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Amazon adds keyless garage entry for parcel deliveries

January 08, 2019 / Emma Cosgrove

Ensuring safe delivery and preventing theft are important steps in increasing orders per customer for Amazon. In a 2017 survey, 31% of respondents reported having a package stolen in their lifetime, according to the Shorr Package Theft Report. 53% reported changing their plans to receive a package, and 41% refrain from purchasing certain items online — most commonly electronics — because of the possibility of theft. Police in several states is using Amazon parcels as bait to catch thieves. In urban environments, the initial target of digital lock products like Latch (a partner of UPS) and Key by Amazon, apartment buildings often have common spaces where packages can be left while still facilitating deliveries with a digital lock on the building. For homeowners though, the option of allowing strangers to enter their homes doesn't sit well. A 2018 survey by InsuranceQuotes found nearly 70% of respondents were unwilling to use Amazon's digital lock, and nearly 80% fear...