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Apex Self-Serve Automated Lockers Help Warehouse Teams Work Faster and Smarter

January 12, 2020 / Business Wire

Self-serve, automated solutions are being utilized by companies big and small, across various industries around the world, to yield significant operational efficiencies and savings. Consider how enterprise mobile device solutions from Apex Supply Chain Technologies are used to manage scanners, terminals and printers. Working with the Apex Cloud™ automation platform, Apex smart lockers offer employees 24/7 self-serve device check-out and check-in. Users simply scan their ID or enter their PIN to collect their device. The entire process takes less than 10 seconds. Managers automatically receive detailed records of who checked out each device and when they returned it. They also get email alerts if a device isn’t returned on time or needs repair. Here are just a few of the benefits customers experience after making this simple change to their operations.