Boosting warehouse efficiency - Exide Technologies launches new cloud-based Motion+ Fleet software solution

Exide Technologies | January 24, 2022

Exide Technologies ( – To ensure warehouses work at maximum capacity, safe in the knowledge they can manage forklift battery and charging stations both easily and reliably, Exide Technologies has launched its new cloud-based system, Motion+ Fleet.

The new fleet management tool transforms logistics into detailed real-time data. It allows warehouse managers to turn their gut instincts into facts and make informed decisions on battery use – from anywhere in the world.

The complete digitalization of data not only allows users to manage all operations centrally from one location, but, thanks to the co-operation of a leading cloud supplier, it also protects the security of their assets.

The right solution for every customer's needs

Available as Essential, Premium and Ultimate packages, depending on individual needs, the Ultimate option is perfect for businesses with multiple sites, as it gives the customer the choice of managing an unlimited number of chargers, which is unique in the market.

With more than a decade of experience in developing fleet management systems, Exide knows what customers require: responding to the efficiency demands placed on warehouses and helping them reach their targets. This new and sophisticated fleet management tool allows warehouses to stay in Motion+.

Motion+ Fleet is the perfect solution for customers to control their whole warehouse with just a few clicks! It manages the efficiency of their charger and battery fleets, no surprises, so they can focus on other topics and let the system do the hard work."

Magnus Ohlsson, Motive Power Business Director EMEA at Exide Technologies.

A whole new suite of Motion+ Smart Tools

Globalization is changing the world. Warehouse managers are faced with the challenge of constantly rethinking the efficiency of their business. To do this, they need flexible intralogistics solutions at the highest level to solve tomorrow's tasks today.

Exide Technologies is working on up-to date products and solutions, so customers can continue to keep pace as the world evolves. Motion+ Fleet is the flagship product of the upcoming new Motion+ Smart Tools series, designed to offer customers innovative digital and cloud-based solutions, as well as other value-added tools and services around industrial batteries and chargers.

About Exide Technologies
Exide Technologies, headquartered near Paris, France, is a leading provider of advanced energy storage solutions for the automotive and industrial markets. It designs, manufactures and markets today's and next-generation battery technologies used across a wide range of applications, from automotive and off-road to material handling, stationary, rail and defense. Exide Technologies serves the global markets with top-notch battery technologies, know-how & added-value services under many well-known brands. As an original equipment manufacturer to leading automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers, Exide Technologies has been involved in many of the significant breakthrough energy-storage developments that are enabling innovation across the markets. With two R&D facilities, nine production plants and three recycling plants in Europe, Exide is committed to high-quality engineering, manufacturing and recycling, and continues to power the world with the most efficient energy solutions and helping customers maximize productivity and performance. Exide achieves a turnover of around 1.5 billion EUR annually.


Freight quotes and invoices can give you a headache with their complex and unclear pricing. Most of the time, they include a lot of “additional” charges or do not detail the pricing model behind. Being aware of the freight industry practises and hidden costs can help you minimise additional charges and challenge your suppliers.


Freight quotes and invoices can give you a headache with their complex and unclear pricing. Most of the time, they include a lot of “additional” charges or do not detail the pricing model behind. Being aware of the freight industry practises and hidden costs can help you minimise additional charges and challenge your suppliers.

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MIDCOM | January 18, 2022

The demand for eCommerce is continuing to rise in 2022 fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic. As more people turn to online shopping, logistics companies in the United States are put under increased pressure to match this need. However, labor shortages are making it difficult for the logistics industry to keep up. Currently, the warehousing and logistics industry has a record number of job openings but not nearly enough workers to fill them. This discrepancy is predicted to get even worse over time. On the other hand, businesses that are able to fill those positions are having difficulty retaining employees. Since hiring more employees to increase productivity is not an option, many businesses are turning to lean their processes and become more efficient to achieve similar results. Technologies to Combat Labor Shortages MIDCOM Data Technologies has recently introduced innovative products to alleviate the effects of labor shortages on warehousing and logistics. These promising new technologies are shown to increase productivity by expediting their workflows and improving efficiency. Furthermore, the faster processing speeds and high accuracy rates boost customer satisfaction. Wearable Tech Is On the Rise One of the standout innovations is a wearable barcode scanner glove that can be worn on either hand. This award-winning barcode scanner allows warehouse workers to get more done in less time with higher accuracy; offering an effective solution to labor shortage issues. Some of the other advantages of this technology over a regular barcode scanner are its ease of use and ergonomic design. The wearable scanner leaves the user's hands free to perform other tasks while making the scanning process much quicker. Not only are these new technologies helping businesses meet demand, but they are also much safer for employees since they don't get in the way of other tasks such as climbing a ladder or driving a forklift. Another great feature of the barcode scanner is its ability to automatically transfer data into a WMS or ERP system without the need for manual data entry. Standing Out From the Competition At a time when warehouses are under stress, these innovative systems offer much-needed solutions to give them the competitive edge and keep costs down. They also boost employee satisfaction and help warehouses attract and retain employees; a very important outcome to combat the effects of labor shortages. About MIDCOM MIDCOM Data Technologies is the recognized leader in industrial printer and mobile barcode scanner solutions since 1982. They offer the newest printing and scanning technologies for businesses and offer repair services by their flagship company the MIDCOM Service Group. MIDCOM Data Technologies® is a value-added distributor of ProGlove.

