Freight Technologies, Inc. Collaborates with Prestigious University in Mexico

Freight Technologies, Inc. | December 02, 2022 | Read time : 02:04 min

Freight Technologies, Inc. Collaborates
Freight Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: FRGT), (“Fr8Tech''), a technology company based on its custom-developed Fr8App platform, is powered by AI and machine learning and offers a real-time portal for B2B cross-border shipping and domestic shipping within the United States-Mexico-Canada (NAFTA) region, expands its training program, Fr8University, by directly collaborating with one of the most prestigious private Universities in Mexico.

Fr8University, an educational program offering classroom and on-the-job training for incoming Fr8Tech team members and university students, was started in late 2020 and matriculated its first graduating class in early 2021. Fr8University is now moving beyond training and hiring students by directly entering into a collaborative agreement with a leading University in Mexico to secure the company’s access to talent with the view to ensuring continuity in the Company’s growth as well as providing academia with access to real-time business experiences and technology development challenges.

“We have established a University-Company collaboration model, where an alliance has been created for educational reinforcement through the development of specific projects around new technologies. With this, we reaffirm our commitment to keep innovating at all times and collaborate with the professional learning community. The market for talent in our sector is increasingly impacting companies within the sector and we believe this alliance will give us a leg up on our competitors while providing a leading university with some unique offerings for its student body.”

-Mario Mena, HR director at Fr8App

Javier Selgas, CEO of Fr8Tech, said, The students will be immersed in the logistics world by participating in our Fr8University program. With the knowledge gained from our program and their understanding of computer science, the Company gains insights on the latest trends in technology and the students get to have a real impact on some live projects taking place at our company.

About Fr8University
Fr8University program was initially designed to develop our collaborators by providing training in an extensive list of topics in different areas that facilitated their successful incorporation into the truckload freight industry value chain workspace. Now, Fr8University is expanding its program scope by creating alliances with universities, where university talents have the opportunity to collaborate on real projects that add value to our operation.

About Freight Technologies Inc.
Freight Technologies (Fr8Tech, Nasdaq: FRGT) is a technology company developing solutions to optimize and automate the supply chain process. Its wholly owned subsidiary Freight App, Inc. (Fr8App) is a B2B cross-border shipping marketplace in the NAFTA region powered by AI and machine learning. Focused on making shipping transparent and efficient, Fr8App provides carriers with increased growth opportunities and shippers with flexibility, visibility and simplicity for the once-complex process of international over-the-road (OTR) shipping. Fr8App uses its proprietary technology platform to connect carriers and shippers and significantly improve matching and operation efficiency via innovative technologies such as live pricing and real-time tracking, digital freight marketplace, broker, transportation management, fleet management, and committed capacity solutions. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit


Hans Ehm from Infineon Technologies AG, Head of Supply Chain Innovations  gives the detailed explanation.

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Microsoft announces the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, a new design approach for supply chain agility, automation and sustainability

