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MHI Releases Report on Technology Tends in Supply Chain Due to Impact of COVID-19

July 28, 2020 / MHI

MHI announces the release of the third in a series of U.S. Material Handling & Logistics Roadmaps. The report, titled “Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future” and developed in collaboration with Burchette & Associates, Inc., provides insights into key trends and technologies that will impact the success of supply chains over the next 10 to 20 years. Because the trends covered in the report have been so deeply impacted by COVID-19, a special section focusing on the pandemic and its long- and short-term impacts on supply chain and logistics operations has been included. The report predicts the acceleration of digital and automated supply chain solutions due to COVID-19. These solutions provide the visibility, flexibility, agility and social distancing answers that firms will need to succeed in a post-COVID world. These tools are as wide ranging as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, edge computing and drones, and are expected to shift early-stage promises to step-change value propositions.