GEODIS is awarded contract renewal by Shoes For Crews

GEODIS | September 13, 2016

As partner of Shoes For Crews (SFC) since 2012, GEODIS has extended its warehouse and logistics cooperation agreement with the shoes provider company until the end of 2019. The Group continues to take care of the entire supply chain process, from the incoming order to the delivery to the end customer.In November 2012, SFC moved its logistics and warehousing operations from Shannon (Ireland) to GEODIS in Venlo (the Netherlands). The international company wanted to optimize its services to European customers by significantly improving the throughput of its order delivery. In addition, SFC wanted a logistics partner that could support the company in its growth plans.


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XPDEL adds Seattle to its national network of fulfillment centers for ultra-fast delivery

XPDEL | July 08, 2022

XPDEL, a high-tech third-party logistics (3PL) provider, added its latest fulfillment center in Seattle to support local eCommerce and ultra-fast delivery. With fulfillment centers in twelve US cities and three in APAC, XPDEL is emerging as one of the leading solutions for enabling profitable fast delivery. Like all XPDEL locations, Seattle will operate using industry-leading software technology for fulfillment and logistics. In addition to its private fleet of delivery drivers, XPDEL is fully integrated with multiple national and regional shipping and delivery partners. XPDEL has been instrumental in supporting the growth of the ultra-fast delivery market, quickly standing-up new fulfillment centers and logistics solutions to meet the demands of its growing customer base of merchants and eCommerce companies. "We are fortunate to be in a position where we can quickly adapt and grow our network to meet the needs of our customers and their consumers. We are currently the only 3PL provider making deep commitments to the faster than the same day or ultra-fast delivery model, with specialized services that include temperature control for food products. Our ability to add locations quickly and seamlessly, just as we have done in Seattle, allows us to enable growth for our customers." -Nikki Boone, President of XPDEL XPDEL fulfills and delivers both direct-to-consumer eCommerce orders as well as retail and other business-to-business orders. Its network supports 2-Day shipping nationwide and same-day delivery in eleven metro areas. XPDEL uses the latest technology that allows live visibility into inventory, order tracking, analytics, and smart shipping. "I am so proud of our team and its relentless efforts to provide the best possible service for our customers across our network. We are on a mission to help our customers grow. Expanding XPDEL services to Seattle will allow our customers to grow in that market. We have a similar expansion planned for other cities in the US and abroad." -XPDEL's Founder and CEO, Manish Kapoor Unlike traditional 3PL service providers, XPDEL's primary focus is to help merchants and product companies grow their businesses. XPDEL enables companies to sell on multiple platforms in multiple marketplaces around the world, and plans to expand its services in the US, Canada, Latin America, APAC, and Europe. About XPDEL XPDEL is a leading hi-tech 3PL on a mission to enable growth for eCommerce companies. XPDEL operates in North America and India and plans to continue expanding internationally. The company offers a wide range of fulfillment and logistics solutions for eCommerce businesses, including ultra-fast delivery models powered by industry-leading technology platforms. XPDEL clients benefit from live dashboards that provide real-time analytics and actionable data.

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Flex receives 4th consecutive Lenovo EMEA Logistics Supplier of the Year Award

Flex | August 03, 2022

For the fourth year in a row, Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX) has been named as Lenovo EMEA Logistics Supplier of the Year. The award is recognition of Flex's ability to create a seamless experience for companies and their customers that is resilient and adaptable to rapidly changing global end market demands. The award was presented at the Lenovo EMEA Global Logistics Suppliers Conference attended by Lenovo's connected partner network. Flex's value added fulfilment services, which include vendor managed inventory, warehousing, fulfilment and last mile distribution, helped Lenovo deliver increased volumes across their PC & Smart Devices, Mobile, Server and Cloud business in what was a dynamic and highly challenging supply chain environment. Speaking at the virtual Lenovo Supplier Conference, where the theme was resiliency, intelligence and ambition, Lenovo Head of Global Logistics, Gareth Davies, said, "Never has there been greater challenges in the logistics space. There are multiple hurdles, including unprecedented supply and demand volatility, and significant transportation constraints. To these the Flex team really responded. Every one of our partners raised their game to help Lenovo navigate a volatile, high volume and challenging year, but Flex won out against strong competition for their outstanding performance." "We are honored to receive this award from our valued partner Lenovo. I am proud of the hard work and dedication of our teams across EMEA, in what was another highly unpredictable year for supply chains. Our team truly demonstrated our capability to be a trusted partner for a market-leading brand who needed to move fast, retain operational resiliency and maintain its competitive advantage." -Pat Ring, senior vice president and general manager for Flex Global Services and Solutions, Over 11,000 employees across 30 countries in Flex Global Services and Solutions (GSS) help customers manage how their products exist in the world through a range of value added services including fulfillment, logistics, aftermarket services and circular economy solutions. About Flex Flex (Reg. No. 199002645H) is the manufacturing partner of choice that helps a diverse customer base design and build products that improve the world. Through the collective strength of a global workforce across 30 countries and responsible, sustainable operations, Flex delivers technology innovation, supply chain, and manufacturing solutions to diverse industries and end markets.