Microsoft Corp | November 15, 2022

Microsoft Corp. announced the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, which helps organizations maximize their supply chain data estate investment with an open approach, bringing the best of Microsoft AI, collaboration, low-code, security and SaaS applications in a composable platform. The company also announced the preview of Microsoft Supply Chain Center, a ready-made command center for supply chain visibility and transformation and part of the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform. Supply Chain Center is designed to work natively with an organization's supply chain data and applications, with built-in collaboration, supply and demand insights, and order management. "Businesses are dealing with petabytes of data spread across legacy systems, ERP, supply chain management and point solutions, resulting in a fragmented view of the supply chain, Supply chain agility and resilience are directly tied to how well organizations connect and orchestrate their data across all relevant systems. The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform and Supply Chain Center enable organizations to make the most of their existing investments to gain insights and act quickly." -Charles Lamanna, corporate vice president, Microsoft Business Applications and Platform Supply chain solutions are more critical than ever. Our early assessment of the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform and Supply Chain Center is that the company has put its technology, applications and resources together in a way that will serve its customer base well in a wide swath of IT and operations environments, offering flexibility for diverse IT environments and continuous agility for transformation into the future, said The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform: An open, collaborative and composable foundation for data and supply chain orchestration With today's announcement, we are making it easier for customers to realize the value of the Microsoft Cloud for their supply chain. The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform provides the building blocks across Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform for customers to develop or independently adopt capabilities for their supply chain needs. With Dataverse, customers can create thousands of connectors to gain visibility across supply chain, develop custom workflows with low-code solutions in Power Platform, and securely collaborate internally and externally through the power of Teams. With tools and processes that drive positive impact, the platform can enable organizations to gain deeper insights and minimize the carbon impact of their organization and supply chain. The Microsoft partner ecosystem will continue to play a critical role in enabling customer supply chain resiliency and agility. With the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, partners can bring their industry and domain expertise to create integrated solutions leveraging Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform. We will continue to support our customers with a rich partner ecosystem including advisors and implementers like Accenture, Avanade, EY, KPMG, PwC and TCS. In addition, to help customers find the best solution for their supply chain needs, we'll continue working with solution providers such as Blue Yonder, Cosmo Tech, Experlogix, Flintfox, inVia Robotics, K3, O9 Solutions, SAS, Sonata, To-Increase Software and many more. Accelerating business agility with the Microsoft Supply Chain Center At the core of the Supply Chain Platform is the Microsoft Supply Chain Center, now available in preview, which provides a command center experience for practitioners to harmonize data from across existing infrastructure supply chain systems, such as data from Dynamics 365, and other ERP providers, including SAP and Oracle, along with standalone supply chain systems. Data Manager in Supply Chain Center enables data ingestion and orchestration to provide visibility across the supply chain and drive action back into systems of execution. During preview, our launch partners C.H. Robinson, FedEx, FourKites and Overhaul will offer native experiences within Supply Chain Center. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management customers automatically gain access to Supply Chain Center. Supply Chain Center also includes prebuilt modules to address supply chain disruptions across supply and order fulfillment: The supply and demand insights module leverages advanced Azure AI models to predict upstream supply constraints and shortages through supply intelligence. Organizations can perform simulations using data from their supply chain network to predict stock-outs, over-stocking or missed-order lines. Combined with smart news insights, which provide relevant news alerts in the Supply Chain Center on external events, supply chain practitioners can make decisions and plan with real-world event information and historical insights for product demands. The order management module in Supply Chain Center enables organizations to intelligently orchestrate fulfillment and automate it with a rules-based system using real-time omnichannel inventory data, AI and machine learning. Organizations can adapt quickly to meet future order volumes and fulfillment complexities by extending their capabilities with prebuilt connectors to the best-of-breed of specialized technology partners for order intake, delivery and third-party logistics services. Existing Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management customers will automatically get access to Supply Chain Center and the order management module at launch. With secure, built-in Teams integration, customers can mitigate supply constraints by collaborating with external suppliers in real time, to secure new supply sources, troubleshoot transportation issues, and communicate upstream and downstream impacts based on changes. With partner modules built into the Supply Chain Center, customers can unlock specific solutions, such as freight visibility from Overhaul, directly in the experience. Since everything runs off a Dataverse environment, the data is consistent no matter what module is being using. This eliminates pasting information back and forth and reconciling which reports have the most up-to-date information.

