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You can reach your potential as a Manufacturer if your equipment, vehicles and facilities operate at their full potential. For Asset Management in Discrete and Process Manufacturing, the formula for success is simple: Keep every asset running safely, at the lowest cost, and for as long as possible.By watching this on-demand webina you will discover new ways to:Optimise MRO through improvements in purchasing, inventory management, and visibility to stockon hand Reduce inventory by 15% or more by providing a better way to manage parts and material lists Give your technicians real-time access
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Automated Vehicles and Policy

Automated Vehicles and Policy

Gain Control of Your Pharmaceutical Packaging Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies are under pressure to ensure initial packaging and documented changes on existing pharmaceutical packaging are properly managed and coordinated, globally. Daily functions are often performed in “silos” inside a company or between different companies. However, the stakeholders are located all around the world – in different time zones, using different tools and speaking different languages. All these participants must perform flawlessly under extreme time pressure with the flexibility to adapt to changing drug regulations. Managing expectations and handoffs between these different players is not only challenging; it becomes a major source of errors and delays.

Investigating human trafficking in supply chains


Identifying social compliance issues, particularly forced labor and human trafficking in supply chains, continues to be a significant problem for business, particularly when sourcing from opaque and non-transparent emerging markets. Civil society is playing a large part in increasing awareness and pressuring politicians to introduce and enforce legislation, and is gradually highlighting the issue as a problem which needs to be addressed both by governments and the business community.

Heath Holtz '05, VP Supply Chain Nissan Europe: LGO global careers webinar


Heath Holtz (LGO ’05) had an all-American start to his working life as a U.S. Air Force officer, but since then, he’s leveraged the global exposure of his LGO experience into a truly international career that’s included stints in Japan and England. Holtz, who is now vice president for supply chain management–Europe for Nissan, recently led a webinar for LGO students and alumni to discuss the building blocks of a successful career within a global company.