Locus partners with PostTag to disrupt the global logistics market with innovative logistics tech

Locus, a future-ready platform that automates supply chain decisions, has partnered with PostTag, a cutting-edge address lookup and validation service, to create an end-to-end technology solution for deliveries.

The combination of Locus' market-leading automated supply chain management platform and PostTag's innovative address lookup technology is set to 'disrupt' the APAC market where many brands are grappling with legacy systems that are no longer optimized to meet dynamic customer demands of superfast last-mile deliveries.

Locus is a global technology platform that uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions. Founded in 2015, Locus recently raised US$50 million in Series C funding led by GIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund.

PostTag and Locus share a common focus on disrupting markets, and challenging legacy players. Together, Locus and PostTag will introduce a more efficient delivery platform to the APAC market.

Locus and PostTag partnership will give customers an end-to-end tailored logistics optimization solution to automate the supply chain process from the moment the customer places an order on a website till the time the delivery is fulfilled with efficient warehousing and route planning, fleet management, last-mile visibility, and more.

Keith Lewin, Chairman, and Founder, PostTag, said, "Our customers have been telling us that they're fed up with the current software solutions. As a modern dynamic company unencumbered by legacy technology, we expect our partnership to have a major disruptive impact on the APAC market. We are thrilled to bring our partnership to the market. Working with Locus, we can offer our customers even more value as they strive to meet the growing expectations of customers for timely and accurate deliveries."

The partnership will ensure not only a more efficient supply chain but drivers that get straight to the address the first time, without wasting valuable time and fuel. Last-mile delivery is one of the critical phases in the supply chain, accounting for 50 percent of the delivery cost, and is core to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Unlike other systems, which are either 'approximating the location' or asking customers to generate and remember a few random words to 'pull' the driver to their address, PostTag 'pushes' the driver to the correct location. It does so without adding any further steps that need to be taken to get the driver to the right door.

PostTag's Destination Data Engine returns precise details for each address search. It checks, validates, and verifies addresses across multiple databases, telling the driver precisely where the home or business is.

Nishith Rastogi, Co-founder and CEO, Locus, said, "PostTag impressed us not only with the quality of their technology but their desire to fix the problems that stop companies from getting their goods to customers in a timely and efficient way. Companies are still dependent on legacy solutions that aren't equipped to handle today's real-world supply chain and logistics operations. The partnership of Locus and PostTag is set to change that, and we are excited about the opportunities we see for growth in the APAC region."

Locus uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions. Its smart supply chain solutions provide end-to-end visibility and enable enterprises to enhance their operational efficiency by reining costs, streamlining the customer experience, and reducing environmental impact.

Locus' scalable solutions include route optimization, real-time tracking and analytics, sales beat optimization, territory planning, vehicle allocation, and network design.

About Locus
Locus' smart and scalable solutions help enterprises gain end-to-end supply chain visibility, increase operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact and streamline the customer experience. Founded in 2015, the platform powers deliveries across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, ANZ, and the Indian Subcontinent. Locus's future-ready platform has resulted in $150 million+ savings in logistics costs, 70 million+ kilometer reductions in distance traveled, and 17 million+ kilograms reduction in GHG emissions across clients like Nestle, Mondelez, Unilever, BigBasket, Bluedart, Bukalapak, The Tata Group, and many others.

About PostTag
PostTag is a cutting-edge address lookup and validation service. Founded in 2015 by Chairman Keith Lewin after he realised current UK addressing systems often sent drivers 1km away from his house, PostTag has steadily grown to be a market-leader in address validation and location systems. We are trusted by some of the most frequent visitors to the UK's front doors. We provide final mile operators with pinpoint accuracy which allows drivers to be directed to addresses accurately without wasting valuable time searching.


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project44’s Ocean Visibility to Boost Yamaha's Supply Chain Resiliency

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project44, a leading end-to-end supply chain visibility platform, has announced that Yamaha Corporation, a leading musical instrument manufacturer and audio equipment maker, deploys project44's Ocean Visibility and Port Intel solutions. This installation will improve global shipment visibility, optimize transportation control and strengthen supply chain resilience. Yamaha selected project44's Ocean Visibility and Port Intel solutions due to its ability to provide global shipment status visualization, highly accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) data, and facilitate more informed and timely decisions and actions. The company ships nearly 15,000 containers to ports around the globe annually. In addition, Yamaha's supply chain resiliency initiative comprehensively evaluated solutions to enhance transportation control between its production factories and distributors. Yuji Kuwahara, project44's General Manager and VP of Sales (Japan) said, The supply chain disruptions over the past few years have given shippers an opportunity to reconsider the importance of flexibility in their logistics strategy and operation. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] project44's supply chain visibility platform dramatically improves data quality and visibility across all associated teams. Yuji added, the company believes that project44 will help Yamaha with collaborative planning and exception management, resulting in more satisfied Yamaha customers.

