Astrolab Introduced FLEX Rover for Advanced Lunar Mobility

Astrolab | March 14, 2022

Venturi Astrolab, Inc. is a leading aerospace company established by a planetary rover and robotics expert team. Astrolab announced the development of an innovative rover built to enhance planetary and Lunar mobility. Flexible Logistics and Exploration (FLEX) rover is a mobility platform that is payload agnostic and can work within an ecosystem of transportation, vehicles, and tools.

Astrolab will help the human presence sustain on the Moon and Mars by providing mobility support through a fleet of FLEX rovers.      

Traditionally, Planetary rovers are custom-designed around a particular payload and cost billions to design and develop. Furthermore, the traditional approach for planetary mobility is not compatible with NASA’s goal of sustained presence on the Moon and Mars. Keeping that in mind, Astrolab is developing a multi-functional FLEX rover designed around a modular payload interface with intermodal transportation from the lander to the rover.

An efficient and economical transportation network is required for humanity to operate off the earth in a sustained way. Astrolab is dedicated to fill in the last gap. FLEX offers a range of utility by being able to collect, deposit, and transport payload.”

-Jared Matthews, CEO of Astrolab

Massive investments from NASA and private industry in Lunar landing adventures will create an unprecedented landed mass capability and mission cadence. Astrolab’s FLEX rover is all set to revolutionize the landscape by enabling the landing of hundreds of tons of payload on the Moon each month.

Astrolab’s FLEX rovers have promising commercial potential. Its novel mobility system architecture allows it to collect and deposit modular payloads. It can support robotic science, exploration, site survey, resource utilization and logistics activities. FLEX is built with an adaptive utility in mind and can serve as an unpressurized rover for two astronauts.

The Astrolab team has successfully tested a fully functional prototype of the FLEX rover in California. In addition, Astrolab’s team tested the performance of the FLEX rover in both crewed and telerobotic operations. 

Chris Hadfield, Astrolab Advisory Board member and retired NASA astronaut participated in the five-day field test and gave feedback on vehicles design and performance. We have transitioned from the Apollo era; it was pure exploration, but now we have plans to settle on the Moon. We need to move the cargo, life support, and more. Driving FLEX was pure joy, and its size, capability, and utility is impressive, said Chris Hadfield.


Logistics Plus Inc. provides freight transportation, warehousing, global logistics, and supply chain management solutions through a worldwide network of talented and caring professionals. With a strong passion for excellence, our 400+ employees put the “plus” in logistics by doing the big things properly, and the countless little things, that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success.


Logistics Plus Inc. provides freight transportation, warehousing, global logistics, and supply chain management solutions through a worldwide network of talented and caring professionals. With a strong passion for excellence, our 400+ employees put the “plus” in logistics by doing the big things properly, and the countless little things, that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success.

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Open Sky Group and Dotcom Distribution Manage Large Scale Supply Chain Transformation

The Open Sky Group, LLC | February 02, 2022

Open Sky Group, global specialists in Blue Yonder's end-to-end supply chain solutions, announce the completion of the first phase of Dotcom Distribution's e-commerce and multi-channel digital supply chain transformation. Dotcom Distribution (Dotcom), a third-party logistics provider specializing in serving high-touch beauty, fashion, electronics, and select retail brands, partnered with Open Sky Group to implement Blue Yonder's warehouse management and labor management solutions, as well as Optricity's Opti-Slot DC™ (OptiSlot) slotting optimization. A next-phase implementation will be Blue Yonder's workforce management solution. The combined solutions will transform Dotcom's operations across multiple facilities for greater visibility, increased productivity, improved scheduling, and overall increased operational optimization, resulting in cost-effective, high-velocity fulfillment services for its customers. Dotcom provides e-commerce, B2B and multi-channel order fulfillment services, along with a host of additional value-added logistics services to some of the world's fastest growing brands. Open Sky Group is the systems integrator managing the project, software design and implementation and working collaboratively with the Dotcom team and other partners including Optricity and Blue Yonder. We are proud of the reputation Dotcom has earned over the last 22 years for providing high-growth retail brands with flexible, customizable logistics and shipping solutions, and it's with an eye on the next 22+ years that we make this investment, This is the foundation of our modernized infrastructure and will make it possible for us to onboard new technology, automation systems and additional facilities." Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution. After researching leading supply chain software providers, Dotcom chose Blue Yonder for its strong labor management and logistics solutions. Open Sky Group was selected to implement and help manage the project because of its impressive rapid implementation methodology and successful track record, thorough understanding of the 3PL business environment and its approach to process improvement. A distribution transformation project of this magnitude requires precise planning and coordination. Together with Dotcom, we have an incredible team that is unleashing the power of Blue Yonder's solution through our methodology of disciplined agility and no-modifications approach, The combination of these software solutions is bringing greater visibility, productivity and optimization to Dotcom operations." Alan Prillaman, VP of Client Services for Open Sky Group. By implementing our warehouse management and labor management solutions, Dotcom is poised to meet the logistics and fulfillment needs and raised e-commerce expectations of fast-growing retail brands, which in turn will help them better respond to consumer demands. Once fully implemented, workforce management will help them reduce turnover and achieve higher levels of productivity with their workforce. With partners like Open Sky Group, that thoroughly understand our solutions and how to best implement and leverage them, our customers are able to rapidly scale and accelerate time to value." Terry Turner, President, North America, Blue Yonder. Optricity is pleased to team with Blue Yonder and longtime partner, Open Sky Group, to deliver a powerful, integrated solution for the Dotcom Distribution operations ecosystem, The Dotcom leadership's commitment to improving operations through warehousing technology has required vision and dedication. Optricity is proud to be part of this technology trifecta, accelerating product movement on Dotcom's journey toward the intelligent, 'Self-Healing Warehouse™' to advance their customer experience." Sheila M. Benny, President of Optricity. ABOUT DOTCOM DISTRIBUTION Dotcom Distribution (Dotcom) is a premier provider of B2C and B2B fulfillment and distribution services. Located just outside New York City, Dotcom supports eCommerce and omnichannel solutions for emerging brands. Dotcom provides fulfillment, production, assembly, and kitting services for luxury and lifestyle brands in beauty, fashion, and other specialty industries. About BLUE YONDER Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Our intelligent, end-to-end platform enables retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers to seamlessly predict, pivot and fulfill customer demand. With Blue Yonder, you can make more automated, profitable business decisions that deliver greater growth and re-imagined customer experiences. Blue Yonder - Fulfill your Potential™. About Optricity Optricity creates and supports warehousing analysis, optimization and performance improvement software. To develop its solutions, including, OptiSlot DC™, Optricity utilizes a blend of warehousing domain expertise, advanced mathematics and software engineering skills. Optricity's platform of planning solutions includes slotting, profiling, integration, simulation, @Ease Warehousing Technologies™ and the Moves Conductor™ for warehousing operations.

