Descartes' Route Optimization Solution Enhances Topps Tiles' Fleet Delivery

Descartes' Route Optimization

On January 23, 2023, Descartes Systems Group, which provides solutions for logistics-intensive businesses, announced that Topps Tiles, a UK-based tile retailer, is using Descartes' cloud-based route optimization and planning solution to boost fleet delivery capabilities. Topps Tiles is reducing the average kilometers driven per delivery route by 2% through its collaboration with Descartes. The solution also helps Topps Tiles identify the potential impact of delivery strategy changes.

Descartes' route planning and optimization solution is an aspect of its Routing, Mobile, and Telematics suite. It assists in lowering costs with more efficient and agile routing, enhancing fleet resource management by generating increased delivery capacity, and growing sustainability by reducing their CO2 footprint and paper use across the route network.

Companies can use strategic route modeling to understand and refine their customer service and delivery strategies before implementing them. Descartes' mobile application aids drivers in completing their daily routes, keeps managers informed of progress, and provides an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) to alert customers of their deliveries. In addition, real-time mobile communication allows proof of delivery (POD) functionality support that facilitates excellent customer service and order accuracy.

Pól Sweeney, VP of Fleet Sales in Europe at Descartes, said, "Topps Tiles' long-term success is based upon its ability to continually provide customers with a superior shopping experience while offering cost competitive pricing." He added, "We're delighted to help Topps Tiles minimize its operational costs today through our route planning and optimisation solution and in the future with our strategic route modelling capabilities."

(Source – GlobeNewswire)

About Descartes Systems Group

Based in Waterloo (Ontario), Descartes offers software-as-a-service solutions that improve the productivity, security, and performance of logistics-intensive businesses. Customers work with one of the world's largest, collaborative multimodal logistics community to carry out various tasks, including routing, scheduling, tracking, and measuring delivery resources; planning, allocating, and executing shipments; rating, auditing, and paying transportation invoices; and completing many other logistics processes. As a result, the company helps safely and securely get assets, information, inventory, and people where and when needed.



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