Einride Unveils Expanded Product Offerings at First User Conference, Einride Mesh

Einride | May 21, 2022

Einride Unveils Expanded Product
Swedish freight technology company Einride announced  at Einride Mesh the unveiling of new product offerings to its hardware and software lineups including designs for an Einride Trailer and new features and functionality on the Einride Saga platform. These build outs of the Saga UI experience via new apps and a new API (application programming interface) developer platform, in addition to presenting what is possible for the future of Einride’s hardware, further underline the company’s deepening offering of freight mobility solutions for customers.

“By offering these latest product offerings with Saga and showcasing our latest designs for future electric freight hardware, we are able to tap into an even larger potential to help shippers transition towards electric and being able to cost competitively reach their sustainability goals, We’re looking at almost an entire sector that is still non-electric, and we want to speed up this transition by proactively seeking out what the future needs of the growing electric, autonomous shipping industry will be and creating the necessary solutions.”

-Robert Falck, Founder and CEO of Einride.

First of its kind electric semi-trailer: the Einride Trailer
Hardware designs for an all-new Einride Trailer, an electric road semi-trailer powered by Saga were unveiled as a solution to optimize fleet utilization and the total cost of operations. Designed for seamless integration with Einride electric and autonomous vehicles for optimal performance, the trailer will also be compatible with conventional electric semi-trucks. Enabled by Saga, the Einride Trailer will provide AI based insights into the cargo being transported by providing real-time data across key touch points including loading route planning, fill rates, cargo monitoring and preventative maintenance. An extended range of up to 650 km on a single charge will be possible with all-new Einride 320 kwh batteries that will be incorporated with the Einride Trailer production. The designs will continue further iterations, with plans to have production for initial piloting complete in 2023.

Einride Saga’s powering of electric fleets continues to expand
Saga’s all-encompassing digital platform features a suite of powerful apps for end-to-end electric and autonomous freight and was originally launched in 2021 in conjunction with the official Einride U.S. expansion. Today marked the first time an expanded and revised UI of the first original apps, Evolve, Explore, Book and Orchestrate, were showcased. Existing and new customers will have access to these latest features starting in October of this year.

  • Evolve: generates plans to electrification and automation by identifying electrification sweet spots and defining potential environmental impact
  • Explore: visualizes data across cost insights, fill rates, CO2 emissions, and more
  • Book: tracks shipments from creation to final delivery and can be integrated with shippers current order management system
  • Orchestrate: bridges communications between automated transport planning and human interaction to ensure the entire network of electric trucks and chargers are displayed in real time.

An API developer platform, Einride Extend, allowing access and scalable adoption of Einride’s software to a larger ecosystem of shippers was also unveiled, in addition to sneak peeks of three additional apps – Deliver, Dock, Own.

Einride Extend: the API developer platform will make use of Saga's models, data and intelligence available across open-source software. An alpha version of the Book API will be the first available offering on the platform, opening up a scalable way to order transport via Einride Saga. The platform will be available at the end of 2022 to existing customers.

Deliver, Dock and Own: further app features across driver instructions, connections between shipping terminals and profitability monitoring will be introduced in future platform updates. Apps will be officially released in 2023.
Inaugural Einride Mesh celebrates collaboration across tech, sustainability and culture

Einride Mesh 2022, hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden and streamed globally, was the first of a new annual event hosted by Einride celebrating the movers and shakers across tech, sustainability and culture. The day featured programming to encourage learning, networking and discussions, featuring keynotes from renowned entrepreneurs and innovators such as Olympian Nils van der Poel and leaders from other sustainable brands, X Shore, Heart Aerospace, Mimbly and CAKE, along with others. Full demos of the latest Einride products were also showcased by Einride leadership team members across Product and Tech.

“Our goal with the inaugural Einride Mesh was simple: create a platform for thought leaders to come together and share how we can create a better future, regardless of what industry we sit in, To see leaders, students, investors and culture influencers gather together is a true testament to the impact that is possible for creating sustainable futures when wider audiences collaborate together.”

-Linnéa Kornehed, co-founder and CMO of Einride.

To learn more about Einride please visit For shippers or developers working with road freight and interested in finding out more about Saga and applying for early access, visit

About Einride
Einride is a leading freight technology company providing digital, electric, and autonomous shipping. It was founded in 2016 and became the world’s first company to operate an autonomous, electric freight vehicle on a public road in 2019. Einride´s award-winning technology and products enable users to execute on electrification and automation, order and track shipments, oversee routes and assignments, visualize data and gain insights. For more information, please visit


The last stage of warehouse development project was completed last year by adding a new 7800 m2 building to the rest of Hegelmann Logistics facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania.

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project44, a leading end-to-end supply chain visibility platform, has announced that Yamaha Corporation, a leading musical instrument manufacturer and audio equipment maker, deploys project44's Ocean Visibility and Port Intel solutions. This installation will improve global shipment visibility, optimize transportation control and strengthen supply chain resilience. Yamaha selected project44's Ocean Visibility and Port Intel solutions due to its ability to provide global shipment status visualization, highly accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) data, and facilitate more informed and timely decisions and actions. The company ships nearly 15,000 containers to ports around the globe annually. In addition, Yamaha's supply chain resiliency initiative comprehensively evaluated solutions to enhance transportation control between its production factories and distributors. Yuji Kuwahara, project44's General Manager and VP of Sales (Japan) said, The supply chain disruptions over the past few years have given shippers an opportunity to reconsider the importance of flexibility in their logistics strategy and operation. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] project44's supply chain visibility platform dramatically improves data quality and visibility across all associated teams. Yuji added, the company believes that project44 will help Yamaha with collaborative planning and exception management, resulting in more satisfied Yamaha customers.

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