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Kleinschmidt's EDI Services Now Available Within Tailwind's Completely Web-based Unlimited TMS

October 17, 2020 / PR Newswire

Tailwind Transportation Software and electronic data interchange (EDI) technology provider, Kleinschmidt are pleased to announce a new integration and technology partnership. Access to Kleinschmidt's EDI network is now available within Tailwind's completely web-based Unlimited TMS. "We're excited to bring our transportation EDI experience to the Tailwind platform," says Phil Johnson, Director of Marketing at Kleinschmidt. "With the Kleinschmidt B2B network powering the EDI component of Tailwind's Unlimited TMS, Tailwind TMS users can seamlessly exchange digital freight documents with their customers and shippers natively within the Tailwind platform. Up-and-coming freight transportation companies using the Tailwind TMS can now leverage our decades of experience to open new doors and navigate the intricacies of the complex digital freight process." "Our new integration with Kleinschmidt provides a crucial segment of our customer base the ability to bridge the gap that's generally reserved for complex enterprise solutions," Kyle Shaw, Director of Product Design and Delivery at Tailwind says, "and this allows small to mid-size players an unsurpassed ability to compete with the big outfits who can afford to spend hundreds of thousands on their TMS." Tailwind Unlimited customers are now able to quickly, accurately and efficiently exchange EDI data via the most common business languages facilitating electronic commerce across the globe, and will benefit from new capabilities enabled by the Kleinschmidt integration such as opening doors to new markets through EDI, streamlined data workflows, access to an expansive B2B network, and automation of paper-based tasks.