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MediaMath Continues to Deliver on SOURCE Promise with New SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard, Offering Unmatched Transparency into Digital Supply Chain

SOURCE | October 22, 2020

MediaMath, acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies, continues to deliver upon the SOURCE vision to co-create an accountable, aligned, addressable ecosystem with its industry partners. The company today announced the launch of the SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard, which provides a roadmap to drive the industry toward continued efficiency and effectiveness. "With SOURCE, we set out to address some of the biggest issues facing the industry – to create an environment that is accountable and addressable, and to align the interests of brands, agencies, publishers and technology providers," said MediaMath founder and CEO Joe Zawadzki. "The SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard continues to make good on that promise and is truly a Holy Grail for the industry – a configurable setting that provides brands and agencies with unparalleled transparency and control, giving them confidence to direct their investments based on their express priorities across all digital channels." The SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard, now available globally, is designed to provide unique clarity into the ecosystem supply partners that provide the most value to advertisers, ultimately empowering advertisers to make better-informed decisions about their supply path. It also acts as a technology roadmap for the betterment of both DSPs and SSPs.

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PartnerLinQ Offers First-to-Market Digitally Optimized Supply Chain Integration System

Visionet | January 20, 2022

Visionet Systems, the leader in digitally enabled solutions for businesses around the world, is evolving PartnerLinQ, its flagship digital supply chain connectivity solution, to push the boundaries of connectivity by simplifying visibility and connectivity across the global supply chain and commerce channels. With PartnerLinQ's new capabilities, customers can access its native app ecosystem allowing users to add more business context to their solution with one click. The new digital connectivity ecosystem is built to handle the evolving state of global supply chains. With PartnerLinQ we are building a more resilient supply chain for our customers that can withstand supply chain disruptions like we've seen in the last few years," Ahmed Raza, VP of PartnerLinQ. The PartnerLinQ App EcoSystem allows customers to find the app that corresponds to their partners' business model; install the app, and immediately start adding value to the partner and channel communications. The automated end-to-end workflows within the PartnerLinQ platform are built on a hybrid cloud architecture for resilient translation processing. We are very focused on enabling agile digital connectivity through cutting edge technology for global supply chains, Our platform's mission is to help supply chain companies reduce business risk by becoming more resilient, flexible, and empowered through enhanced visibility and control." President, Visionet Jawad Khan. PartnerLinQ is pushing the boundaries of digital connectivity through its Message Processing Engine that connects directly with partners' ERP, OMS, WMS TMS, and MRP enterprise-level systems through a single process. The native app ecosystem offers supply chain workers and executives a chance to zero in on business issues, track them, and use that insight to address supply chain issues. About PartnerLinQ PartnerLinQ is an innovative, cloud-native supply chain visibility platform that delivers resilience through simplifying visibility and connectivity. PartnerLinQ's Native App Ecosystem adds business context to traditional integrations, minimizing the impact of disruption. With capabilities for intelligent hyper-automation, multi-channel integration, and real-time analytics, PartnerLinQ seeks to seamlessly connect multi-tier supply chain networks, channels, marketplaces, and core systems worldwide to deliver unified connectivity for the future.

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