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Expedite All Launches Lower-Cost, More Sustainable Expedite Shipping Network

Expedite All | August 30, 2022

Expedite All announced the launch of a new, nationwide expedite transportation network that gives shippers on-demand access to more than 1,000 carriers offering over 5,000 expedite vehicles at rates up to 10% lower than traditional expedite. Expedite All is disrupting the expedite industry, leveraging proprietary Truck Map and Freight Rate Calculator technology and a network of trusted small vehicle carriers to offer shippers a new transportation option: short-, medium- and long-haul expedite services that can be utilized for routine shipping needs. Expedite All's fast-growing small vehicle network offers an effective transportation solution for virtually any shipper in any industry, from the first mile to the last mile. "Due to the high cost, shippers use traditional expedite only when they have to, and mainly for relatively short distances The new Expedite All model makes it faster, easier and less costly to utilize expedite services for everything from short- to long-haul shipments, essentially providing shippers with a new transport mode that adds flexibility to their everyday transportation mix." -Alex Winston, president of Expedite All Exclusive transportation service often means placing a load as small as one pallet on a dedicated 53-foot semi trailer, which is inefficient and environmentally unfriendly, continued Winston. That pallet could be loaded onto a small vehicle, like a sprinter van, that is faster, costs less and offers a much more sustainable option for shippers. Sprinter vans are as much as two and a half times more fuel efficient than semi trucks, so they emit two and half times less CO2 into the atmosphere. By providing shippers with access to a large network of small vehicles, Expedite All is on the front lines of delivering greener, more efficient transportation solutions. Expedite All offers immediate access to more than 5,000 expedite vehicles, including sprinter vans, cargo vans, straight trucks and box trucks across the continental U.S. On average, a standard sprinter van can carry up to three pallets, a box truck can carry up to seven and a straight truck can carry up to 14, representing an enormous amount of untapped capacity that Expedite All is making available to shippers. At launch, the size of the company's network rivals the available capacity of the largest existing expedite providers, with plans to grow. Expedite All's map-based user interface provides shippers with real-time visibility to available vehicles, making finding and booking the right vehicle fast and easy. Expedite All's Freight Rate Calculator uses proprietary algorithms to allow shippers to quickly get an estimated rate quote without having to call and compare rates from multiple expedite providers. Shippers can track their shipments online from pickup to delivery and receive 24/7 dedicated phone support throughout their shipment's journey. About Expedite All Expedite All is an emerging industry disruptor, leveraging proprietary Truck Map and Freight Rate Calculator technology and a network of more than 1,000 trusted small vehicle carriers to offer shippers a new transportation option: short- to long-haul expedite services at rates up to 10% lower than traditional expedite. Expedite All is a faster, less costly and more sustainable transportation solution. To learn more, visit

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Catena Solutions Launches to Help Companies Build More Resilient Supply Chains

Catena Solutions | September 19, 2022

Catena Solutions has launched to help companies build more resilient supply chains and create value from transformative projects. Catena Solutions is providing value to companies by focusing on specialization, expertise, and partnership in the supply chain industry. "Catena Solutions was born out of a desire to help companies solve their supply chain problems through transformative projects, We know that supply chain disruption can derail a company's growth plans, which is why we are dedicated to helping clients meet their goals, whether that's related to people, productivity demands, green initiatives and more." -Rich Diaz, CEO and President of Catena Solutions With more than 250 advisors, strategists, and consultants with expertise in Business Transformation, Data & Analytics, and Strategic Finance & Global Sourcing, Catena Solutions is uniquely positioned to help companies create more efficient supply chains and stay ahead of market trends. Catena Solutions works with a wide range of industries including logistics, manufacturing, food, retail and more. In the past year, the brand has helped more than 200 clients with supply chain projects, including some of America's largest, most trusted brands and midsize companies across industries. We know every supply chain project is different, said Diaz. That's why we created a new kind of brand in Catena Solutions that understands a client's business, the transformation they are undergoing, and the people needed to accomplish their business goals today, tomorrow, and beyond. About Catena Solutions Catena Solutions, a division of Advanced Resources, helps companies solve their supply chain problems, creating value through their most transformative projects. Our team of advisors, strategists, and consultants support their transformation initiatives with expertise in three core areas: Business Transformation, Data & Analytics, and Strategic Finance & Global Sourcing. By understanding their business, transformation, and people needs to accomplish their goals, we create value today, tomorrow, and beyond. Learn more at learn more about Catena Solutions and its supply chain solutions visit

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