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Boosting warehouse efficiency - Exide Technologies launches new cloud-based Motion+ Fleet software solution

Exide Technologies ( – To ensure warehouses work at maximum capacity, safe in the knowledge they can manage forklift battery and charging stations both easily and reliably, Exide Technologies has launched its new cloud-based system, Motion+ Fleet.

The new fleet management tool transforms logistics into detailed real-time data. It allows warehouse managers to turn their gut instincts into facts and make informed decisions on battery use – from anywhere in the world.

The complete digitalization of data not only allows users to manage all operations centrally from one location, but, thanks to the co-operation of a leading cloud supplier, it also protects the security of their assets.

The right solution for every customer's needs

Available as Essential, Premium and Ultimate packages, depending on individual needs, the Ultimate option is perfect for businesses with multiple sites, as it gives the customer the choice of managing an unlimited number of chargers, which is unique in the market.

With more than a decade of experience in developing fleet management systems, Exide knows what customers require: responding to the efficiency demands placed on warehouses and helping them reach their targets. This new and sophisticated fleet management tool allows warehouses to stay in Motion+.

Motion+ Fleet is the perfect solution for customers to control their whole warehouse with just a few clicks! It manages the efficiency of their charger and battery fleets, no surprises, so they can focus on other topics and let the system do the hard work."

Magnus Ohlsson, Motive Power Business Director EMEA at Exide Technologies.

A whole new suite of Motion+ Smart Tools

Globalization is changing the world. Warehouse managers are faced with the challenge of constantly rethinking the efficiency of their business. To do this, they need flexible intralogistics solutions at the highest level to solve tomorrow's tasks today.

Exide Technologies is working on up-to date products and solutions, so customers can continue to keep pace as the world evolves. Motion+ Fleet is the flagship product of the upcoming new Motion+ Smart Tools series, designed to offer customers innovative digital and cloud-based solutions, as well as other value-added tools and services around industrial batteries and chargers.

About Exide Technologies
Exide Technologies, headquartered near Paris, France, is a leading provider of advanced energy storage solutions for the automotive and industrial markets. It designs, manufactures and markets today's and next-generation battery technologies used across a wide range of applications, from automotive and off-road to material handling, stationary, rail and defense. Exide Technologies serves the global markets with top-notch battery technologies, know-how & added-value services under many well-known brands. As an original equipment manufacturer to leading automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers, Exide Technologies has been involved in many of the significant breakthrough energy-storage developments that are enabling innovation across the markets. With two R&D facilities, nine production plants and three recycling plants in Europe, Exide is committed to high-quality engineering, manufacturing and recycling, and continues to power the world with the most efficient energy solutions and helping customers maximize productivity and performance. Exide achieves a turnover of around 1.5 billion EUR annually.



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Supply Chain

Unisys Debuts Quantum-Powered Solution that Tackles Complex Logistics Optimization Challenges

