Transportation Research Webinar: Computerized Crash Reports Usability and Design Investigation

Minnesota’s commencement of a new crash records database offered a unique opportunity for a redesign of its electronic crash report to best support law enforcement officers (LEOs). A well-designed electronic report will not only support LEOs in the line of duty but will also lead to more useful, complete, and accurate data for various state and federal agencies for analysis and policy decision making.
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How To Get Global Inventory Visibility


Chemistry World Webinars - Biocidal Products Regulation; supply chain obligations

Chemistry World

A brief introduction to the Biocidal Products Regulation for companies that supply and market biocidal products and treated articles.This webinar is supported by EnterprisePlus.EnterprisePlus is a dedicated service for micro, small and medium-sized companies. Royal Society of Chemistry provide tools to help companies promote their business, recruit the right people and find the connections, opportunities and resources they need to grow.

World Specialty Logistics Fair


The World Specialty Logistics Fair, organized by the WCA Ltd will take place from 23th June to the 26th June 2017 at the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami, United States Of America. The conference will cover areas like growth of logistics companies operating in some of the most vibrant, specialised and high-growth sectors of the industrygrowth of logistics companies operating in some of the most vibrant, specialised and high-growth sectors of the industry.

AI and humans: Planning supply chains together


Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just reserved for sci-fi movies anymore – it's becoming part of our everyday lives.Enterprises that are able to harness AI's full potential will likely thrive into the future while those that choose not to embrace it will be left behind.What will the rise of AI mean for the supply chain? Will AI assume control while the human element is sent packing? Quite the opposite. Machine-enabled intelligence will augment human intelligence to help planners make more informed decisions faster and with more confidence.

Best practice mitigation of supply chain risks


Given the rising concern for Supply Chain incidents amongst Business Continuity professionals (up 11 places to 5th in BCI Horizon Scan Research Report 2015), we will look at considerations for those businesses managing complex supply chains and a best practice approach for mitigating the associated risks.