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Nippon Express Providing Global Supply Networks to Securely Deliver Pharmaceuticals Worldwide

September 08, 2020 / PR Newswire

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. is in the process of developing pharmaceutical supply chain networks that meet both hardware and software requirements for Good Distribution Practices (standards for ensuring proper distribution of pharmaceuticals; hereinafter, "GDP") and thereby enable safer and more secure supply of pharmaceuticals. In view of the globalization of pharmaceutical supply chains, the Company will also be setting up GDP-compliant business locations in major markets worldwide to enhance its supply networks on a global level. Furthermore, Nippon Express will be looking to employ the digital technologies of IoT and blockchain to track logistics information end-to-end, doing its part to optimize supply chains for the industry as a whole via a data-driven approach that offers traceability and increased operational efficiency. The "Nippon Express Group Management Plan 2023 -- Dynamic Growth" deems strengthening the Company's three approaches -- a customer-/industry-based approach, a business-based approach and an area-based approach -- a priority within the Plan's "Growth Strategy for Core Businesses." In determining how to optimally tailor services to the needs of individual customers, Nippon Express is focusing particular efforts on the customer-/industry-based approach that looks at services from a customer perspective.