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Shipwell Introduces the First All-in-one Shipper Mobile App on the Market

Shipwell | April 20, 2022

Shipwell, a pioneer in cloud-based shipping and logistics, announced the release of the first-ever all-in-one Shipper Mobile app, which comprises a transportation management system (TMS) and visibility solution. The Shipper Mobile app is a native, exclusive app that gives you free access to the TMS and visibility tool at the same time. This combination of features is not available in any other smartphone app. Shipwell is filling a gap in the market with this product. Shipwell's capacity to disrupt the supply chain management technology business is exemplified by the Shipper Mobile app. The on-the-go software is designed for busy seasons, such as the present produce season, when capacity is limited and response time is critical. Shippers who use the app should expect greater productivity, streamlined business processes, and supply chain management, as well as faster turnaround times, better communication between shipment partners, and better customer service. “COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how workforces operate these days, Shipwell customers have told us that about three-quarters of their workforces frequently work remotely. The Shipper Mobile app empowers those employees with a portable solution to address the challenges they face every day. Proactively resolving and mitigating exceptions and their impacts have helped us achieve 98% on-time-delivery and on-time-pickup metrics for our customers.” -Jerry Holbus, Shipwell Vice President of Product. Customers may utilize the Shipper Mobile app to optimize their evolving demands, which is already transforming the supply chain sector with a cloud-based shipping solution that scales with their organization. Shipwell's solution saves time, reduces costs, and improves the shipping experience across the whole supply chain, from order administration to holistic analysis. Shipwell's technology provides insights that streamline processes from the first to the last mile, leveraging machine learning for accurate ETA predictions that factor in upcoming weather and traffic, assisting its customers in meeting their service-level agreements and scoring high in their own customer satisfaction ratings. All shipments are housed within several Alert Tiles that have been classified in statuses such as 'Late' on the Compass Dashboard, which is a visibility and tracking tool. “Our Shipper Mobile app is the latest example of Shipwell’s continued commitment to innovating within the legacy-oriented supply chain industry, Being at the forefront of improving the ways companies manage their supply chains is among the values that drives all of us at Shipwell to introduce products like this.” -Greg Price, Shipwell Co-Founder and CEO Shipping managers, warehouse technicians, and sales account executives can use the app to access their Shipwell TMS platform and reply to customer inquiries, track sensitive shipments, and resolve issues in real-time. The software connects carriers, shipping, warehouse personnel, and customer service teams to enable visibility throughout a company's supply chain. The Shipper Mobile app was created to help members of a remote workforce interact with other shipment partners via SMS, emails, and phone calls. Shippers will benefit from status updates such as 'At Pick Up,' 'In Transit,' 'At Delivery,' and 'Delivered,' among others. Shippers will be able to handle cargo conflicts and exceptions with the use of mobile alerts. The Shipwell mobile app is available by default to all Shipwell customers and is available for free download from the Apple Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android phone users. Look up "Shipwell" in the dictionary. Shippers select "I have a Shipwell Account" while downloading, then connect in with their online platform login and password.

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To help organizations build resilient and agile supply chains that drive innovation and growth, Oracle today announced the latest updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (Oracle Cloud SCM). The updates help customers increase collaboration across supply networks, proactively manage supply chain assets, and implement long-term supply chain planning. "The last 12 months have stretched supply chains to the limit as organizations wrestle with the disruptions of COVID-19, shifting global trade agreements, rapidly changing customer expectations, and numerous other unforeseen circumstances," said Rick Jewell, senior vice president, Oracle Applications development. "With the new capabilities within Oracle Cloud SCM, we are helping our customers navigate this complexity and build more adaptable businesses that can respond to today's challenges and whatever comes next." With Oracle Cloud SCM, organizations can identify new opportunities, rethink processes, and plan and execute across the entire business.

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