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DDC FPO Releases Report Analyzing Pandemic Impact on Transportation and Logistics

July 08, 2020 / PR Newswire

DDC FPO of The DDC Group has released a new report showcasing the findings of its recently conducted market research study, which investigated the changes in business priorities and operational spending throughout the freight landscape in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic ("COVID-19"). The data featured in this comprehensive report, Adapting to a Pandemic: Freight Market Budget & Priority Shifts In 2020, was compiled from an industry survey responded to by executives and decision makers who preside over and represent manufacturers, warehousing and distribution centers, motor carriers, 3PLs or brokers, and freight technology providers. Over three-fourths (76.4%) of respondents have significantly shifted their planned spending activity for 2020 from their initial budgets due to the pandemic's impact on the supply chain. The report identifies the trending areas of impact within organizations, the degree of disruption, and to what initiatives dollars are being reallocated.