Death to Traffic How Smart Cities are Changing Transportation

From automated vehicles to ride hailing apps, transportation as we know it is changing - and fast. But new technologies alone won't help communities build the efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation networks communities want. In fact, these innovative technologies could do just the opposite, especially if they are not deployed wisely. Cities must collect the right data and enact the right policies to ensure they do not exacerbate problems like inequity and traffic, and to hold themselves accountable to the promise of new mobility technologies.
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Supply Chain Management Technology Enables Performance Webinar

Jump Technologies

Presented by Jamie Kowalski and sponsored by Jump Technologies, this one-hour webinar will help define a clear picture of your organization’s entire supply chain and what strategies, processes and functions should be part of your approach. You'll learn what processes can be enhanced with new add-on technology that's designed to augment your ERP, so your team can deliver better performance and improve results.

BCI webinar: A critical need for supply chain resilience

BSI Americas

In today’s economy, companies need to be highly focused on managing costs. Strategies involving far-flung suppliers with single-source, just-in-time contracts and outsourced manufacturing and assembly agreements are aimed at reducing costs and boosting the bottom line. This type of procurement strategy may increase profit margins, but it also significantly raises the risk and potential impact of an unexpected disruption in the supply chain. This is particularly true when little is known about key and critical suppliers and their business continuity plans.

Full visibility, higher efficiency and connectivity for your yard with SAP Yard Logistics.


In logistics and order fulfilment, a yard is the link between the distribution and transportation of goods and the warehouse. With the rising importance of e-commerce and supply chains focusing on customer-centricity, increasing the speed of fulfilment is the greatest challenge in logistics.

CLTD Webinar: Move forward with the credential that delivers!


Watch this webinar for an in-depth look at the new APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) credential and find out how to move your career and your team forward with the credential that delivers!No matter where you are in your career, earning the CLTD credential will demonstrate your mastery of a broad range of logistic, transportation and distribution topics. Join our presenters as they discuss:- APICS and APICS Credentials Overview - CLTD Market Positioning - CLTD Body of Knowledge Development