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ACG blockchain service to bridge ‘digitally broken’ supply chains

February 18, 2020 / Vassia Barba

ACG Inspection rides the technology wave with the launch of a blockchain-based software platform, aiming to meet industry demands on traceability. The platform is part of the company’s VeriShield suite of services, designed to provide manufacturers with serialization and aggregation solutions for cartons and bottles at primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging levels. According to the company, the blockchain technology leveraged by the service ensures that all medicines, buyers, sellers, logistics partners, and manufacturers are registered to one network, with ‘outsiders’ being unable to manipulate the supply chain at any point without detection. Apart from the blockchain technology, the platform also utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which allows for all participants to access the network through any compatible application, such as ACG’s mobile or desktop applications. Finally, the platform’s capabilities are amended with the use of artificial intelligence, which ensures that participants are constantly informed with real-time data about the conditions of the shipments, and take decisions in case of any deviations identified, ACG explained.