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Omnae Supply Chain Management Software and Intuit QuickBooks, Align Services to Unify Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Omnae | November 03, 2022

Supply chain management solution, Omnae, has recently joined the Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider Program and created an advanced bundle offer with Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU) QuickBooks. The new bundle offering invites customers and businesses to unify manufacturing operations and amplify the success of current systems, with fully reconciled financial management and multi-enterprise collaboration, visibility, and automation.Supply Chain Management has faced many challenges as a result of recent interruptions and shortages. From scattered spreadsheets and interrupted communications management, there is a significant number of time and funding spent on addressing internal pain points. The Omnae and QuickBooks advanced bundles work to ensure all networks are interoperable with many-to-many multi-enterprise networks, as well as automated to efficiently handle outside interactions. The North American supply chain management industry shows significant market growth and accounted for major market revenue share of above 40% in 2021. The market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 10.7% from 2022 to 2028, making it a crucial time to invest in manufacturing and supply chain management improvements. As an Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider, Omnae is ready to support growing manufacturing and supply chain management businesses without growing headaches and headcount. As part of a new advanced bundle offering, Omnae and QuickBooks will allow brands to manage both finance and complex outsourced value chains without having to adopt an ERP system to manage growing complexity and transaction volume. As a proprietary SaaS software, Omnae connects brands and manufacturers in one inter-connected supply web. Through this first-ever natively many-to-many multi-enterprise solution, Omnae’s services will be securely integrated into QuickBooks, allowing full management, from vendor communications to complex PO’s, quality control to order data, or RFQ’s and invoicing. The advanced offering will provide a multiplayer single source of truth across the entire supply chain, centralize quotes, product, order, shipment, supplier information, and financial operations. “Growing brands are well served by cloud offerings to scale up from the warehouse to the customer. At the same time, they struggle with disconnected, manual processes to get their products made and to the warehouse. Omnae and QuickBooks Online combine to let brands scale up production with the people and capital they have, and without the need to adopt an ERP system. -Scott Lionello, co-founder and president at Omnae. By joining services with Omnae, we can help clients and prospective customers say goodbye to broken lines of communication and disjointed production management. Through this joining of services, we see the opportunity for the financial transparency offered by QuickBooks, combined with multi-channel simplification offered by Omnae, said Gavin Orleow, vice president of world wide channel sales for Intuit. “Our concept was to improve services without asking customers to leave or change the current systems they already use. With efficient, nearly overnight implementation, the Omnae and QuickBooks advanced bundle is now available for companies looking to optimize manufacturing and supply chain operations. Learn more about the solution and how to create a more efficient logistics flow and reduce production operations costs by visiting the Omnae website. About Omnae Omnae is a collaborative cloud-based Supply Ops Automation (SOA) platform that empowers businesses to organize their supply chains, simplify their processes, continuously improve product quality, and wire their internal systems to the outside world through one login. Learn more about Omnae

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JD Logistics Launches Its Second Warehouse in Dubai

JD Logistics | December 06, 2022

JD Logistics recently announced the opening of its second warehouse in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Joining the company's global logistics network, the new warehouse can provide end-to-end supply chain services that cover Asia, Africa and Europe for local and cross-border merchants. Twenty-minute drive from the Port of Jebel Ali, this warehouse is located in Dubai Industrial City, with an area of 12,000 square meters, providing logistics services ranging from concentrated transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, transition, customs clearance to warehousing, sorting, labeling, dropshipping and more, for both bulky and small to medium-sized products, and meeting both B2C and B2B fulfilment requirements. Adopting JD Logistics' self-developed management system, the warehouse can digitally manage inbound and outbound inventory, thus precisely predicting the trends and allocating distribution resources accordingly to improve logistics efficiency. Fordeal is an emerging cross-border e-commerce platform in the Middle East. Leveraging the self-developed warehouse management system, JD Logistics helps Fordeal build an intelligent inventory management system which can manage inventory digitally and make forecasts and plans accurately. JD Logistics also provides an intelligent packing recommendation system to save more packaging materials. Since cooperating with JD, Fordeal's warehousing costs has been reduced by 30 percent, while fulfillment accuracy reached 99.5 percent. Fordeal's order outbound time has also been shortened to 12 hours from 24 hours. "JD Logistics provides us with customized services and a special team to handle inventory, It is amazing that with the help of JD Logistics, our warehousing efficiency doubled and costs decreased by 30 percent." -Yun Qing, head of Fordeal warehousing in Dubai At the same time, cross-border merchants can choose to stock their goods in this local warehouse that is nearer to their customers. For example, sales of some Chinese cross-border merchants increased by 3 times, as the local warehousing service greatly speeds up of delivery time. Chinese merchants can also choose to deliver goods to one of JD's warehouses in China, and JD Logistics will help handle the rest of the work including international transportation, transition, customs clearance, warehousing, last-mile delivery and more. Siyuan Yue, head of JD Logistics Dubai Warehouse said that, "Powered by digital capabilities, JD's warehouse in Dubai provides clients with integrated logistics solutions, optimizing the international transportation routes greatly." As early as in 2020, JD Logistics began to operate in the Middle East, and its first warehouse was launched in the largest free trade zone in the region, Dubai's Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), offering logistics services spanning GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries and reaching to continent Africa. As a leading integrated supply chain service supplier, JD Logistics operates over 1,400 warehouses in China, in addition to approximately 90 bonded warehouses, international direct mail warehouses and overseas warehouses globally.

