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Supply-Chain Analytics to Simplify Business Operations and Meet Business Needs

February 10, 2020 / Debjani Chaudhury

With big data getting even more prominent, organizations small as well as large are struggling to distill it into meaningful insights to help leaders drive strategic business decisions. Best-in-class organizations are creating centralized, formal, and hybrid supply-chain analytics programs. While they provide oversight and governance, hybrid programs help firms to combine the holistic perspective with flexibility and insights into the business needs supported by the decentralized implementation. APQC’s 2019 Analytics conducted a study to understand the Supply Chain of over 200 organizations. The study revealed that 79% had seen an increase in their investments in supply-chain analytics in the time of three years. With the budget increasing, organizations are also conducting more formal analytics programs for employees. About 95% of the respondents confirmed having a structured analytics program, versus just 77% in 2016. This is a clear indication that firms see analytics capabilities deep-rooted in their supply chain as a must-have.