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Marine biofuels begin to make headway in ocean shipping

March 14, 2019 / Jim Wilson

Biofuels created by recycling used cooking oils are being tested by ocean-going ships in pilot trials around the world. Such biofuels may even be gaining acceptance by ocean-shippers, freight forwarders and ship operators.The latest news is from international container ocean carrier CMA CGM. It has teamed up with the Port of Rotterdam, Ikea Transport & Logistics Services and biofuel company GoodShipping to test biofuels made from used cooking oil and forest product residues. The fuel, which can be used in a marine engine without modifications, delivers a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of about 80 percent to 90 percent. And it “virtually eliminates” sulfur oxide emissions – that’s pretty handy for shipping operators that need to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s 2020 deadline for 0.5 percent or less sulfur content in fuel.