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DSI® Announces New Version of Cloud Inventory® that Provides Complete Control Across the Supply Chain

October 15, 2020 / PR Newswire

DSI®, the leading cloud-based inventory solution provider, today announced the newest version of Cloud Inventory®,  a robust software solution that provides manufacturers and distributors unprecedented power to control inventory and related processes to increase productivity, compliance, inventory optimization and revenue generation.  The warehouse of the future has no walls and Cloud Inventory is a disruptive technology solution, providing the ability to track assets, inventory, tools, jobsite supplies and consignment materials outside of the warehouse in real time, both online and offline. Cloud Inventory delivers visibility into the state, location and authenticity of inventory in real time – from raw materials, to work in process, to finished goods, whether in the warehouse, in transit, or in the field. The solution is built on a flexible, low-code/no code platform, so customers can easily adapt supply chain related processes as their business evolves.