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AECOM Launches Mobilitics a Groundbreaking Transportation Scenario-planning Tool to Quantify Covid-19 Impact

October 19, 2020 / Business Wire

AECOM, the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm, today launched MobiliticsTM for Pandemic Response, an updated version of its groundbreaking transportation scenario-planning tool originally launched in 2018. This latest iteration helps transit agencies, departments of transportation, and other clients across the U.S. assess how pandemic infection rates, stay at home orders, availability and deployment of a vaccine, economic recovery and re-opening, and other factors are expected to impact transportation patterns, in order to help clients better recover and strengthen resiliency. “Our transit clients are facing unprecedented challenges as they evaluate the effects of the pandemic on travel behavior,” said Lara Poloni, AECOM’s president. “Mobilitics is filling an important gap in the market – combining regional travel demand data and near real-time Big Data on trip patterns with AECOM’s scenario planning capabilities to understand the impacts of travel disruptions, not just from the pandemic, but also impacts of natural disasters and emerging mobility trends on the transportation system.” The transportation industry is experiencing profound transformations, from changes in travel patterns and behaviors due to the global pandemic, to technology advances in vehicle communication and automation, to teleworking and increased e-commerce. Several of AECOM’s transportation clients are already using Mobilitics to better understand how these complex and interrelated factors may impact future mobility and help inform service and capital planning decisions today.