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o9 Solutions and project44 Accelerate Their Partnership to Support Enterprises with Enhanced End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

o9 Solutions | December 20, 2022

o9 Solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, announced today that it is strengthening its partnership with project44, a leader in supply chain and logistics visibility, by providing an integrated, joint offering that enables enterprises to improve revenue and costs, enhance future planning and make more informed decisions across their end-to-end supply chain.Through this partnership, o9 and project44 will offer joint customers out-of-the-box integrations that connect o9’s Supply Chain Control Tower with project44’s high-quality real-time transportation visibility data – including predictive tracking, real-time ETAs and robust historical information. o9’s Supply Chain Control Tower allows organizations to sense demand and supply changes across the network and respond in real time with optimal, automated decisions. Through the o9 and project44 collaboration, joint clients are able to glean valuable data to quickly identify potential supply chain risks, understand their root causes and then take corrective actions to mitigate future disruptions. This partnership step progression with o9 Solutions provides enterprises with a more connected view of their supply chain to quickly make insightful, data-driven decisions, said Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO of project44. project44’s accurate, real-time supply chain visibility platform working in concert with o9’s Supply Chain Control Tower will better equip mutual clients to improve their customer experience and business outcomes. “As businesses face continued disruptions, the need for comprehensive logistic data is critical for planning and decision-making across all aspects of business and supply chain operations, By taking this next step in our partnership with project44, two category leaders remain committed to helping our customers proactively navigate supply chain uncertainties, both now and in the future.” -Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-Founder and CEO of o9 Solutions About o9 Solutions, Inc. o9 Solutions is a leading AI-powered platform for integrated business planning and decision-making for the enterprise. Whether it is driving demand, aligning demand and supply, or optimizing commercial initiatives, any planning process can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions. Bringing together technology innovations—such as graph-based enterprise modeling, big data analytics, advanced algorithms for scenario planning, collaborative portals, easy-to-use interfaces and cloud-based delivery—into one platform. For more information, please visit About project44 project44 is on a mission to make supply chains work. As the supply chain connective tissue, project44 operates the world’s most trusted end-to-end visibility platform that tracks more than 1 billion unique shipments annually for over 1,200 of the world’s leading brands, including top companies in manufacturing, automotive, retail, life sciences, food & beverage, and oil, chemical & gas. Using project44, shippers and carriers across the globe drive greater predictability, resiliency and sustainability. The undisputed leader in the market, project44 was named the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, #1 in FreightWaves FreightTech 2023, a five-time leader in customer satisfaction on G2’s Supply Chain Visibility Grid, one of Supply­Chain­Brain’s 100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2022, and the Customer’s Choice in Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer report. project44 is headquartered in Chicago with a diverse team spanning 23 global offices including Austin, Amsterdam, Kraków, Paris, São Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo. Learn more at

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