PR Newswire | October 18, 2023

Unisys has unveiled Unisys Logistics Optimization, a new quantum-powered solution designed to help organizations solve complex logistics optimization challenges in seconds. As logistics costs continue to rise, companies are urgently trying to redefine the shipping process to improve the customer experience, decrease their costs and drive additional incremental revenue. This is where Unisys Logistics Optimization™ steps in. Populated with industry-specific insights, the solution leverages a combination of quantum computing, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business outcomes. The company will debut Unisys Logistics Optimization during a virtual launch event on October 17, 2023, and anyone interested in attending is encouraged to register in advance. Those who attend will have the opportunity to see a demonstration of the solution and hear from industry leaders such as from global analyst firm IDC and trade publication FreightWaves. Unisys Logistics Optimization uses pre-trained models to generate answers to complex queries in seconds. This represents a substantial leap forward, as this rapid turnaround was not possible previously. Traditional computational tools would require years to collect and learn from operational data to produce similar results. The solution provides logistics companies, such as air cargo carriers, with an optimal plan for packing, storing and routing shipments across multiple vehicles more efficiently and cost-effectively. Piloting the new solution in pursuit of its next breakthrough in logistics optimization is Malaysia Aviation Group's (MAG) cargo arm, MAB Kargo Sdn Bhd, which serves nearly 100 destinations worldwide. Currently, the airline's flight planners spend a significant amount of time manually selecting and assigning each shipment to unit load devices (ULDs), resulting in high operational overhead. Unisys will implement a secure and reliable solution that provides MASkargo flight planners with a graphic cargo plan tailored to maximize their cargo capacity, profitability and ability to manage priority shipments that meet customer expectations. "MASkargo is continuously seeking ways to enhance efficiency, improving the customer experience and touchpoints," commented Mark Jason Thomas, CEO of MASkargo. "Our collaboration with Unisys represents part of MASkargo's digitalization journey by employing the use of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize processes, supporting network planning, and ensuring reliable, clear communication of accurate information." Unisys has an extensive track record of serving and innovating for logistics and transportation companies for more than 30 years, putting the company in a unique position to offer a wealth of industry expertise. Unlike other solutions in the market, Unisys Logistics Optimization™ does not require any additional data training to begin deployment, and it does not upend existing IT infrastructure or operations – providing immediate and ongoing value to clients as its accuracy self-improves over time through daily use, so it is never out of date. "Containing logistics costs is mission critical, and companies are seeking solutions that will meet that important need," said Chris Arrasmith, senior vice president, Enterprise Computing Solutions at Unisys. "We have built true operational foresight by integrating advanced analytics, reinforced machine learning, and the best of classical and new quantum computing architectures, enabling us to drive value in near real-time for clients." Unisys Logistics Optimization™ is built for air cargo, ground handlers and freight forwarders and is designed to help logistics companies optimize in three ways: Capacity: The solution evaluates loading strategies for companies by predicting and prescribing scenarios for pallet and ULD builds, allowing for more day-of shipment departures. It also helps identify opportunities for additional carrier revenue by detecting unused space. Inventory: The solution can predict and prescribe locations and packaging requirements on inventory, as well as amounts of inventory and freight sensitivity. This reduces packing and build times, minimizing freight damage or spoilage, preventing costly claims. Routing: The solution evaluates all potential routes and incorporates dynamic data sets, such as weather and travel times, to optimize and identify ideal outbound and reverse logistics routes. About Unisys Unisys is a global technology solutions company that powers breakthroughs for the world's leading organizations. Our solutions – digital workplace; cloud, applications & infrastructure; enterprise computing; and business process – help our clients challenge the status quo and create new possibilities. To learn how we deliver breakthroughs for our clients – and have been pushing the possible for 150 years – visit and follow us on LinkedIn. #Unisys150. About MASkargo MAB Kargo Sdn Bhd is the air cargo arm and subsidiary of the Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), a global aviation organisation comprising three focused business portfolios from Airlines, Loyalty and Travel Solutions (LTS) and Aviation Services. MASkargo operates three A330-200F freighters from its home base in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. MASkargo offers a range of services in the air logistics trade, including belly space capacity, which serves almost 100 destinations worldwide as well as warehouse facilities in KLIA, Penang International Airport, Kuching International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

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Supply Chain

Infor Nexus Joins Forces with LSQ to Boost Worldwide Finance Programs

Infor | October 13, 2023

Infor Nexus and LSQ have inked a strategic agreement, offering their extensive supplier network the opportunity for early payments through the LSQ FastTrack supply chain finance program. International suppliers of United Legwear, an existing LSQ customer, especially in Asia, can now access early payments directly from their Infor Nexus system, simplifying the process. LSQ provides more than just funding; it delivers payment automation, credit management, and valuable financial insights to enhance working capital management for buyers and suppliers. Infor Nexus, the leading global supply chain platform under Infor, the industry cloud company, and LSQ, a prominent working capital finance and payments solutions provider, have forged a strategic agreement. This partnership offers their extensive network of suppliers the opportunity to access early payments via the LSQ FastTrack supply chain finance program. This collaborative solution is already in action, benefiting international suppliers of United Legwear, an established LSQ supply chain finance customer. These suppliers, predominantly located in Asia, can now secure early payments directly from their Infor Nexus system with a simple click. Furthermore, the integration process is underway for other buyers, ensuring that global suppliers can seamlessly become part of their supply chain finance program. In line with this strategic partnership, LSQ goes beyond mere funding by offering comprehensive payment automation, credit management services, and a wealth of valuable financial insights. This comprehensive approach equips buyers and suppliers with the tools to manage their working capital effectively. With over 25 years of experience, LSQ stands as a market leader and trailblazer in working capital finance and payments solutions. By harnessing innovative technology, credit and risk expertise, and proprietary data, LSQ empowers thousands of businesses to optimize operating capital, streamline payment processes, manage collections, and mitigate risk. Through the LSQ FastTrack platform, the company accelerate billions of dollars in payments to organizations and their suppliers annually, enabling them to access the vital funds required for growth and prosperity. Infor Nexus is a global supply chain platform that can unite an extensive network of more than 85,000 entities, encompassing brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, logistics providers, and financial institutions. This unique and singular network platform serves as the orchestration hub for many global supply chain activities, effectively managing the entire lifecycle of processes, from source to final delivery and payment. By integrating with Infor Nexus, organizations seamlessly optimize their operations, eradicating inefficiencies and unnecessary waste. In the process, the businesses gain invaluable data-driven insights and enhance their capital flow. This holistic approach contributes to enhanced business agility, bolstered resilience, and sustainability for companies within a dynamic global marketplace.

