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BackboneAI Launches "Accelerate" to Automate Supply Chain Data and Drive Greater Efficiency and Transparency

June 16, 2020 / PR Newswire

BackboneAI, an intercompany data automation platform, announces today the launch of "Accelerate," a new product suite that brings greater efficiency and transparency to supply chains. The company, which launched in early March, builds frictionless data networks that seamlessly automate intercompany data processes. BackboneAI's new product suite transforms supplier and customer relationships through real-time data synchronization, fast API connectivity, and regulatory integration, bringing greater operational efficiency to companies with supply chains of physical products. "Our mission is to help companies move faster and serve their customers better by automating their intercompany data flows. During the last few months, we have had tremendous demand for our platform from companies that manage supply chains for physical products, ranging from industrial products to athletic apparel," said Rob Bailey, CEO and founder, BackboneAI. "The COVID-19 crisis is forcing companies to compress a decade of supply chain transformation into six months, and companies are looking for platforms that provide greater ROI rather than costly, painful, multi-year ERP implementations. We enable companies to move faster, using their existing technology stack." In a global survey, 84% of supply chain executives stated there is a "lack of visibility" across their supply chains. The primary cause of this issue is the lack of real-time integration between various data sources and applications within and between companies, which causes delays in data being updated in multiple systems.