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3PL Central Launches Scholarship for Aspiring Supply Chain and Logistics Students

September 18, 2020 / PR Newswire

3PL Central, the leader in cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) built to meet the unique needs of third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses, launched a new $2,500 scholarship today aimed at supporting education for college students currently enrolled in Supply Chain and Logistics programs. The 3PL Central Supply Chain Scholarship aims to give aspiring logistics and supply chain professionals financial support during their educational journey. It also intends to inspire new ideas for the supply chain and warehousing industry. Applicants must currently be enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's program in Supply Chain, Logistics, or Operations Management. Interested applicants should submit their name, school, major, contact information, and a 1000-word essay on the next big advancement in warehouse or inventory management by Dec.1, 2020, to be considered for the $2,500 Spring Semester 2021 3PL Central Scholarship.