Boosting warehouse efficiency - Exide Technologies launches new cloud-based Motion+ Fleet software solution

Exide Technologies | January 24, 2022

Exide Technologies ( – To ensure warehouses work at maximum capacity, safe in the knowledge they can manage forklift battery and charging stations both easily and reliably, Exide Technologies has launched its new cloud-based system, Motion+ Fleet.

The new fleet management tool transforms logistics into detailed real-time data. It allows warehouse managers to turn their gut instincts into facts and make informed decisions on battery use – from anywhere in the world.

The complete digitalization of data not only allows users to manage all operations centrally from one location, but, thanks to the co-operation of a leading cloud supplier, it also protects the security of their assets.

The right solution for every customer's needs

Available as Essential, Premium and Ultimate packages, depending on individual needs, the Ultimate option is perfect for businesses with multiple sites, as it gives the customer the choice of managing an unlimited number of chargers, which is unique in the market.

With more than a decade of experience in developing fleet management systems, Exide knows what customers require: responding to the efficiency demands placed on warehouses and helping them reach their targets. This new and sophisticated fleet management tool allows warehouses to stay in Motion+.

Motion+ Fleet is the perfect solution for customers to control their whole warehouse with just a few clicks! It manages the efficiency of their charger and battery fleets, no surprises, so they can focus on other topics and let the system do the hard work."

Magnus Ohlsson, Motive Power Business Director EMEA at Exide Technologies.

A whole new suite of Motion+ Smart Tools

Globalization is changing the world. Warehouse managers are faced with the challenge of constantly rethinking the efficiency of their business. To do this, they need flexible intralogistics solutions at the highest level to solve tomorrow's tasks today.

Exide Technologies is working on up-to date products and solutions, so customers can continue to keep pace as the world evolves. Motion+ Fleet is the flagship product of the upcoming new Motion+ Smart Tools series, designed to offer customers innovative digital and cloud-based solutions, as well as other value-added tools and services around industrial batteries and chargers.

About Exide Technologies
Exide Technologies, headquartered near Paris, France, is a leading provider of advanced energy storage solutions for the automotive and industrial markets. It designs, manufactures and markets today's and next-generation battery technologies used across a wide range of applications, from automotive and off-road to material handling, stationary, rail and defense. Exide Technologies serves the global markets with top-notch battery technologies, know-how & added-value services under many well-known brands. As an original equipment manufacturer to leading automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers, Exide Technologies has been involved in many of the significant breakthrough energy-storage developments that are enabling innovation across the markets. With two R&D facilities, nine production plants and three recycling plants in Europe, Exide is committed to high-quality engineering, manufacturing and recycling, and continues to power the world with the most efficient energy solutions and helping customers maximize productivity and performance. Exide achieves a turnover of around 1.5 billion EUR annually.


​​Chicago-based United Airlines is running behind schedule in its effort to retrofit the cabins of its older Boeing and Airbus aircraft. In late-April, a top executive for the carrier indicated that the cabin overhauls have been challenging due to ongoing supply chain troubles. Let’s look at the airline’s situation in today’s video!


​​Chicago-based United Airlines is running behind schedule in its effort to retrofit the cabins of its older Boeing and Airbus aircraft. In late-April, a top executive for the carrier indicated that the cabin overhauls have been challenging due to ongoing supply chain troubles. Let’s look at the airline’s situation in today’s video!

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Avetta Launches Cyber Risk Solution to Give Companies 24/7 Visibility of Cybersecurity Risks in Their Supply Chain

