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At ProMat DX 2021, Datalogic establishes a New Standard for Supply Chain Traceability

April 06, 2021 / Anurag Khadkikar

Datalogic, a world pioneer in the automated data capture and factory automation markets, will introduce industry-leading traceability technology at ProMat DX, the supply chain industry's leading trade event in 2021. ProMat DX will be held online from April 12 to 16.

Datalogic provides traceability solutions to provide visibility of products and materials moving via their supply chains to distributors, 3PLs, manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers. The outbreak of the COVID pandemic, as well as the rapid surge in internet orders, raised new challenges to supply chains.

Datalogic responds to these difficulties with innovative technology solutions that set a new benchmark for supply chain traceability:

• Mass Flow Detection System – Automated systems for detecting and identifying non-conveyable objects regardless of shape, size, or proximity.

• Matrix 320 – the best-in-class stationary industrial scanner with a revolutionary 16:9 aspect field of view.

• The AV900 - the stationary industrial scanner with the industry's first 9 MP sensor and various focus modes, including Fixed, Sequential, and Dynamic.

• Memor 20 – the rugged, dual-sim, high-performance smartphone-sized device perfect for last-mile operations.

• HandScanner -  The wearable scanner that allows staff to use both hands at the same time for maximum efficiency.

These solutions will be highlighted at ProMat DX 2021 in three Livestream seminars:

1. Image-based code readers

New supply chain traceability technology improves reliability and lowers system costs for parcel identification even though barcodes are broken, incorrectly printed, or difficult to read. 13 April, 1:45 p.m. Central Time

2. Mobility solutions

Advances and innovation in mobility technology help businesses reap gains for traceability, making it easier to compete in these digital times. 14th of April, 10:15 a.m. Central Time

3. Mass Flow Detection System

Learn how to eliminate manual measuring, identification, and scanning of non-conveyable objects and reduce associated costs by more than 60%. 15th of April, 1:30 p.m. Central Time

Using video slides, each seminar provides attendees with in-depth information. Every seminar is followed by a live question and answer session, allowing attendees to communicate directly with Datalogic subject matter experts.

About Datalogic Group
Since 1972, Datalogic has been a global technology pioneer in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, specialized in the development and manufacturing of bar code readers, handheld devices, detection, measurement, and safety sensors, machine vision, and laser marking systems.
Since 2001, Datalogic S.p.A. has been listed as DAL.MI on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.