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Uber Freight partnership gives rideshare drivers entry to a challenging open market

May 11, 2020 / S.L. Fuller

The newly formed business-management platform CloudTrucks has teamed up with Uber Freight and Ryder System's rental arm, Coop, to help Uber drivers "break into the freight industry and keep essential goods moving across the country," CloudTrucks announced Tuesday. "Uber Freight has found that many rideshare drivers on the Uber platform have valid CDLs and would like to return to or join the trucking industry," an Uber Freight spokesperson told Transport Dive in an email. Through the partnership, CDL holders who drive for Uber's flagship service can become leased-on drivers with CloudTrucks, according to the announcement. Drivers would have access to the CloudTrucks app, which searches and books loads from freight brokers, including Uber Freight. Drivers who don't have equipment can lease a tractor and trailer from Coop; CloudTrucks would handle the deposit.