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NVIDIA Helps Transportation Industry With AI Technology

March 01, 2020 / Johnna Crider

NVIDIA is helping the transportation industry by giving it access to its deep neural networks (DNNs) for autonomous vehicles. NVIDIA is providing access to its AI (artificial intelligence) model and introducing advanced training tools. This helps the company to strengthen its end-to-end platform for autonomous vehicle development and, eventually, deployment. Automakers and other companies that develop autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud container registry will get access. NVIDIA DRIVE is pretty much the standard for the development of autonomous vehicles. It is used by automakers, truck manufacturers, and robotaxi companies along with related software companies and universities. NVIDIA is giving access to its pre-trained AI models and training codes to AV developers. This suite of tools will enable the ecosystem to freely extend and customize the models to increase the robustness and the capabilities of their self-driving systems.