businesswire | May 03, 2023

Avetta®, the leading provider of supply chain risk management software, announced the launch of the Cyber Risk Solution, providing a quantitative score that evaluates cyber health in 10 areas and delivers an aggregate grade for each supplier. The Avetta One feature offers a diagnostic cyber health check that identifies potential risk areas for companies to investigate further. The Problem Supply chains are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks, as suppliers, contractors and vendors tend to have less mature IT and security functions. Consider this: Almost half of small businesses have been victims of cyberattacks. Gartner predicts 45% of global organizations will be impacted by a supply chain cyberattack by 2025. A total of 108.9 million global accounts were breached in the third quarter of 2022, a 70% increase compared to the previous quarter. IBM found 75% of organizations have had a ransomware attack – 64% paid the ransom and 40% failed to recover their data. U.S. disruptions in fuel supplies occurred when a hacker launched a cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline by stealing a single password. Cyberattacks can cause debilitating business disruptions involving stolen data, locked systems, interrupted operations, and other problems throughout a supply chain. These attacks are also incredibly high profile and can put a company’s reputation at risk. The Solution The Cyber Risk Solution is the latest component of Avetta One, a comprehensive supply chain risk monitoring platform. The new feature provides instant visibility into the cyber health of a company’s full supply chain, including continuous monitoring that alerts clients when the risk score falls outside of an acceptable range. Clients can use it as a diagnostic tool to gain insight into third-party cyber risks and inform sourcing decisions. “Suppliers and contractors are often an overlooked cybersecurity risk, but supply chain cyberattacks are increasing and can have devastating consequences,” said Taylor Allis, Avetta Chief Product & Marketing Officer. “Avetta's Cyber Risk Solution transforms the supply chain risk management landscape by offering a comprehensive way for businesses to constantly monitor all third parties for safety, financial health, ESG and now cybersecurity.” Avetta’s Cyber Risk Solution can identify potential risks that could lead to an attack, making it a critical part of understanding holistic supplier and contractor risk. For example, a supplier with an F rating is seven times more likely to be a victim of a cybersecurity breach than one with an A rating. A procurement leader at a large transportation company said the Cyber Risk Solution’s reporting capabilities are “fantastic,” adding, “I can get a clear picture into the suppliers that have a cybersecurity risk and am able to drill down into specific issues easily.” The feature can be used for companies of all sizes and industries, but it is particularly relevant to companies with large dependencies on supply chains for operations and delivery due to the magnitude of a potential business interruption from a cyber incident. Power generation and utility companies can be especially vulnerable because power outages or service interruptions can impact thousands or millions of consumers. Avetta’s Cyber Risk Solution is powered by SecurityScorecard, the leading security ratings, response, and resilience company. The company provides actionable insights for over 12 million organizations so users can know who to trust, quickly respond to cyber risks, and strengthen cyber defenses. SecurityScorecard's patented rating technology is used by over 25,000 organizations for enterprise risk management, third-party risk management, board reporting, due diligence, cyber insurance underwriting, and regulatory oversight. “While more organizations today are aware of the cyber risks they face, we find that many still neglect the massive cyber vulnerabilities in their extended supply chain. Organizations need visibility into the security ratings of their entire third- and fourth-party ecosystem so that they can know in an instant whether an organization deserves their trust and can take proactive steps to mitigate risk,” said Alex Rich, vice president, Strategic Alliances at SecurityScorecard. “With this partnership, Avetta is helping their clients get simple visibility into those third-party risks to protect their data and the smooth flow of operations.” Clients can share suppliers’ Cyber Health Scores with any of their suppliers so they can understand their cyber gaps and enact mitigation and corrective action plans to reduce potential supply chain cyber threats. To learn more about Avetta, visit About Avetta The Avetta supply chain risk management SaaS platform helps clients manage supply chain risk and their contractors to become more qualified for jobs. For hiring clients in our network, we offer the world’s largest supply chain multi-risk management network to manage contractor safety, sustainability, worker competency and performance, and business and financial risk. We perform contractor prequalification and worker competency management across major industries, all over the globe, including construction, energy, facilities, high tech, manufacturing, mining and telecom.

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EasyPost Announces Gold Partnership with Manhattan Associates