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Supply Chain

Ryder Named a Top 10 3PL in 2023 Readers’ Choice Excellence Awards by Inbound Logistics

Ryder System, Inc | September 27, 2023

Ryder System, Inc., a leader in supply chain, dedicated transportation, and fleet management solutions, announces it is named among the Top 10 3PLs in the 2023 Readers’ Choice Excellence Awards by Inbound Logistics for the second consecutive year. Considering nearly 12,500 votes cast by supply chain decision-makers from some of the world’s best-known brands, the Inbound Logistics audience shortlists the top ten 3PLs they trust most to solve supply chain challenges. “World-class 3PLs offer innovative and efficient ways to wring every ounce of productivity from enterprise operations,” says Felecia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics. “We’re pleased to recognize Ryder for making the investment in the solutions and expertise that empowered logistics, supply chain, and transportation excellence for customers in 2023.” To fully optimize supply chain and transportation networks, Ryder continues to build on $1.3 billion in strategic investments it has made over the past five years to develop, acquire, and invest in innovative customer-facing technologies, products, and services. In August, the company announced the establishment of Baton, A Ryder Technology Lab based out of Silicon Valley. Led by some of the brightest minds from the world’s most respected tech firms and learning institutions, the lab’s first mission is to create a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered digital platform and optimization engine that facilitates a new, integrated approach to managing transportation networks for customers where seasonality and fluctuating demand inhibit the continuous use of resources. In July, Ryder rolled out Torque by Ryder™, a first-of-its-kind retail mobile maintenance service that fleet owners can access via desktop, smartphone, or tablet to schedule, receive, track, and pay for mobile maintenance solutions at their place of business – all without a contract. And, in May, Ryder announced RyderElectric+™, a turnkey solution to help customers navigate the electric vehicle landscape, inclusive of developing a transition roadmap with electrification advisors, vehicles, charging, telematics, and maintenance. In addition, Ryder announced plans to introduce up to 4,000 BrightDrop electric vans to its lease and rental fleet through 2025. “By strategically investing in and piloting new technologies, Ryder is uniquely positioned to ensure our customers have access to the innovations that will keep their supply chain and transportation networks ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving environment – and, just as importantly, access to implementation expertise as well as data scientists to turn analytics into actionable insights,” says Karen Jones, chief marketing officer and head of new product innovation for Ryder. “We strive each and every day to ensure our customers can deliver on their promises to their customers, so to be recognized for that in such a prestigious way is priceless.” As a fully integrated port-to-door transportation and supply chain logistics provider, Ryder provides supply chain, dedicated transportation, and fleet management solutions to some of the world’s most recognizable brands representing more than 20 industries. By combining cutting-edge technology and business intelligence tools with nearly 90 years of operational know-how, Ryder custom-engineers solutions around its customers’ operations rather than trying to fit them into a one-size-fits-all formula. About Ryder System, Inc. Ryder System, Inc. (NYSE: R) is a leading logistics and transportation company. It provides supply chain, dedicated transportation, and fleet management solutions, including warehousing and distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, last-mile delivery, managed transportation, professional drivers, freight brokerage, full-service leasing, maintenance, commercial truck rental, and used vehicle sales to some of the world’s most-recognized brands. Ryder provides services throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In addition, Ryder manages nearly 260,000 commercial vehicles and operates approximately 300 warehouses encompassing more than 95 million square feet. Ryder is regularly recognized for its industry-leading practices in third-party logistics, technology-driven innovations, commercial vehicle maintenance, environmental stewardship, corporate social responsibility, world-class safety and security programs, military veteran recruitment initiatives, and the hiring of a diverse workforce. About Inbound Logistics Inbound Logistics, the demand-driven logistics magazine, is the leading multi-channel content provider targeted toward business logistics and supply chain managers. Inbound Logistics’ mission is to provide the information and solutions enabling companies of all sizes to become demand-driven enterprises by speeding and reducing inventory and supporting infrastructure, and better matching demand signals to supply.

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