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Cargo Services Far East: digital transformation of supply chain solutions

August 05, 2019 / MARCUS LAWRENCE

Josephine Lee, Deputy Chief Process Officer at Cargo Services Far East, discusses the innovative and pioneering digital transformation of the company’s supply chain solutions. Cargo Services Far East (CSFE) has become a leading integrated logistics solutions provider since its founding by John Lau in 1990. Taking command of the wider Cargo Services Group’s operations in the Far East with strong operational footprints in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, the US, Australia and more besides, CSFE combines an extensive offering with a culture of customer-centricity that has historically driven enhancement of its operations. In the age of digital transformation, the firm is taking the opportunity to maximise the suitability of its supply chain services to a broad range of industries and customer types like never before, placing focus on visibility and transparency while optimising its internal operations and implementing automation.