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Workforce Experts Link with Warehousing Group to Put Hospitality Staff Back to Work

March 29, 2020 / Handy Shipping Guide

The current crisis is causing some unexpected effects as Britain faces up to weeks of lockdown with staff from numerous areas of the workforce left twiddling thumbs and many signing up to the government's proposed volunteer scheme, an astonishing total currently exceeding 700,000 souls willing to help out. Now two groups from entirely different sectors, logistics and online workforce management technology, are working together to alleviate some of the problems. As the government struggles to contain Covid-19 with the closure of pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants across the country, the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) is working with Harri, a next-generation workforce recruitment platform, to help redeploy redundant workers from the hospitality sector into the warehousing and logistics industry, to assist with the shortage of labour. All associated with the carriage of freight in the country are more than aware of the shortage of staff in recent years to adequately serve the industry, particularly in the light of the growth of ecommerce, the ageing pool of commercial vehicle drivers and the diminishing availability of logistics workers originating from throughout the EU.