Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Demo Series


The Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is the first of Oracle’s upcoming Autonomous Database services. Join us for a live demo every week and see how quick and easy you can provision a data warehouse on Oracle Cloud. This is a weekly webcast series. Each week, we will present a live walkthrough of this cloud service and highlight use cases that can help you unleash the power of your data.
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Bolloré Logistics North China handled an important Oil & Gas shipment for a Chinese Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company to charter aircrafts to transport four lots of compressors and valve skids with a total combined weight of more than 400 tons.


UBenefit: Ongoing Benefit Administration

LeClair Group

Benefit Resource Inc.'s premier product is UBenefit, which is a cloud-based software application that facilitates all areas of employee benefits and human resources management. a single solution to insurance agencies who work with LeClair Group to be able to compete in today’s changing world of health insurance and employee benefit administration.

Manage Your Transportation Process & Increase Cash Flow 10-15%

bright talk

As the economy stumbles towards a double dip recession period, many companies are looking for additional ways to reduce their costs and improve their working capital position. Transportation is a logical choice because 60% of all manufacturing companies in the U.S. still utilize a manual process to negotiate,

SYSPRO Australia Innovation in the Modern Supply Chain Webinar

SYSPRO Software Asia Pacific

In this webinar SYSPRO Software presenter discusses the latest innovations that can improve supply chain and logistics operations.This includes rise of Robotics and Cobotics, IoT and the supply chain, how blockchain and IoT can enhance supply chain operations and more.

Top 3 Tactics to Master Fleet Maintenance

Verizon Networkfleet

Fleet maintenance can be expensive and time-consuming. With more than 30 years of technology experience, fleet management expert Brian Madden will explain how a fleet management product can help you take a more proactive, preventive approach to maintenance and improve your fleet operations.