businesswire | May 23, 2023

EasyPost, a leading provider of enterprise class multi-carrier shipping solutions, today announced its Gold Partnership with Manhattan Associates, a global leader in supply chain commerce solutions. The collaboration gives Manhattan customers easy access to EasyPost’s cutting-edge technology that streamlines shipping processes and enhances operational efficiency. The partnership also positions Summit Advisory Team, an EasyPost company, to help customers develop a more unified supply chain execution system. EasyPost offers a powerful suite of shipping solutions designed for high-volume shippers that gives retailers and brands access to more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective shipping. The company’s shipping software offers both on-premise and cloud hosted deployment that comes with access to USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL in addition to international, regional and last-mile carriers. “We’re honored to be a Manhattan Gold Solutions Partner,” said Nathan Rucker, EasyPost VP of Enterprise. “The collaboration shows that Manhattan Associates has identified EasyPost as a valuable and trusted enterprise resource. Together, we can help our shared customers achieve better business outcomes.” Key benefits of the partnership for Manhattan customers include: Sub-second shipment processing Enhanced rate shopping Data insights and visibility Omnichannel and supply chain consulting services Best-in-class documentation solutions Customized business rules Carrier compliance management 24/7/365 customer support EasyPost’s highly configurable software solution enables its customers to scale to hundreds of thousands of parcels shipped daily. Manhattan’s customers can also access EasyPost’s data control tower, gaining real-time visibility into their supply chain operations to expand their data-backed decision making. EasyPost’s relationship with Summit Advisory Team means Manhattan customers can also leverage Summit’s extensive experience in the Manhattan suite of products. Benefits to Manhattan customers include holistic implementation services spanning program management, functional and technical expertise, organizational change management, and operational analytics. “We’re excited to help retailers and ecommerce brands reach new heights with the most comprehensive suite of enterprise shipping solutions available,” said Rucker. “From our fully customizable software to our incredibly robust data platform and consulting team, our modern solutions were built to meet the needs of the largest shippers, allowing us to help our customers stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.” About EasyPost EasyPost is a technology leader that provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise-level solutions to today’s global shipping challenges for retailers, ecommerce brands, fulfillment providers, and online marketplaces. The company’s fully customizable shipping software makes shipping more simple, efficient, and reliable, delivering an industry-leading 99.99% uptime. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, EasyPost is available in over 200 countries worldwide and has executed over one billion shipments.

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Electrolux Group Taps Freightos for Real-Time Procurement of Air Freight

prnewswire | May 22, 2023

Electrolux Group, a global leader in home appliances, has announced a new partnership with Freightos the leading global freight booking platform, to improve its freight booking process across its forwarders and carriers. The partnership follows a successful proof of concept addressing efficiencies in cost estimation, booking, and end to end tracking and air freight visibility. In a volatile international shipping ecosystem, pricing transparency, rapid capacity procurement and route flexibility are king. With Freightos Enterprise Solutions, Electrolux Group aims to optimize freight spend and improve freight decision-making to deliver supply chain agility and efficiency and, most importantly, to help its customers shape living for the better by getting its products to where they need to be - in the hands of consumers. In addition to powerful analytics and workflows, Freightos Enterprise Solutions enables the Electrolux Group procurement team to make real-time, door-to-door air cargo procurement decisions including the ability to conduct instant electronic air cargo bookings with airlines via their existing logistics providers. The result is a dramatic cost and time saving while increasing supply chain visibility and agility. As Daniel Cole, Logistics Purchasing Director at Electrolux Group said, "Freightos empowers our planners to book the freight that they need at the cost and delivery time which is aligned with their budget and requirements. This removes unnecessary back and forth between planners and buyers, all while giving us in Purchasing the consolidated data to influence future supplier decisions." Since its founding in 1919, Electrolux Group has been synonymous with innovation and operational excellence not only in its products and manufacturing processes but also in supply chain. Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber welcomed the partnership, saying, "For 25 years enterprises have utilized electronic booking for their business travel, saving time and money. Finally, today they can do the same for their air cargo, in cooperation with their chosen freight forwarders. The ROI is phenomenal, electronic bookings save days of elapsed time, often tens of percent of cost, and provide much greater supply chain flexibility and visibility. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Electrolux who are proving to be world class leaders in supply chain innovation." Freightos' platform also has the option to select and book freight routes based on estimated carbon emissions. Paolo Galli, VP of Electrolux Group Logistics Operations, said, "Freightos solution will be a key enabler for process transparency, visibility and control. Carbon emissions will be one of the relevant elements we will have the opportunity to govern, analyzing past performances but even more important making CO2 as part of our decision process. This puts Freightos at the core of our Sustainability strategy." Electrolux Group's forwarders welcomed the partnership with Freightos, as Patrick Moebel, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Logistics, shared, "Speed, simplicity, and seamless distribution have always been our value proposition at FedEx. We look forward to providing service to Electrolux through our relationship with Freightos and helping to keep them at the forefront of innovation and operational excellence." About Freightos Freightos is the leading, vendor-neutral booking and payment platform that connects carriers, freight forwarders, and importers/exporters to make international shipping faster, more cost-effective and more reliable. Freightos operates, a global freight marketplace for importers and exporters, Clearit, a digital customs brokerage, and Freightos Terminal, a one-stop global freight market intelligence solution that offers data on real-time pricing, transit times, the Freightos Air Index (FAX) and Freightos Baltic Index (FBX), and a news feed

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