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FourKites Report Highlights Tech's Role in Speeding Up Supply Chains

FourKites | October 12, 2023

FourKites, a leading supply chain visibility provider, released a new report titled 'Data-Driven Decisions: Why Many Supply Chains Are Falling Behind,' to enhance the customer experience and accelerate delivery times. The latest report reveals the pressing issues within the industry by highlighting the challenges that supply chain leaders in the US and UK face, including the imperative to cut costs. FourKites, in partnership with YouGov, surveyed 500 supply chain leaders from diverse sectors to comprehend their strategies for digitalizing supply chains and managing risk. The report found that 72% of the respondents acknowledge the significance of integrating fragmented supply chain data, and 42% intend to invest in technology within the next year; a substantial portion of these leaders grapple with accessing the essential data required to make informed decisions. Additionally, 48% rate their supply chain digitization as suboptimal, and 43% lack a single source of truth for their data. This information underlines the current supply chain landscape, wherein many industry leaders strive to harness data's power for effective decision-making. In addition, it also indicates that only 45% of supply chain leaders use their supply chain data for strategic decisions, while 14% do not utilize this data at all for decision-making. Moreover, nearly half, 48% of respondents, struggle or rate their efforts as 'not great' in digitizing their supply chain. Another challenge lies in integrating internal systems and establishing a singular source of truth, as 43% face difficulties. In response, 42% of respondents plan to invest in technology over the next 6 to 12 months to mitigate supply chain risks. The increased tech investment focus among enterprise companies is significant, with 70% intending to bolster technology. Furthermore, approximately 52% of companies aim to enhance supply chain resilience by diversifying their supplier/provider base. FourKites platform offers a comprehensive solution that transcends system silos, stakeholders, modes, and geographical boundaries, enhancing coordination from transportation to order management. It encompasses the most extensive supply chain data set within a secure cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS application. It facilitates secure data sharing among Fortune 500 companies and their supply chain networks. Innovations like Fin AI (FourKites Intelligence Network) and My Workspace are further bolstering the decision-making capabilities of customers by harnessing data from the FourKites platform and third-party sources. This cutting-edge approach empowers supply chain professionals to access solutions with unparalleled speed and accuracy, ensuring their businesses remain at the forefront in the competitive industry. About FourKites FourKites, a global supply chain visibility leader, empowers businesses with insights into their transportation, yards, warehouses, stores, and more. This cutting-edge platform continually tracks over 3 million shipments daily, spanning road, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and last-mile segments, reaching a vast network covering over 200 countries and territories. Leveraging the potential of real-time data and advanced machine learning, it offers a transformative solution to companies seeking to digitize their end-to-end supply chains. Trusted by over 1,200 of the world's most renowned brands, including 9 out of the top 10 CPG and 18 out of the top 20 food and beverage companies, FourKites paves the way for businesses to forge agile, efficient, and sustainable supply chains.

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Locus Robotics Appoints New Executives to Support Global Growth, Expanding Global Warehouse Automation Leadership

Locus Robotics | October 17, 2023

Locus Robotics, the market leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for fulfillment warehouses, today announced the appointments of Kian Sin Ng as General Manager, APAC, and Joel Collins as Chief Legal Officer. These executives join Locus Robotics' leadership team as the company continues expanding globally to serve growing customer demand. Kian Sin Ng brings over two decades of experience leading teams and optimizing supply chain operations across Asia Pacific. As GM of APAC, he will oversee Locus's strategic growth and customer success in the region. Previously, Kian held senior positions with DHL Supply Chain and Singapore Post, driving innovation in warehouse automation and logistics. As Chief Legal Officer, Joel Collins will lead Locus's global legal operations. Collins has served as the Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel of both private and public companies. Previously, he was Chief Legal Officer at Benefitfocus, and Chief Legal Officer & SVP of Business Development at Quick Base. "Kian and Joel both have outstanding track records leading high-performing teams and advising companies during growth phases," said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. "Their expertise will be invaluable as we continue expanding our market-leading robotics solutions to help customers across the globe transform their warehouse and fulfillment operations." The appointments follow a year of record growth for Locus Robotics, including Locus reaching an industry-first 2 billion pick milestone and the expansion to over 230 sites worldwide. Locus solutions drives massive productivity gains, labor reductions, and cost savings at leading brands across retail, ecommerce, logistics, healthcare, and industrial channels. "We are delighted to welcome Kian Sin and Joel to the Locus team," said Denis Niezgoda, vice president, EMEA & APAC of Locus Robotics. "Their extensive experience and proven leadership capabilities will help us to continue to drive our company's growth and success around the world as a global leader in supply chain solutions." About Locus Robotics Locus Robotics is the world leader in revolutionary, enterprise-level, warehouse automation solution, incorporating powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that operate collaboratively with human workers to dramatically improve product movement and productivity 2–3X. Named to the Inc. 500 three years in a row, and winning over 25 industry and technology awards, the Locus solution dramatically increases order fulfillment productivity, lowers operational costs, and improves workplace quality, safety, and ergonomics for workers.  Supporting more than 100+ of the world's top brands and deployed at 250+ sites around the world, Locus Robotics enables retailers, 3PLs and specialty warehouses to efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding requirements of today's fulfillment environments.

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