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Logistics and warehousing trends: Technology lifts the bar

December 27, 2018 / Deepak Karambelkar

The logistics industry is in the midst of a technological revolution as it meets the challenges of rapidly changing markets by exploiting robotics, the blockchain, IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and other innovations in everything from warehousing and material handling to the last-mile delivery of goods. PwC, in a report titled Shifting Patterns, states that both individuals and businesses now expect to get goods faster, more flexible and often at low or no delivery cost.
The logistics industry is under acute and growing pressure to deliver a better service at an ever-lower cost. “It can only hope to do this by making maximum and intelligent use of technology, from data analytics to automation, to the physical Internet.” However, the lack of digital culture and training remain big challenges for transportation and logistics (T&L) companies.