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Travelers prep for busiest travel day of season

July 03, 2019 / Kelly Roberts

Nearly 50 million people will hit the road this week, according to AAA. Millions more will take to the skies. Holiday travel for July 4th is in full swing, with the busiest day expected to be Wednesday. Lines, honks and congestion are what we all may imagine when we say millions are traveling this holiday. Take it from these travelers, sometimes there’s no point in stressing. “Stay calm, relax, have you stuff ready in time just in case the line goes faster than you think,” Airport travelers Jessica Nies and Scott Lee said. “At the end of the day, be happy we're able to go travel and see things,” Airport traveler Don McMillian said. That’s all coming from passengers waiting in a long line to check their bags and gearing up for another long line at security. Memphis International Airport has seen record-breaking days to start the summer travel season, and officials there said they’re prepared for another busy week. “May and June were ou...