, in real time, pass on detailed arrival times to our customers. This means the distributors we supply always know their stock situation and end customers can depend on us to get them the seeds and crop protection they need, when they need them. We look forward to onboarding more carriers and so strengthen our customer-centric approach.” In addition, FourKites recently announced its industry-first Tracking Quality Guarantee, which establishes the highest standards in supply chain data, guaranteeing real-time visibility and predictive intelligence into a minimum of 90% of customers’ shipments — end-to-end and across every mode and geography. This differentiated approach gives supply chain partners the collaborative opportunities and network effects they need to improve customer satisfaction and optimise their supply chain performance. “As the first mover and leading innovator in real-time visibility and supply chain management solutions, FourKites is committed to helping shippers, forwarders and carriers achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility faster, and with assurances of the highest-quality tracking in the industry,” said FourKites founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal. “We are excited to make these powerful new capabilities available to the community to enable greater collaboration and communication, and ultimately, value.” About FourKites FourKites® is the #1 supply chain visibility platform in the world, extending visibility beyond transportation into yards, warehouses, stores and beyond. Tracking more than 2 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean, air, parcel and courier, and reaching 176 countries, FourKites combines real-time data and powerful machine learning to help companies digitise their end-to-end supply chains. More than 600 of the world’s most recognised brands — including 9 of the top-10 CPG and 18 of the top-20 food and beverage companies — trust FourKites to transform their business and create more agile, efficient and sustainable supply chains.

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With the Acquisition of Synfioo, Project44 Expanded European Rail and Barge Freight Visibility

Project44 | April 11, 2022

Project44, the market leader in supply chain visibility, announced the acquisition of Synfioo, a Potsdam-based provider of Europe's most complete visibility and ETA platform for rail freight data. Additionally, project44 increased its barge exposure for interior waterway segments throughout the continent due to this transaction. Synfioo's visibility and ETA capabilities complement project44's multi-modal visibility platform, which premier shippers, logistics service providers, and carriers utilize. With Synfioo, project44 will be able to give consumers unmatched end-to-end data, enabling quicker on-time deliveries and more precise ETAs and low-carbon rail and barge transportation across Europe. Visibility of market-leading rail freight "Europe's rail infrastructure was developed nearly 200 years ago and was not built for today's cross-border trade, Our platform brings together a proprietary infrastructure network and freight forwarder information to offer Europe the most comprehensive rail freight data. As project44, we will continue to drive data harmonization between the various rail networks and provide unrivaled visibility to our customers." -Marian Pufahl, former CEO & co-Founder of Synfioo Through the acquisition, project44's European rail network now provides the following capabilities: Complete visibility of all freight rail movements across Europe Train tracking provided by the Internet of Things in conjunction with proprietary data, as well as direct connectivity with all of Europe's rail infrastructure networks for granular visibility Over 99 percent of European rail traffic is visible, including wagon-level tracking for 90 percent of rail cars, ensuring visibility for every client cargo. Intermodal end-to-end rail data paired with machine learning algorithms provide the most exact ETAs and customer delivery timeframes for train journeys. Improved barge visibility Additionally, as part of this purchase, project44 expanded its barge vision capabilities to deliver detailed, precise visibility of critical inland canal segments across Europe. Customers may now use advanced data science approaches with real-time satellite monitoring to ensure inland waterways' most clear visibility. The key features are: Intelligent asset matching system that expands visibility coverage by tracking individual barges in real-time without needing conventional identifying information Dynamic routing models with precise arrival times, as well as multimodal end-to-end operations, including barge segments Advanced water depth modeling and inland waterway data sources that allow carriers to determine load capacity, maximize on-time deliveries and reduce delays for shippers and LSPs "By acquiring Synfioo, we've not only expanded the breadth and depth of our visibility platform, but also added European tech talent and expertise to our rapidly growing international team, which is now well over 400 exceptional team members, Shippers, LSPs and carriers aren't alone in navigating the complex European market, with project44's platform making it easier than ever to improve ETAs, reduce costs, maximize on-time deliveries and mitigate bottlenecks. Most importantly, this level of visibility will help more companies to harness sustainable, low-carbon rail and barge shipping, which will play a vital role in helping Europe meet its net-zero ambitions." -Renaud-Houri, EVP International at project44.

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