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Warehouse robotics companies raise hundreds of millions in VC funding

September 03, 2019 / Matt Leonard

Multiple companies in the warehouse robotics space have raised tens of millions of dollars in funding over the last couple of years, according to a review conducted by Supply Chain Dive. GreyOrange, a Singapore-based company, is one of the leading companies in terms of total funding, having brought in $170 million in investment, according to numbers from Crunchbase. Gartner listed picking robots as "on the rise" in its most recent "Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies" report and said autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) were now "at peak." "AMRs will continue to gain traction in complex distribution centers," Gartner wrote in its report. "The same technologies will emerge and also have applications outside warehouses as the technology matures. For example, in retail stores there is the potential that an AMR could unload trucks and deliver palettes of goods to specific departments in a store without human intervention."